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Demand Generation Services for B2B Companies

We Create the Demand Your Brand Deserves

Demand Generation Services for B2B Companies

Prospecting for new customers is time-consuming, costly, and difficult to keep track of.

“My sales team doesn't have a
lead identification
and nurturing process.”

“We don't have a proper framework 
that ties our marketing tactics together
with a demand generation plan.”

“We have a lot of engagement
from leads going through our funnel
but insufficient scaling capacity
to get them to convert.”

“We have data overload from different
marketing platforms and are not aware
what is the right source to use

Demand Generation Services for A Scalable Pipeline

We are a leading b2b demand gen agency, we simplify the process of converting your potential customers into hot sources of demand for your business. 

Our MQLs are not just a list of contacts. We identify, create and capture demands for you holistically. 

data-management 1

Build A Compelling Brand Story

Identify the right people and resources that will be involved in telling your story. Easily build and manage target account lists, integrate your data, and focus on high-priority prospects.


No Wasting Of Time Nurturing Cold Leads

Our lead scoring system helps us quickly assess how interested a lead is in your product and respond with the right message, and your lead campaigns are automatically re-targeted and optimized to ensure that you are going after the hottest leads every day.

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Visual Reporting And Management Tools

We help you set up and automate email drip campaigns. You’ll be able to fine-tune your messaging and ensure that only the important emails from potential customers are being read.


How Revnew helped Remodel Health get in front of the target audience to market their services.





Demand Generation Solutions to Fuel Your Funnel

One of the biggest mistakes companies make in the early stages of a demand generation program is focusing on "spend management" instead of results. They think about how much money they are spending (and, therefore, how much money they are wasting) rather than looking at what results their spending generates demand.

demand gen agency

Our B2B demand generation experts can support you in creating an outstanding marketing funnel and establishing your thought leadership. With our data-driven approach, we can help you eliminate the guesswork and stay on track towards measurable marketing results.

Create Sustainable Demand

We let potential customers know about your product or service offering and its value because that's the first step in getting them to start thinking about a new solution for their business. We're not just trying to make sales. We're trying to build relationships with people who will think of you when they need help in the future.

Refine And Capture High Value Prospects 

We refine your value proposition and encourage your prospects along the sales pipeline. We also send a list of high-value prospects to your CRM. Revnew can help you identify your buyers’ pain point, show how your solution can solve it, and explain how you do it better than anyone else.

Manage High-Potential Leads Better

Managing demand is a crucial part of the B2B demand generation process. The vital step is to achieve your goals with the help of a good CRM. We at Revnew help you maximize your organization’s revenue potential through the help of the best support solutions in the market, like HubSpot and Salesforce.

demand generation agency
b2b demand gen agency
demand generation services

We’ve Unlocked 225 Leads In 20 Months

“We worked with another company and in comparison, they were a horrible partner. Not only did they not try to get the leads they promised, they really just walked away from the campaign without giving their best effort. I feel like Revnew's number 1 priority is building a relationship and ultimately making the customer happy, even if it's a higher cost to them.”

Lindsey Love
Director of Business Development
In-House Medical & Medical Ambassadors

“In a short amount of time we've been able to ramp up an unexpected number of leads.”

Paula Cardona
Director of Marketing
ViTel Net

“Weekly calls are generally positive and we've been able to jointly brainstorm on improvements in all aspects of the process. Provided a solution for us regarding email deliverability and list creation, which is seeing results in terms of leads, demos and closes.”

Steve Southwick
CEO, Pointful Education

“Starting off March very strong. The visibility into the outreach has been great.”

Levi Holland
Salesforce Administrator
Remodel Health

“Most memorable experience with Revnew is watching the leads come in and the process has been smooth with the weekly calls.”

Keith Willis
President & Founder
Core Management Training

“The first leads coming in - that was memorable! Is Revnew very consistent in their approach, and documents progress very well. They're highly motivated to deliver results, and if results aren't coming in, they'll keep trying until they deliver. They won't give up!”

