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About Us

What we do

We specialize in creating outbound strategies that deliver results. From lead generation to appointment setting, we are your partners in driving business growth and expanding your reach.

Our Approach

Change The Way You Do Business

We're not about generic solutions, we're about personalized strategies that connect with your audience and drive results.

Outdated Approach


Revnew's Approach

Outdated Approach

Using broad, impersonal tactics that fail to connect

Getting lost in the noise of blind trends

Focusing on one-time sales without fostering relationships

Employing complex, fragmented tools that create confusion

Playing catch-up with market changes

Revnew's Approach

Personalizing engagement to resonate with your core audience

Elevating your unique voice to cut through the clutter

Building lasting relationships that turn customers into advocates

Integrating solutions to streamline marketing

Implementing a proactive, strategic, and fail-proof approach

Why Revnew

Understand how our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer
satisfaction ensures you're making the best decision for your needs.

Quality First,

We're not about flooding your pipeline with leads that go nowhere. We focus on quality leads that turn into lasting partnerships.

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Bridging B2B
Talent Gap

We ensure our team is qualified and ahead of the curve, turning challenges into opportunities and aspirations into achievements.

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Tech-Driven, Human-Centric

We blend tech with a personal approach to deliver campaigns that are as empathetic as efficient.

No tricks,
just trust

As your partner, our reputation is intertwined with yours. We employ only credible, effective strategies, understanding that success is measured by real, tangible growth.

With Revnew, it's not just about growing. It's about growing smarter.

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Our Commitment to Your Growth


Elevate Your Impact

we connect with key people ensuring appointments that have real potential.

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It’s not our fault, but it’s our problem

We take responsibility for challenges, ensuring problems are solved, not passed on.


Inconsistent subhead cases

We make genuine promises that we deliver upon. What you see is what you get, with no hidden catches.

What our Clients have experienced Real Impact & Tangible Outcomes

Our clients don't just see changes, they see revolutions in their sales process. With Revnew's precision in outbound strategies, you get:

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Superior Lead
Meeting Scheduling
Revenue Uptick

Don’t just sell.
Sell to who is buying.

Our Team

Meet the Minds behind REVNEW Magic

Get to know the passionate individuals committed to turning your business aspirations into reality.

Rahul Thakur
Rahul Thakur

Led by Rahul Thakur, our agency excels in outbound marketing, boasting over 2,000 appointments being generated each month and serving more than 50 clients to fuel their growth. Our success is built on execution and a commitment to results, making us a trusted partner in the B2B marketing landscape. Join us on our journey to success.

Kelly Kenworthy
Kelly Kenworthy
Chief Revenue Officer

Highly accomplished in B2B sales and sales leadership, Kelly brings over a decade of experience designing and executing outbound strategies. Kelly's industry experience is vast and deep, with multiple years of experience in professional services, agencies, management consulting, SaaS, healthcare, financial services, consumer products, FinTech, MarTech, IoT, big data, and disruptive tech of all kinds. Kelly leads the sales team and enjoys finding ways for clients to use Revnew that maximize ROI, and at minimal effort to them. Kelly lives in Los Angeles, California, with her family.

Swati Aggarwal
Swati Aggarwal
Chief Marketing Officer

A seasoned Marketing Head with a proven track record of driving revenue growth and brand visibility across various industries. Leveraging data-driven strategies, innovative campaign management, and a deep understanding of customer behavior, she excels in crafting impactful marketing initiatives that resonate with target audiences and yield significant business outcomes.

Lam Tonsing
Lam Tonsing
Head Of Operations and Customer Success

Leading and guiding the different teams in their day to day operational work. Managing the Team managers and Team leaders. Maintaining a cross functional team to deliver the highest quality leads. Working closely with clients to ensure their CS experience is at the highest level. Strategize and deliver results that are game changer for our partners and clients.

Mark Ryan
Mark Ryan
Senior Account Executive

A Senior Account Executive and U.S. Army Veteran, distinguished in both B2B and B2C sales environments. He is a consistent top performer, demonstrating a proven track record across SMB, Mid-Market, and Enterprise segments. His robust experience and military discipline drive strategic sales initiatives and foster strong client relationships, leading to sustained success and growth in competitive markets.

Lina Mishachkovska
Lina Mishachkovska
Marketing & Customer Success Manager

Manages client accounts and works on marketing strategy and content for our clients. Creates marketing strategies and copy that will bring success and high quality leads to our clients. Gives all her energy into ensuring our clients are happy and successful with stellar campaigns.

Revnew - Where careers aren't just built, they are Redefined

Join Revnew as a Sales Development Representative (SDR) where your unique background is the key to innovation and growth.