Pointful Education — A Case Study

How Revnew helped a course creation company start discussions with relevant contacts in a timely fashion via email.


Founded in 2017, Pointful Education offers innovative learning solutions to equip students with job-specific knowledge and skills required to prepare for industry certifications and improve their career prospects.

The company’s courses are geared towards secondary and post-secondary students and are used for elective or CTE credit. Some of the benefits of availing courses from Pointful Education include:

  • Courses are compatible with a range of Learning Management Systems (LMS).
  • Students can enjoy virtual and blended learning by replacing textbooks or supplemental materials with online content.
  • Students receive an engaging instructional packet comprising videos, graphics, rich text, and other interactive material.
  • Schools can purchase the solution with convenient licensing models.

Pointful Education helps students prepare for Photoshop, Autodesk Certified Professional in AutoCAD, Drones: Remote Pilot Certificate, Oracle Certified Associate in Java SE 8, and PMI Project Management Ready™. The company is based in Lehi, Utah.

INDUSTRY - E-learning


To book qualified meetings with relevant stakeholders in Career and Technical Education (CTE) in various school districts for boosting brand awareness and generating leads.


Since Pointful Education is a course creation company, they partner with schools across the country to design courses as per the curriculum and students’ requirements. However, the challenge is finding the right contacts in a school district.

Oftentimes, discussions would begin with a stakeholder, only for that to hit a roadblock after some time. This caused Pointful Education a loss of time, money, and resources. Their main aim was to reach the right party to start conversations with and reach a decision.

That is where Revnew entered the picture. Because of our vast experience in the education sector, we were able to build a database of relevant decision-makers in CTE — exactly what Pointful Education wanted.

We thus needed to create a scalable email outreach campaign that consistently produced new, qualified leads for the company to nurture and convert.


  • Competitor analysis
  • Market research
  • Ideal Client Profile creation
  • Sales copywriting
  • Email strategy building


Two weeks


  1. Before creating a custom strategy, we needed to learn about Pointful Education. We thus held a series of talks with them to understand how their business model worked.
  2. After understanding their program structure and pain points, we conducted a detailed audit of their contact list. We also researched typical ways to market such programs.
  3. We created a fresh list of prospects, including virtual schools, and prepped for an email campaign. We worked closely with their team to ensure we created an optimal list.
  4. Our copywriters designed email templates highlighting the benefits of Pointful Education, along with an email sequence to guide prospects to book an appointment.
  5. Even after launching the email campaign, we kept tweaking it to ensure we continuously saw good results in leads, demos, and closes.


-Within four months, Pointful Education successfully set up 80 appointments.
-Weekly calls with the leads have been generally positive for the company.
-They now have names of all the relevant updated contacts in school districts.

“We are excited that we have been hitting metrics recently regarding leads per month and have started to generate revenue from leads. Revnew’s attention to detail and openness to take feedback and tweak the strategy has helped us move a little closer to our end goal. We are thankful for all the work they have done for us.”

— Steve Southwick, CEO and Founder, Pointful Education

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