How REVNEW helped the deep learning-powered Surface Scan™ generate awareness and leads

20 Meetings in 2 Months

CLIENT: USS Vision | INDUSTRY: Industrial automation

About the company

Detroit-headquartered USS Vision designs, engineers, and builds machine vision solutions that improve manufactured parts’ quality and considerably reduce scrap, overtime, and overall expenses, thus ensuring more efficient factories.

Surface Scan™ inspects surface detection outside the scope of traditional machine vision using deep learning technology, and efficiently performs part location, inspection, classification, and character recognition duties.

The USS vision goal

To book qualified meetings with major stakeholders in prominent manufacturing companies across the globe.

The challenge

Prior to hiring REVNEW, USS Vision was only reliant on organic website traffic for lead generation. The problem with that is that organic marketing efforts take time to fetch results and require many resources to be effective.

Moreover, their AI-based scanner’s messaging was cumbersome — which further aggravated the problem. It was not clear what the product could do and how the factories would benefit from it.

We created a scalable outreach campaign that produced new, qualified leads consistently for the USS Vision team to nurture and convert.

Skills Applied

Competitor analysis

Market research

Ideal Client Profile creation

Sales copywriting

The 5-step REVNEW approach

  1. We held preliminary discussions with the USS's staff to learn more about their organization and Surface Scan™. This is an important first step in creating a campaign strategy.
  2. After understanding their vision and pain-points, we conducted a detailed audit of their lead-gen efforts to identify where they excelled and where they needed support. We also conducted a thorough competitor analysis.
  3. For this campaign, we decided to design a custom outreach strategy that focused on contacting and setting up meetings with the production heads of prominent manufacturing companies. This led us to identify the best potential clients for USS Vision and build a new database.
  4. We implemented the Combo prospecting methodology to ensure a multi-touch outreach for USS Vision. We took to sending direct emails, cold calling, and LinkedIn sales to connect with the new custom database through multiple sources.
  5. Even after launching the campaign, we kept making tweaks to it to increase booked appointments steadily.

The Results