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B2B Appointment Setting Services

Our appointment setting service delivers high-quality appointments with prospects who are interested, qualified and ready to buy.

b2b appointment setting services

Exhausting search engines, endless sales processes, and dead-ends with cold contacts. We’ve all faced it.

“My sales team isn’t closing
fast enough.”

“We have no system in place
to scale
 our sales.”

“We’re diving headfirst into
with no master plan.”

“I’m making our revenue potential
by wasting time on
low-quality opportunities.”

“We don’t have the right people
on the job
for cold calling and
appointment setting.”

We Book Your Meetings; You Close The Deals

We promise sales without the hustle of hunting down CEOs and CMOs on your own.

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Provide You With Ideal Prospect Data In Real-Time

We build relationships and dig up the data for you, delivering the results you need minus the headache.

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Scale Your Sales Cycle For The Long Run

Ensure your pipelines never run dry through us targeting your most valuable market segments.

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Nurturing Customers From Day 0 To Forever

We set our eyes on high-quality, high-value sales opportunities and grow them for you.


How REVNEW helped the deep learning-powered Surface Scan™ generate awareness and leads.


Appointments Booked


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Increase Your Meeting Showup Rates 

In-house b2b appointment setters are typically in one of two camps: either they're overworked and don't have any time left to reach out to new leads, or they're rookies who aren't sure what they're doing.

With a professional B2B appointment setting agency like Revnew, there's no need to stress over learning all the ins and outs of appointment setting. We do the heavy lifting for you with our processes that deliver 90% showup rate:


Our b2b appointments setting process is driven by an analytical, intent data methodology with a heavy emphasis on sales qualification. We follow a multistep approach to prospecting to ensure we reach the right contacts at the right time. We start with customer profiling, then we figure out where they're most likely to be found.


With that information in hand, we start reaching out to your prospects on relevant topics through a multi-channel touchpoint approach. We build trust and credibility with them and their gatekeepers. Our focus is to introduce your business and build a relationship that can lead to an appointment. 

Lead Nurturing

We assess how well each prospect fits so that we nurture leads to ensure they are warm enough to get in touch with you. We build relationships by asking ourselves the question, “how can we learn about their problems, and how can we help?”

Book Meeting

Once we have the appointment on the books, we’ll update your CRM with all the details you need in order to close the deal. Then, it’s your turn to see the sales trickle in! 

prospecting for appointment setting
outreach for appointment setting lead generation
lead nurturing for appointment setting
b2b appointment scheduling agency

We’ve Unlocked 225 Appointments In 20 Months

“We worked with another company and in comparison, they were a horrible partner. Not only did they not try to get the leads they promised, they really just walked away from the campaign without giving their best effort. I feel like Revnew's number 1 priority is building a relationship and ultimately making the customer happy, even if it's a higher cost to them.”

Lindsey Love
Director of Business Development
In-House Medical & Medical Ambassadors

“In a short amount of time we've been able to ramp up an unexpected number of leads.”

Paula Cardona
Director of Marketing
ViTel Net

“Weekly calls are generally positive and we've been able to jointly brainstorm on improvements in all aspects of the process. Provided a solution for us regarding email deliverability and list creation, which is seeing results in terms of leads, demos and closes.”

Steve Southwick
CEO, Pointful Education

“Starting off March very strong. The visibility into the outreach has been great.”

Levi Holland
Salesforce Administrator
Remodel Health

“Most memorable experience with Revnew is watching the leads come in and the process has been smooth with the weekly calls.”

Keith Willis
President & Founder
Core Management Training

“The first leads coming in - that was memorable! Is Revnew very consistent in their approach, and documents progress very well. They're highly motivated to deliver results, and if results aren't coming in, they'll keep trying until they deliver. They won't give up!”

Nick Ryan
Vice President of Marketing Calamu

Get Meetings with C-level Decision Makers

Optimized Prospect Forecasting And Identification

Revnew will help you identify which prospects are most likely to convert to sales and get you in touch with qualified leads from the get-go. Because we don't waste time on those who are unlikely to convert, your allocated budget goes further.

An Integrated Plug And Play Strategy

Revnew has a plug-and-play approach that allows businesses to supercharge their existing efforts rather than forcing them to create an entirely new campaign infrastructure. We specialize in digital lead generation services, and we can help you implement strategies that integrate with your existing marketing efforts.

Zero Campaign Setup Cost

Most appointment-setting agencies charge a setup fee before they even begin calling on behalf of a client—we believe it should be the other way around. We don't charge any setup fee, and you’ll only pay for the results you see.

Ready to work with the best appointment setting company?

Boost Your Sales Pipeline with Qualified Meetings

We recognize that hunting for the best B2B lead generation and appointment setting services is challenging.

That’s why we’re here to relieve the burden of doubt. Here are the most common Q&A’s to cover the foundation. 

Have more questions? Get in touch with us. 

What Is Appointment Setting Service?

B2B appointment setting service enable you to create deals with your target prospects at the right time. Appointment setting is the final step of your lead generation process—it's where you follow up once someone has expressed interest and determine if they're a viable prospect. It's not just about getting them on the phone; it's about making sure that they have a budget set aside for this type of product or service and that they're actually the person who's going to be the one making the decision.

What Does An Appointment Setting Company Do?

Appointment setting companies are a relatively recent marketing invention, but they've become a big part of the client outreach process over the past decade. Their goal is to provide companies with a means of reaching out to potential clients, which can help build the business and generate revenue.

How Much Do Your Typical Appointment Setting Services Cost?

In exchange for finding an appointment, you will be paying a fee. This fee can vary depending on how much time it takes to find the decision maker and how far up the appointment setter needs to go up the ladder. Read our appointment setting cost guide to know more.

Is Appointment Setting Hard?

To get an appointment with a decision maker at a company, you have to first get through the gatekeepers and other people who are screening calls. This can be time-consuming; many salespeople spend only 30% of their workday on revenue-contributing activities. 


Making contact with the decision maker without previous experience or leverage may require multiple layers of intermediaries, which can be difficult for your sales teams to navigate. Furthermore, suppose your target audience has no current need for your product or service. In that case, it may take several attempts to speak with someone who will eventually be able to make decisions on behalf of the company you're trying to reach.

Do I Need An Outsourced Appointment Setting Service?

A professional appointment setter can get through to the gatekeepers of your prospects much more easily and efficiently than if you were doing it yourself, especially if your team or resources are already stretched thin.

There are some key points to consider before deciding whether you need outsourced appointment setting services:

  • Are your marketing efforts driving sufficient leads to your business?
  • Is your sales cycle taking too long?
  • Do you lack the resources to make outbound calls to the right decision makers?
  • Do you have a large sales team but aren't happy with the results from them? 

In the long run, working with an appointment setting B2B agency can bring in more leads quicker, create a sustainable sales funnel and boost your ROI. 

Why Set Appointments With Revnew?

At Revnew, we believe that bringing the right people to the table is more important than ever. We're not just interested in getting you into a room with your prospect—we're interested in getting you into a room with your prospect who has the budget and interest to spend money on your product or service.


When you work with Revnew, you'll instantly see a difference in how we connect you to your ideal clients. The lead generation process that we use connects you with people who are in power over purchasing decisions, reducing the cost per sale and increasing your sales pipeline. 


We go beyond being your typical telemarketing agency by offering a plug-and-play pipeline for sustainable scaling that simultaneously positions you as an innovative sales leader in the eyes of your ideal customers. It's this commitment to our clients that sets us apart from other lead generation companies—and it's why our clients always come back.

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