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Revnew Helped Remodel Health Close Deals Faster

How Revnew helped a US-based health benefits solutions provider get in front of the target audience to market their services


Simply put, Remodel Health revolutionizes how businesses deliver health benefits to their employees. Using a proprietary software solution, their consultants walk through all the options available to a company and then do a complete analysis of the plan and details of the health benefits being currently provided.

From HRAs to HSAs, Remodel Health also examines any extra contributions the business is currently making to the employees.

Once the analysis of coverages, costs, and contributions is done, Remodel Health helps the business select benefits that suit their overall requirements.

Their solution boasts of minimizing healthcare costs by an average of 34% by shifting employers from over-priced, single-group benefits to more affordable, individual plans chosen by each employee.

Licensed consultants, customer success representatives, and benefits advisors form the core team of Remodel Health. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

INDUSTRY - Software Development


To attract and educate small businesses and churches across the US about the benefits of working with Remodel Health and book as many meetings as possible before their peak season, i.e., Q4.


The US, in general, scores rather poorly on key health measures, including preventable hospital admissions, mortality amenable to medical care, and follow-up patient care.

For businesses - regardless of size and domain - it is vital to have specific health benefits in place for their employees. Remodel Health wanted to help such companies and also churches choose the best health plan.

However, the issue was not being able to reach out to their target audience - small businesses and churches. And with Q4 as the most lucrative quarter for Remodel Health - they came to us to run an email outreach program for bagging the maximum meetings.


  • Competitor analysis
  • Market research
  • Ideal Client Profile creation
  • Sales copywriting
  • Email strategy building


Two weeks


  1. Before creating a personalized strategy, we needed to learn about Remodel Health. We met with the management to understand their offerings, clientele, and business vision.
  2. Meetings with them gave us insight into software, health plans they offered, and their marketing prowess. Besides, we did our market research and competitor analysis.
  3. Our copywriters got to work and gathered information on the USPs of Remodel Health’s software and target audience pain points.
  4. We then designed an email outreach strategy (along with a follow-up sequence) to contact and set up meetings with relevant stakeholders in small businesses and churches.
  5. After launching the email campaign, we kept tweaking the copy and experimenting with different timings to ensure our content engaged the maximum number of prospects.


-Remodel Health now has a fresh list of contacts to reach in relevant small businesses and churches because of our contact discovery exercise.
-In 6 months, we delivered 114 leads to Remodel Health, with additional 41 contacts in the pipeline.
-Their messaging highlights tech superiority in the healthcare space, giving them a competitive edge.

“The visibility into the outreach has been great. We are happy with the quality of leads we have received in just six months and hope to close faster in the future. The Revnew team is easy to work with and dependable. I’m looking forward to what is in store in the future.”

— Levi Holland, Sales Development Manager, Remodel Health