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Improve your flow of leads with brilliant copywriting,
email management and spam control.

Get your emails into the inbox of your target audience.

Contrary to popular belief, email is alive and well.

It helps you build relationships with leads and existing and past customers.

So, how successful have you been with email marketing?

Are you experiencing poor open rates? Do your emails bounce back due to outdated email IDs? Does your email content generally lack creativity? Whatever it is — REVNEW is here to help.

We strongly believe driving results from email is a mix of art and science, and we’ve learned to master it over time.

Do you want us to optimize your email content strategy and keep your messages out of the spam folder of your intended recipients?

Our scope of
email delivery services

There is a specific process we follow to ensure you get maximum traction from your emailing efforts.

Email marketing software setup

If you aren’t using any email tool or want to switch, let us get our hands dirty and configure the best software in the market that suits your business requirements.

Email content writing and design

Depending on your goals, we’ll write your email copy and have it designed by our designer. If you want to do a drip campaign, we’ll also set that up for you.

Data cleanse

An obsolete database can result in higher bounce rates. You could even get blocked by major ISPs. Let us analyze, clean, and organize your records for accuracy.

Domain reputation

We’ll map your domain’s reputation with Yahoo, Microsoft, Gmail, and AOL to increase your score and reduce the risk of receiving too many spam complaints.

Email warmup

Before we run our campaign, we’ll do a test drive, manually warm up your accounts, increase the sending limit, and prepare your mailbox for mass outreach.

Campaign performance tracking

We carefully measure and assess every aspect of the email campaign — from KPIs, open rates, data logs, reputation data — and make changes accordingly.

Benefits of using our
email marketers

Improved targeting

Create specific lead gen strategies catering to your prospects segmented on the basis of geography, services areas, business verticals, company size, and more. Boost your engagement levels.

Qualified people

Email deliverability can never be guaranteed without quality content, a strong domain and IP reputation, and proper email-sending practices. Our email experts want to see you thrive!

Shortened lead time

When you reach out to the right people with the right messaging in their inbox, they’d obviously be more inclined to listen to you and purchase from you. Close deals faster.

Customer know-how

Unlock intent signals with data intelligence that trigger the right action. Improve your targeting and ability to determine your customer needs.


We use a combination of email marketing tools to boost delivery rates and optimize inbox placement across your entire list. We are handy when it comes to tech!

Numbers speak volumes

Get more eyes on your carefully crafted emails. Forget about blacklists and ensure a perfect sender reputation!

40- 0 %
Open rate
> 0 %
Spam rate
< 0 %
0 %
Reply rate

Leverage RevOps to
take yourself to greater heights

Use REVNEW’s efficient team to close operational gaps and identify demand opportunities to build a robust sales pipeline that closes deals consistently, boosting your bottom line.

The math is simple

We’re more cost-effective than your typical in-house lead-gen team. See it for yourself:

Good things happen
When we work together

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