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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s simple: We generate leads, you generate profits.

Work with REVNEW to enjoy the fastest way to scale your sales.

A B2B lead generation agency, also known as a sales development agency, offers expertise to companies in generating sales leads. The business goal is to grow sales funnels for their clients via marketing strategy, data analysis, specialized software/apps, and communications. They provide services that develop prospects into qualified leads for further nurturing and eventual conversion.

B2B lead generation is the process of attracting and nurturing leads and converting them into customers.

Generating leads is an important part of any B2B business. When you have a decent amount of leads coming through your pipeline the search for them gets easier. Leads are essential for all corporations because they need to keep their sales force busy with fresh orders coming in.

However, if you are struggling to find leads your sales team struggles to meet their targets which can result in disappointment or lost customers. A B2B lead generation agency can help you to shorten your sales cycle and increase your sales revenues by bringing fresh leads to your organization.

It’s no secret that generating new leads is essential for any business. But, if you already have a sales team, does hiring a B2B lead generation agency make sense? One may look at this tactic as equivalent to throwing money down the drain. It can be hard to justify why businesses have two different departments generating the same type of leads. There could be a number of reasons why you would hire a lead generation team independent of your sales department.

  • You are spending too much time managing the ins and outs of your internal team? We’ll handle the day-to-day management, so you can focus on building relationships, closing deals, and putting all of your energy into growing your business.
  • But what are they doing? Are they following best practices? Are they using the right channels? How do you know if they are even doing that much?
  • You don’t have a lead gen system or a documented process
  • Prospecting is not a one-time job. It is a steady process. The more consistent you are in your approach towards prospecting, the better your chances will be in converting them. Even though it is the first step in the sales funneling process, it is quite a challenging process. 80% of sales efforts entails following up on their prospects at least five times after the initial contact. Before arriving at this meeting stage, there are at least eight cold attempts on an average. Once the meeting is set up, the process of prospecting is far from over. This is where the pursuit gets intense. This is also where the process of prospecting drops and achieves a point of no return. Not all sales representatives are equipped to handle rejection. 44% of sales representatives drop their efforts after only one round of follow–up.

It’s no secret that lead generation is the lifeblood of any B2B sales organization. But, with so many different strategies, channels and tactics available, it can be hard to know which are the best for your sales team.

Professional lead generation helps companies identify key decision makers, target them and qualify them for future sales calls. It’s a matter of targeting the right prospects with the right message at the right time.

Professional lead generation combines a traditional sales approach with the latest in technology.

Today, sales leads can come from many different avenues, including digital, direct, print, email, and telemarketing. In addition, leads can be generated through the company website, and other marketing and sales efforts.

The better you understand your buyers, the better you’ll be at generating qualified leads.

Our company helps companies find new customers by giving them leads and making sure they use them well.

We’re always interested in speaking with new companies that are growing, seeking to increase their market share, or restructuring their organization/processes. Feel free to reach out to us via phone or email to set up a time to speak.

Here are the services we provide the most value to our clients with.


If you’re looking to hire an agency for your marketing, expand your reach, or restructure your business processes, let us know how we can help you.

We are a small but growing lead generation agency. Our primary service is to generate leads for companies looking for sales reps using online marketing.

We are your acquisition partner. Forget outsourcing. We assign a team and execute a project – our SDRs are not an outsourced team. We work with the budget and guarantee performance results.

Close to half of our business is with previous or current clients. We have a long track record of delivering results. And it’s not just in the quantity of deals closed, but in how happy they are when they choose us.

If you are ready to roll, I can offer you our free consultation.

We ask a lot of questions, and we pay attention to the answers, so that we can understand your business. We talk to people who work at your company. We also try things and see what happens. After we learn a lot, we ask permission to keep doing the things that work and we stop doing the things that don’t work. Then we tell you what we learned and show you proof that it works.

Read more about our onboarding proces here –

We do our research on LinkedIn. We make sure our emails are correct by using another tool. Plus, one of our researchers checks if the emails are right by making sure an email actually works.

We have access to a robust tech stack

  • LinkedIn Navigator
  • ZoomInfo
  • LeadIQ

We spent a lot of time on creating the perfect onboarding process. It is an essential part of the customer development phase. From our experience, we have found that it takes about 7 business days from kick-off call to launch.

We work at generating a large pipeline of qualified sales leads to hand off to you so you can focus on closing the sale. By “qualified” we mean they match all characteristics of who you have identified as being your ideal prospect, and have expressed interest and accepted a meeting request. We can’t predict when a prospect will sign up or make a purchase from you, but they’re at the point in their purchase process where they want to talk about your product.

Your Account Manager will be in daily contact with you to ensure that we’re meeting your expectations and getting the best possible results from your campaign. Your Account Manager will also send you weekly reports which will track all of your campaign’s metrics and show you exactly how we’re performing.

In business, your development team can have a huge impact on the way your business operates. Sales development is a specialized part of sales that focuses on bringing in potential new clients through lead generation. While salespeople are always front-line phone representatives with their clients, SDRs are purely focused on getting leads and sending them to the sales team.


Well-thought-out platforms

Every platform we use for lead generation is guaranteed to deliver the right message, ask the right qualifying questions, and engage leads effectively to produce a satisfying outcome.

Technological mastery

We’re experts with modern sales tools, so you don’t have to be! We leverage many cutting-edge tech platforms for tasks like lead scoring, market research, appointment setting, and PM.

Why partner
with us

It’s simple: We generate leads, you generate profits.
We have scalability down to a science. Work with REVNEW to enjoy the fastest way to scale your sales.

Unique delivery model

REVNEW’s 24 x 7 services give you the flexibility and infrastructure to meet aggressive timescales and achieve KPIs - anytime, anywhere. Scale up or down our services as per your business needs.

Qualified people

Our network of virtual sales experts deliver a steady flow of ideal customers right to your calendars. Always have the support of relevant people by your side. We’re focused on scaling your outreach.


We use a combination of market research, lead-gen, project management, and sales tools for greater efficiency at work. Hey - we are very handy when it comes to managing tools.

Risk-free onboarding

Before we execute any campaign, we onboard you properly because we want you to feel 100% confident in our approach. We share your entrepreneurial spirit and take your growth seriously.

Reduced overheads

Enjoy significant cost savings by downsizing or eliminating your overheads associated with recruitment, tech support, and office facilities. Partner with us at a fraction of what our competitors charge.

New market penetration

Do you have a new market to capture? How exciting! We use our frameworks to create a narrative that sets you apart from your competition. We’d even train and hire the best people for the job.

Real-time iterations

We optimize SDR activities, analyze decision-maker responses, and visualize your top-of-the-funnel sales performance, so your campaigns are constantly improving and succeeding.

Month-to-month contracts

We don’t lock our clients into contracts they don’t want to be in. Work with us on a monthly basis. Cancel if you’re unhappy with our results but give us a fair chance to deliver you the best possible outcome.

Long-term partnership

We’re in for the long haul with you and would never experiment at your expense. Instead, we leverage our team’s diverse qualifications backgrounds to build “dream teams” specific to your needs.

The math is simple

We’re more cost-effective than your typical in-house lead-gen team. See it for yourself:

Good things happen
When we work together

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