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How Calamu Found Success in Lead Generation with Revnew

How Revnew helped a new data-first security platform differentiate its messaging and generate more leads.


Calamu is a cybersecurity software provider founded with a single mission - to help organizations thrive without having the fear that their data will be weaponized against them.

The proprietary software, Calamu Protect™, enables businesses to protect data across end-user devices, servers, and cloud workloads with unprecedented resilience.

It automatically fragments data across multiple separate storage locations while at rest, an environment called a data harbor, which instantly nullifies the impact of a data breach or ransomware attack.

In a nutshell, Calamu’s patented self-healing technology mitigates any impact by reconstituting data to its original and uncorrupted condition. The company is based out of Clinton, NJ.

INDUSTRY - Software Development


To attract small and large enterprises that will benefit from Calamu’s cybersecurity product and encourage them to sign up for demos.


Before hiring Revnew, Calamu mainly relied on organic website traffic for lead generation. The problem is that organic marketing efforts take time to fetch results.

Calamu wanted to build an instant pipeline of prospects that had the potential to convert. Plus, given the competition in the B2B tech and SaaS domain, the award-winning company could use extra help in spreading the word about how they help small and large enterprises protect their data.

Since they were already participating in events and hosting webinars, it was the perfect time to create a scalable email outreach campaign to market the same and consistently produce new, qualified leads for the Calamu team to nurture and convert.


  • Competitor analysis
  • Market research
  • Ideal Client Profile creation
  • Sales copywriting
  • White paper creation
  • Email strategy building


Two weeks


  1. Before creating a personalized strategy, we needed to learn about Calamu and its product, Calamu Protect™. We met with the management to understand their offerings, clientele, and marketing plans.
  2. Meetings with them gave us insight into how they approached sales and the regulatory compliance they dealt with. Besides, we did market research and competitor analysis to build an optimal list.
  3. Our copywriters got to work and drafted material that included the USPs of Calamu, how their patented process worked, and success stories. They also fed in info about the events and webinars that Calamu was in.
  4. We then designed an email outreach strategy (along with a follow-up sequence) to contact and set up meetings with relevant stakeholders in enterprises who would be interested in a quick demo.
  5. After launching the email campaign, we kept tweaking the copy, optimizing the list, and experimenting with different timings to ensure our content engaged the maximum prospects.


-Calamu has a refined database of prospects that can be used for running other marketing campaigns  as they grow.
-We delivered 72 leads in a span of 9 months, with an additional 11 prospects in the pipeline.
-They are better able to educate the target market about data security and regulatory compliance.

“Revnew is very consistent in their approach, and documents progress very well. They are highly motivated to deliver results, and if results are not coming in, they will keep trying until they deliver. They won't give up! The Revnew team is both friendly and knowledgeable!”

— Nick Ryan, Vice President Marketing, Calamu