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B2B Energy Renewal Leads Generation

energy lead generation

The Best Way To Reach Your Solar & Renewable Energy Leads

Do you want to grow your operations but need to figure out how? Struggling to find a reliable source of utility and energy leads?

Your business relies on new customers every day. But it's likely that you have yet to be able to keep up with customer demand, thanks to a limited budget and time.

The best way to find key leads is by making new connections, but it's not always easy to know where to start. Revnew’s expertise helps you just with this.

Create More Energy Leads With The Experts

The energy industry is undergoing massive growth and changes, impacting businesses like yours. With the advent of new energy sources like wind, solar, and other alternative energy forms, there are new opportunities for lead generation to consider and ideas to try.

How people use energy is constantly evolving, so how you generate leads and deliver solutions needs to do the same. Lead generation helps you and your customers because more information is available now than ever. Your business needs new leads to grow, and your consumers want to know all your energy solutions.

To do this, you must develop your marketing strategies that bring certain challenges head-on.

  • As you’re gearing up for a new marketing campaign, are you still looking for energy leads or a utility prospect list?
  • Finding qualified energy leads, let alone customer service leads that are a good fit, is quite tricky.
  • Getting in front of the right people with your marketing materials can prove challenging.

Revnew is here to help.

Get Better Energy Leads 

Looking for an energy lead generation agency? 

Revnew’s got your back. We can help you: 

  • Get verified and high-potential prospects
  • Help you keep a clean network throughout your sales cycle
  • Fulfill all your sales goals
  • Get improved, better results for your marketing campaigns 

You can save your energy on your business while we handle the lead generation for you. 

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From Low Show Rates to 90% Show up Rate: How Revnew Helps CGE Energy

From Low Show Rates to 90% Show up Rate: How Revnew Helps CGE Energy






Revnew’s Scope Of Leads 

You could still be trying to figure out how to generate leads in the energy sector. Never fear, as we have our propriety list of contacts and industry lists who can help you grow your business.

We go beyond our promise and can secure your prospects from: 

  • Power Plants
  • Renewable Energy Departments
  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy Distribution Companies
  • Smart Grids
  • OEMs
  • + more
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Meet Industry Decision Makers

Cut through the clutter with our lead generation services. 

Get an opportunity to pitch your products and marketing campaign directly to the highest-ranking officials in the industry. This will also help your prospects make decisions easily.

Our team can get you started by getting you in touch with:

  • Directors
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Board Executives
  • Engineers
  • Lead Engineers
  • Energy Manager
  • + more!

Our Promise

Exclusive, High-Quality Leads

Our leads are exclusive, which means you will always receive new business every week. The exclusive nature of the leads helps validate their accuracy. Before our sales reps send them out to you, they call and confirm that the lead is still available. This ensures that the leads you receive will make you money. 

High-Quality Conversions

You'll get reliable, high-quality leads in the shortest amount of time and the ability to generate sales leads at a faster rate while remaining competitive in your industry. You will also get access to a limited list of exclusive consumer leads. More time in your business, not chasing bad leads.

Reduce Sales Cycle

With qualified leads and a streamlined sales process, you can reduce your sales cycle and achieve significant ROI for your business. The right lead generation platform can help you build trust with your prospects and create more meaningful relationships.

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Energy Lead Generation agency
Energy Lead Generation services

Revnew Guarantee

Revnew has over 20 years of combined energy industry experience and has helped thousands of clients.

Our exclusively made inventive methods help us provide you with high-quality, fresh solar energy leads and make you visible to a broader range of audiences.

Energy Lead Generation

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Energy Industries Generate Leads?

Leads come in many forms and can be generated through a multitude of methods, including telemarketing, cold calling, email marketing campaigns, social media advertising and more. You can generate leads more effectively by offering competitive pricing, high-quality products or services, and excellent customer service. 

Why Do I Need A Lead Generation Company For Energy?

You need an energy industry lead generation company to help identify and convert qualified prospects. Lead generation is an essential part of any company's marketing strategy.


Revnew’s leads are also qualitatively different from others that might be found elsewhere. Higher-quality leads will give your sales team an advantage over competitors. 

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