30 Sales Triggers on LinkedIn

The Ultimate Guide on How to Track B2B Sales Triggers

It is rightly said that “speed matters”. Especially in B2B business, even if you blink, then you’ve lost a customer! Having said that, we all know that it is easier said than done.


In the event that somebody sees your profile, it’s safe to assume they have some interest in finding out about you, whether it’s the sort of work you do now or the story your experience tells. Invitation on LinkedIn means the person who sent you an invitation wants to connect with you. LinkedIn is an extremely powerful platform for furthering your career and building your business, so handle those invitations wisely. It means these are all very straightforward. This shows you that someone is interested in you, if even for just a glimpse. Keep yourself in their mind by sending out a message and initiating a potential sales situation.

You may as of now have a system set up for keeping a functioning presence in important LinkedIn groups to fabricate authority and remain top-of-mind. While you’re there, watch the group remarks intently for any sign a part could require data or help with an answer you can assist with. Consider answering freely, so your skill is in plain view of all individuals, and furthermore answer with a short confidential message to start a more private discussion. Responding to notifications like Job changes, work commemorations, birthday events, and different achievements presents great open doors to reconnect with individuals in your organization. In the event that they answer your note, their message could lead you to propose a call where you can get up to speed in a more significant manner. Whenever you’ve brought a deal to a close, invest some energy realizing what your purchaser delighted in most about managing the cycle with you.

Here are 30 sales triggers on LinkedIn

1. Your LinkedIn profile is viewed

2. You receive an invitation to ‘LinkedIn’

3. Contact accepts your invitation to ‘LinkedIn’

4. A Contact Change Roles

5. Changes In C-Suite 

6. Start Discussions With Industry-Related Posts

7. Follow Your Prospect’s Company Pages

8. Contact is mentioned in the news

9. Contact updates something in their profile 

10. Your LinkedIn blog post is liked

11. Your LinkedIn blog post is shared

12. The LinkedIn blog post is commented on

13. LinkedIn update is liked

14. LinkedIn update is shared

15. LinkedIn update is commented 

16. Group post is liked

17. Group post is shared

18. Group post is commented on

19. Group member makes a comment in a group

20. You are endorsed for a skill

21. You are recommended by a contact

22. You have an opportunity to ask for a recommendation from a contact

23. You are invited to join a LinkedIn group

24. A group member reaches out to you

25. You receive and InMail

26. A contact’s contact likes a LinkedIn update post

27. A contact’s contact comments on a LinkedIn update post

28. Second-degree connection shares a LinkedIn update

29. Your contact writes a LinkedIn blog post

30. LinkedIn’s People You May Know

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