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Revnew's 5-Step Approach Helped Jobiak.ai 5X Their Revenue


Jobiak.ai is a recruitment technology solution provider that can fully automate and optimize job listings on Google. The company serves enterprises, staffing agencies, strategic alliances, and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBS). 

INDUSTRY - Recruitment and Marketing

Jobiak.ai GOAL

The company aims to sell its AI-powered recruitment marketing platform, which facilitates job posting to Google Jobs. Its target customers are companies with 50 or more job openings.


Jobiak.ai faced challenges in lead generation as its sales and marketing team struggled to attract and convert leads into paying customers. 

They needed help targeting the right audience, particularly companies with more than 50-100 job openings, career sites, and company job boards that can benefit the most from their product. 

Its existing strategies weren’t optimized for this requirement, leading to low conversion rates and slow business growth. 

Jobiak.ai needed to pivot quickly and develop a new strategy to establish itself as the preferred platform for its target audience. 


  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Email list building
  • Sales copywriting
  • Email strategy building


2 weeks


  • We looked at Jobiak.ai’s mission, objectives, and services thoroughly. Additionally, we developed a company-specific strategy based on the information gleaned from the data. We maintained communication with upper management to ensure we had access to all relevant data.
  • Our marketing group studied the industry extensively and examined rival businesses' operations.
  • Our copywriters compiled the unique selling points of Jobiak.ai's product. They dug deep to discover the difficulties faced by the intended audience. 
  • We developed an email outreach plan to get in touch with the right people in the recruitment and marketing industry. We followed up with qualifying customers by compiling a list of high-value contacts and setting up a follow-up sequence through email.
  • Our sales development team conducted split testing to determine the optimal time and structure for the content distribution. We ensured that ideal customers read and learn from shared material.


With Revnew’s approach and tactics, Jobiak.ai managed to earn 5X of its revenue. Within 17 months, Jobiak.ai received 166 leads, with 52824 contacts tracked. 

Revnew is a trusted partner that we couldn't go without.

- Cody Arabia, Sr. Director of Sales And Business Development, Jobiak

Revnew can help you enhance service/product awareness and accelerate client engagement and conversion by implementing exclusive business outreach strategies.

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