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Revnew Helps Motion Solutions Land Their Desired Company Type and Personas

How Revnew helped the custom equipment manufacturer attract and convert relevant prospects.


California-based Motion Solutions provides custom engineering solutions and manufacturing support to industrial customers and OEMs across multiple sectors, including semiconductor, medical and life sciences.

With 65+ years of industry experience, Motion Solutions can offer a range of services, from prototype and volume manufacturing to electro-mechanical design. 

The company always strives to deliver unique, high-speed systems positioning while maintaining accuracy and repeatability by applying its deep domain expertise. Many customers of Motion Solutions have been awarded patents for innovative designs.

Whether the company is helping make prototypes more practical or collaborating on complicated clean-sheet designs, the team has a solution to every challenge. Motion Solutions particularly offers three types of services:

a. Engineered solutions, run by a team of skilled engineers, to compress design cycles and convert a concept into a marketable product.

b. Precision stages focuses on core competencies to combine precision motion control products to build a robust solution for demanding applications.

c. Motion control components division gives the clients access to the solution for their needs — whether it is a modified component, a stock item or a subsystem built from scratch.

INDUSTRY - Industrial automation


To attract, engage and convert OEMs across multiple domains that have the potential to be repeat customers in the long run.


You must think any company operating for a little more than six decades would not need any help in driving sales. That is not exactly true. Every business, young or established, needs sales support to expand the size of its customer base.

And that is precisely where Motion Solutions needed help. They knew they wanted OEMs, with the potential of being repeat customers, as their customers. But the lack of proper strategy fetched them little success.

Revnew thus needed to create a scalable outreach campaign that developed new, qualified leads consistently for the Motion Solutions to meet with, nurture and convert.


  • Competitor analysis
  • Market research
  • Ideal Client Profile creation
  • Sales copywriting
  • Email strategy building


Two weeks


  1. Before creating a personalized strategy, we needed to learn about Motion Solutions. We met with the stakeholders to understand their offerings, clientele and business vision.
  2. Meetings with them gave us insight into which sales strategies worked or marketing platforms didn’t deliver. Besides, we did our market research and identified prospects.
  3. We decided to design an email-based outreach strategy that focused on contacting and setting up meetings with the sales teams of prominent OEMs for this campaign.
  4. Our copywriters developed intriguing content, creatively highlighting the strengths of Motion Solutions and how their solutions and manufacturing support could help.
  5. After launching the email campaign, we kept tweaking the copy and experimenting with different timings to ensure our emails reached the maximum number of prospects.


-Within six months, Motion Solutions generated an average of 13 leads from relevant OEMs per month.
-Motion Solutions has a refined database of prospects that can also run other marketing campaigns.
-The messaging of their offerings is more straightforward, concise, and conversational.

“We were extremely thrilled when we booked our first lead meeting! I must say the Revnew team is highly responsive and organized. We were completely bowled over with their industry knowledge, attention to detail and critical-thinking skills. We wanted to generate leads from the desired company type and the right person. And we got just that! Revnew’s results speak for themselves. Thank you so much, team!”

— Casey Covey, Sales Director, Motion Solutions