Transforming B2B Marketing to Meet the Needs of Modern Buyers in 2020

You will agree with the statement that in today’s market there is no shortage of inspiring advice calling you to transform your B2B marketing efforts in order to increase your sales. In the current scenario, we all know that less than 1% of all leads become customers! Is it that 99% of the remaining prospects become waste or do not generate revenue? To find out, continue reading!

The classic case of B2B Sales Lead generation: How things generally work?

For most marketing companies half the money is wasted, the trouble is they don’t know which half! It was true in 1800’s when John Wanamaker said this and even today it holds true.

If you ask a CEO what works and what does not, most of them would not be able to tell. The only thing which gets them going is an average number of leads generated every month! Many of them cannot tell for sure which strategies or efforts are truly working and leading their website more clicks and generating leads!

Good news @Revnew

So how do we generate leads? Is there a way to flip this around? At Revnew, we have addressed the practical realities of making changes in organizations that have a complex relationship with sales.

With a robust experience of more than 12 years in sales, we at Revnew have carved a niche for ourselves! All these years we have learnt:

We concentrate on the business metrics as opposed to the transactional metrics (which most of the companies wrongly follow). With Business metrics, we get to know the insights of the business and things we might miss.

The Missing Link between sales and marketing

For B2B market it’s the same old story which businesses follow. We become fixated with the open and closed rates, we fret over our keyword rankings, we’re thrilled when our email open rates sky rocket! Of course we should be awfully happy and follow these metrics religiously, as these are tools that a company should have control over!

At Revnew, we manage your b2b sales lead and let you focus only on closing them. You just have to get them inside your door! With Revnew, you don’t have to manage sales and marketing activities; we’ve got reps who’ll handle this for you!

Let’s have a quick look at a few facts of sales and marketing.

Few facts about sales and marketing:

  1. Sales and marketing have very few common metrics
  2. In many organizations, marketers are responsible for leads, unique website visitors and brand awareness
  3. The sales team is responsible for the length of the sales cycle, winning right, and closing the much-anticipated bottom line revenue.

The above points are the main activities of B2B sales and marketing which traditionally work differently. There is practically no common focus point between these activities besides revenue and growth. There should be a common bridge between sales and marketing, at Revnew we’ve bridged this gap. How?

At Revnew, we gel these activities to

Turning Leads into Opportunities: Right activities Vs Right metrics

Revnew concentrates on the right activities and does not follow the metrics blindly. We believe that only the right activities towards lead generation and nurturing will lead to the right metrics which can be measured anytime!

We don’t pass blind leads of low quality and prospects that do not have a buying intent.

At Revnew Mint we tap B2B sales lead opportunities like:

  1. We closely follow the ratio of meetings set to actual qualified leads or Sales Qualified Leads (SQL). Higher the ratio, better the outreach and conversion.
  2. Our interactive email templates are good enough to generate a lasting impression on the reader and to initiate the process of lead generation.
  3. At Revnew, we know that generating 100 leads of Cost Per Lead (CPL) $1 causing 6 opportunities is better than providing 1000 leads of $20 which produces 28 opportunities! We measure cost per conversion to opportunity ratio.

At Revnew, we nurture each marketing opportunity and make sure they get into the pipeline of generating Sales Qualified Leads.

Getting the most from B2B Software: Revnew has its own!

For B2B marketing, it is important to reach the target customer within the shortest possible timeframe and with the proper channel.

We have researched most of the markets and found out that no matter what software you use there will be something amiss. At Revnew we have our own software for b2b sales lead and sending emails to them. This gives us leverage over other competitors in our industry.

Create an Ideal Lead Profile (it’s different from ICP!)

Till now you might have only heard about Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) through which you identify which businesses will benefit your organization the most. At Revnew, we create an Ideal Lead profile just for you. We handpick leads for you through various sources.

We research the market for you, prioritize your content, and bridge the gap between you and the ideal lead.

Where do Ideal Leads exist?

Well, that’s a good question! At Revnew, with years of experience, we know that Ideal leads always exist on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. We check whether these leads are good enough or an exact match to your business profile. If it does, our actual works start from here!

We thoroughly check these on a massive filter which includes: geography, industry, job function, seniority, years at the company, etc. Once we handover the lead over to you, it’s just a cakewalk from there to bring the customer over to you!

For us, B2B is Back to Back Leads!

With Revnew it’s raining leads as ever! We are just like the CTA button waiting to be clicked!

Once you sign up with us you’ll be welcomed to a host of services which includes brand management and goodwill creation.

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