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revnew method

Keep Your Revenue Generation On Autopilot

1. Discovery Call


Does outsourcing fit your business? How to find the best provider? How we do it? How do we determine mutual fit?

2. Embark


Risk Free Onboarding.

Phase I -
  • Contract Signed
  • Client Receives Onboarding Email
  • Project Manager Assigned
  • Dedicated Team Resources Assigned
  • Client Receives ICP and Email Questionnaire
  • Customized Sales Development Playbook Ready

Phase II -
  • Client Deliverables
  • Project Manager Schedules a Kick-off Call
  • Review Email Questionnaire
  • Review ICP
  • Success Factors Decided

3. Groundwork

  • Approved ICP Research Start
  • Research Delivery Schedule Established

4. Campaign And Tech Stack Setup

campaign-and-tech stack setup-01
Phase I -
  • Email Delivery Established
  • Corporate Email Address for Dedicated SDRs
  • Email Signature | Email Sequence | Email
  • Address and Messaging Test | Email Domain
  • Health | List Validation Tests
  • Email Domain Health (Warm-Up + Checklist)
  • Tech Stack Hooked Up
  • Email Sequence Templates Written

Phase II -
  • Client Review & Approval
  • (Campaign Elements)
  • Deliver Client Messaging Templates
  • Communication Sequence Presented to Client
  • Client Approves Messaging Templates

5. Boost Your Campaign

  • Aggressive A/B Testing
  • Multi-channel Touchpoints

6. Fire It Up

  • Hot Lead Generation
  • Appointments Fixed Up with Key Decision-makers
  • Reporting in Every Step
  • Weekly ROI Analysis Call