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B2B Content Syndication Services to Get High-Quality Leads

Sharing Your Content The Right Way

b2b content syndication vendors

Creating optimized content but not reaching the right audience? Content syndication for lead generation can make all the difference. 

“I’m not seeing any significant
through my content assets.”

“We’re pumping out several content
but not seeing enough

“I don’t know no idea how to reach
the right prospects,
at the right time.”

“I’ve been nurturing relationships
with my blog audience for years but
my traffic volumes have plateaued.
building what next?”

“We don’t know how to
repurpose our existing
assets for email.”

More MQLs Out Of Your B2B Content Syndication

Revnew is quickly becoming the leader in content syndication through email and cold calling because of our capacity to bring value and real results from every single piece of content.


A Personalized Approach To Help Your Content Soar

We offer you a variety of options in terms of how you'd like your content syndicated through outbound marketing tactics like email and cold calling.


Real-Time Reporting For Your Content Assets

With Revnew's combination of real-time reporting and dynamic content selection, your business can reach its target audience at every step of their path to purchase or enrollment.


Grow Your Reach And Scale Your ROI

We capture the customers that want you most through our content syndication services and pass it on to you in order to help you grow your business.


How Revnew helped the L&D service provider connect and market their training programs to their target personas.





Revnew’s Content Syndication Process For Lead Generation

You might not know it, but you need a content syndication service to reach more people and maximize your demand generation efforts in real-time. Through Revnew, you can have a platform where you can syndicate your content through power-packed email campaigns and directly with contacts through calls. 

The key to successful advertising, whether online or off, is nurturing your leads through helpful information. Our process for delivering your content effectively begins with an accurate and comprehensive understanding of your demographic so that we can optimize your channels accordingly. 

Content Strategy And Selection 

Our strategists work closely with you to determine the best topics and content formats for outbound channel. We also help determine which campaigns will be most effective for each topic.

Contact Database Development 

Revnew ensures that each piece of content goes to your target audience with maximum conversion potential. To do this, we dive into target market research. We also help build out your contact lists by conducting further research into prospective leads as well as existing clients before distributing your content. 

Multi-channel Syndication 

As a go-to content syndication provider, we ensure we cover all of your audience’s critical touchpoints by following a multi-channel approach to your content distribution. Our analysis ensures that your budget is allotted to high-return campaigns so you are given the results you want. 

Lead Capturing And Reporting

Revnew provides reporting and insights into leads who are more likely to respond via email and cold calling. We also filter out high-engagement leads to move through your sales funnel, helping us to optimize your campaign's reach and ROI.

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We’ve Unlocked 225 Content Syndication Leads In 20 Months

“We worked with another company and in comparison, they were a horrible partner. Not only did they not try to get the leads they promised, they really just walked away from the campaign without giving their best effort. I feel like Revnew's number 1 priority is building a relationship and ultimately making the customer happy, even if it's a higher cost to them.”

Lindsey Love
Director of Business Development
In-House Medical & Medical Ambassadors

“In a short amount of time we've been able to ramp up an unexpected number of leads.”

Paula Cardona
Director of Marketing
ViTel Net

“Weekly calls are generally positive and we've been able to jointly brainstorm on improvements in all aspects of the process. Provided a solution for us regarding email deliverability and list creation, which is seeing results in terms of leads, demos and closes.”

Steve Southwick
CEO, Pointful Education

“Starting off March very strong. The visibility into the outreach has been great.”

Levi Holland
Salesforce Administrator
Remodel Health

“Most memorable experience with Revnew is watching the leads come in and the process has been smooth with the weekly calls.”

Keith Willis
President & Founder
Core Management Training

“The first leads coming in - that was memorable! Is Revnew very consistent in their approach, and documents progress very well. They're highly motivated to deliver results, and if results aren't coming in, they'll keep trying until they deliver. They won't give up!”

Nick Ryan
Vice President of Marketing Calamu

Find Success Through Content Syndication

Your Ideal Customer, At Scale

Using data selection, we can help you find your ideal buyers based on your website traffic and existing customers. This helps us target your desired audience with the most appealing content assets that you have.

Build Relationships, Not Just Content

Revnew's team uses more personalized strategies to share your content with your ideal target customer faster. Our unique blend of outbound-marketing tactics for content syndication will help drive more quality leads to your doorstep.

Get Seen. Get Heard. Get Leads.

We monitor your content and tell you precisely how well your content performed. With Revnew, your leads are captured and re-directed back to you, saving you hours of work.

The Content Syndication Services You Need

There’s an abundance of B2B content syndication vendors out there. So how do you know which one to sign up with?

We’re here to answer all the basic questions you have to get you started on your journey. 

Have more doubts? Get in touch with us. 

What Is Content Syndication?

Content syndication is a great way for B2B businesses to leverage their existing content and reach a new audience simultaneously. It involves distributing your existing content assets like whitepapers, eBooks and research reports to target customers. This tackles two birds: it helps expand your content to potential new leads and get more from your existing target audience on other platforms, holistically growing your business. 

What Do Content Syndication Vendors Do?

Content syndication vendors are companies you can outsource your content distribution function to. Be it infographics, whitepapers, or webinar promotion, they will handle all the logistics of getting your content into the right hands. In the context of B2B marketing, a company will use this type of service to reach new audiences or markets they otherwise don’t have access to. 

What Are The Benefits Of Content Syndication?

With the right content syndication companies, you can rest assured that the money you invest into your content development and creation will make its returns through lead generation and potential sales conversions. The right online platforms can help you build your brand and increase your visibility, increasing the trickle of qualified prospects into your sales funnel. The practice of utilizing content syndication services for this purpose has also developed into an industry-wide standard known as media release distribution.

Is Content Syndication Expensive?

Content syndication often comes with different price points depending on how highly customized you want the distribution to be. Some services offer a basic package while others will tailor their offerings to the specific needs of a client. There are many channels available to you, from social media to email and paid ads. But what's worth taking into consideration is the cost associated with reaching a certain set of potential customers as well as the time spent managing that content instead of producing it.

How Is Content Syndication Measured?

Measuring the success of your content syndication campaigns largely boils down to three major metrics: your lead volumes, lead quality and conversion rates.

  • Lead volume refers to the number of leads that visit your site because they clicked on a link from one of your syndicated content platforms. 
  • Lead quality refers to how likely those leads are to convert—that is, follow through on whatever you're promoting and become paying customers for whatever service or product you're trying to sell them. 
  • Conversion rate refers to how many leads actually result in sales for your company. This can be trickier to track to individual, syndicated pieces of content but tracking your overall conversion rate growth or dips after a campaign can give you a good idea of where you stand. 

Why Choose Revnew As Your Content Syndication Vendor?

Revnew's origins stem from a desire to help businesses engage their customers using the most effective methods possible. We're committed to delivering your content through a human-first approach, which is why our team of content curators goes through your brand's message and fine-tunes the channels they believe your ideal prospects will be on. 


We know that one size doesn't fit all, so you can be sure that no matter what channel your potential customer reads your content, it will still be crafted with them in mind. Our multi-channel touchpoints help us distribute your content assets effectively, and with our broad reach, we can provide your content to millions of people who are interested in what you want to say.

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