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Manufacturing Lead Generation Services

manufacturing lead generation services

Get More Manufacturing Leads For Your Business

If you have manufacturing clients, you know how your sales approach often fails to persuade potential partners or customers. These days, OEMs are bombarded by sales pitches every day, so it takes more than a few tricks to get their attention.

What is missing is a modern approach that makes your potential partners more likely to convert. 

We make B2B marketing work with high-quality, optimized content and a lead capture funnel that automatically moves prospects through the sales process.

Modern Lead Generation For Manufacturers And OEMs

Are you still relying on legacy systems for your data input and outputs? If so, it’s time to evolve. Digitization is making inroads into so many different areas of manufacturing today.

Your potential customers could take their business elsewhere unless they're given a reason to stick around. This is where manufacturing lead generation comes in.

OEM lead generation is key to your success as it gives you the right source of quality leads. By providing you an opportunity to reach out to potential customers who are interested in your services or products, as well as those who would be open to hearing about your offerings, we help you simultaneously grow real-time information as well as sales. 

Revnew recognizes the challenges faced by OEMs like you: 

  • There is no proper, standardized system for lead generation in OEM.
  • Sales teams are finding it increasingly difficult to reach the right manufacturing OEM prospects.
  • The industry relies heavily on experienced resources with client testimonials.

That’s where we pitch in. 

Increase Your Manufacturing Sales Leads

Revnew is your perfect partner for manufacturing lead generation. We say this because we use an intuitive method to:

  • Provide you with well-analyzed and verified leads
  • Clean up and optimize your marketing tools and inbox
  • Nurture your leads and make sure your ROI flows consistently

Revnew will take care of the lead generation; while you take care of manufacturing!

manufacturing sales leads

How Revnew helped the custom equipment manufacturer attract and convert relevant prospects






Revnew’s Scope Of Manufacturing Leads

You might be worried about how to generate leads or where to start. Worry not, as we have a list of niche companies for you to begin with. 

Revnew can secure your prospects from OEMs such as:

  • Oil and Fuel
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Automotives
  • Contractors
  • + more!

Meet The Best Decision Makers

Knowing the right stakeholder to connect with can make all the difference between a deal that flunks and one that closes. Fortunately, Revnew can get you a seat at the table for one-on-one interactions with the right decision-maker. 

Our team can get your conversions stirring by connecting you with: 

  • Engineers
  • Managers
  • Technicians
  • Directors
  • + more!

Manufacturing Lead Generation - The Revnew Way

Our Commitment

We prioritize and carefully note your needs, goals, and preferences and monitor the progress of your project. 

We maintain open communication lines and a robust feedback system that give us a better understanding of your offerings, as well as a way to fine-tune our campaign without cluttering your inbox.

Boost Your Sales And Inquiries Fast

Our service connects you to buyers of your products from around the world to whom you can promote your new products quickly.

We ensure improved lead quality, a larger pool of leads to pull from, and higher confidence in your sales pipeline.

Comprehensive Approach

We increase your online visibility with our outbound digital marketing services. Our proven best practices help drive traffic to your site that converts into paying clients.

This comprehensive approach is guaranteed to help you make the most of online marketing.

manufacturing leads
lead generation for manufacturers
manufacturer lead generation

Revnew Guarantees

Our team has over 20 years of OEM marketing experience and has helped thousands of clients.

Our inventive methodology allows us to regularly deliver fresh, verified, and custom manufacturing leads.

manufacturing lead generation agency

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Manufacturing Sales Leads?

A lead is a prospective customer for your business who has expressed interest in your product or service. They want to know more about your products and express interest in buying from you. A lead is not a sale but an opportunity for one. If you don’t know how to nurture your leads, they will eventually head to your competitors, affecting your sales.

How to Generate Leads as a Manufacturer?

You might often rely on the help of intermediaries, such as distributors and resellers, who sell their products to retailers and ultimately to consumers. You can also form partnerships with brick-and-mortar retailers and market directly to consumers through online channels, such as e-commerce websites and print catalogs.

Why Do I Need Lead Generation For Manufacturers?

Lead generation is a great way to reach your consumers where they are most willing to listen. When your company ranks high on search engines, you'll gain new manufacturing sales leads and turn them into customers because you could reach them at the right time. 

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