Nick Ryan
Vice President of Marketing Calamu

Integrated Demand Generation Services for B2B Companies

Real Conversations. Real People. Real Results

We will help you to increase qualified leads and relevant opportunities through digital and manual marketing efforts by providing a unique sales funnel of potential customers.

Plug Into The Power Of Partnership

Our innovative and effective demand generation solution will bring you more customers, a better quality of prospects, and the chance to scale your business with the best partners in town.

Delivering The Future

We produce smart, tested demand generation programs that get you more sales and leads. We do this by leveraging only the highest quality lead generation strategies that are proven to boost your ROI.

Ready To Simplify Your Demand Generation?

Are We The Best B2B Demand Generation Agency For You?

If you're looking for a new B2B demand generation company, chances are that you've got plenty of choices. B2B demand generation is a broad field, and there's no one magic solution that works across the board. Finding the one to fit your business might be a tough task.

We got your back. Read our Q&A to get your questions answered and if you still have more questions, Get in touch with us. 

What Is B2B Demand Generation?

Demand generation marketing is a strategic tool to create demand for your products or services. At its most basic, demand generation is about growing the desire for your product or service. 


Demand generation tactics include things such as content syndication, personalized email campaigns, strategic lead nurturing and LinkedIn outreach that are geared toward bringing in new customers. In a demand gen program, marketing teams work together with sales teams. Sales teams make sure clients are satisfied with the product or service they buy from you. Marketing teams focus on getting as many people in touch with your sales team for successful conversion.

How Impactful Is B2B Demand Generation?

B2B demand generation is one of the most important parts of a company's sales cycle. One thing that sets it apart is its ability to help you reach your target audience and make them aware of what you have to offer.

How Much Does Demand Generation Cost?

The cost of demand generation services varies from company to company due to various factors like product type, target customers, and promotion strategies. For example, if you need some help with social media, the cost will be different if you need help with email marketing. 

  • Here are three tips that will help you figure out how much demand generation costs:
  • Strictly define what "demand generation" means to your business.
  • Come up with some estimates of how much time you'll spend on demand generation tasks, and how much they'll cost.
  • Use the information you've got to figure out how much demand generation will cost you per lead.

Get in touch with us to get a quote depending on your needs!

Is Demand Generation Better Than Sales Prospecting?

Demand generation involves getting your name out to potential customers through a variety of online and offline channels to stir up demand. Sales prospecting is about contacting high-potential leads who are most interested in what you have to offer, whether it's through cold calls or sending them information about your business. 


Demand generation involves getting your name out to potential customers through a variety of online and offline channels to stir up demand. Sales prospecting is about contacting high-potential leads who are most interested in what you have to offer, whether it's through cold calls or sending them information about your business. 

How Is Demand Generation Different from ABM?

While Demand Generation and Account Based Marketing are both parts of the marketing process, the two approaches differ in a number of ways. The main difference is the stage of the sales cycle in which they are used.

  • Demand generation is focused on building awareness and interest in products or services while ABM builds relationships with key decision-makers at target accounts.
  • Demand generation targets a larger audience than ABM. 

What Is The Difference Between Demand Generation And Lead Generation?

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, there is a key distinction between the two activities. 

  • Demand generation refers to the process of increasing interest in your products or services. 
  • Lead generation focuses on transforming that interest into actionable information for sales representatives to take advantage of. 
  • Demand generation is an ongoing process.
  • Lead generation is usually structured into campaigns. 

Why Choose Revnew As My B2B Demand Gen Agency?

Revnew is a demand generation agency that helps B2B companies accelerate growth. We build intelligent demand-generation campaigns that develop qualified leads and opportunities to grow our clients' businesses. We achieve this through strong partnerships with our clients, forming an understanding of their business and vision, and stirring a passionate demand for their products/services.


Revnew can provide all components of a demand generation solution, from creative ideation to campaign execution. We produce high-quality content for our client’s campaigns. We also create email campaigns, conversion funnels, lead nurturing paths, and other properties that support their marketing initiatives.

Revnew is constantly on the lookout for new and effective ways to engage audiences online and can provide digital marketing expertise across several areas.

Why wait any further? Get started with us today!

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