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Manufacturing Lead Generation: 8 Key Steps to Unlock Your Profits

manufacturing lead generation

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Are you in the manufacturing industry struggling with lead generation? Although every industry seeks to generate new leads, manufacturing companies face unique challenges. Like most other industries, your primary goal as a manufacturer is to generate a constant stream of sustainable prospects.

With inbound and outbound marketing, you can create content materials that serve as magnets for attracting leads. With these marketing strategies, offer meaningful knowledge and expertise to your prospects.


The more details people get about your company, the more potentially they will engage with you.

Manufacturers can take a plethora of approaches to generate leads. However, because of the numerous moving parts, it's simple to lose track of certain manufacturing marketing strategies. 

Hence, we will go over the most well-known and successful online lead and profit-gen tactics in this article to simplify things.

lead generation for manufacturers


What is lead generation in manufacturing?

Lead-gen strategies for manufacturers have evolved substantially over the last ten years. This sector still remains strongly relationship-driven. 

However, disruptive technology has impacted it, as has every other sector. As a result, manufacturer branding and marketing are rapidly evolving. 

B2B buyers have more information than ever before. Studying your consumers' shopping interactions, you can understand their expectations of your business.

You, as a manufacturer, may find yourself curious about how to acquire more profitable opportunities in a rapidly changing marketing and selling environment  — as the growing economy unfolds. So, let’s dig down to the details.

How does manufacturing lead generation differ from other industries?

How does manufacturing lead generation differ from other industries


There’s not much difference when comparing lead-gen manufacturing techniques with other industries. But since manufacturing is highly relationship-driven, you must ensure to include the following digital elements while building a manufacturing lead generation strategy for your firm:


To create significant leads, you must prioritize your website as the foundation of your entire strategic approach. 

This is due to the fact that millennials account for over 70% of today's B2B buyers. But, again, 75% percent of buyers initially choose the provider who adds value and insight. Source.

Boosting your SEO ranking will induce search engines to endorse your brand. When search engines give you preference, your possibilities of appearing on the initial page will rise, culminating in far more visitors and leads.

Landing pages

Landing pages contain information about a specific offer, including a form for downloading that deal. 

They are embedded within your website and function as mini-websites. 

Whenever a customers click on a CTA, your landing page marketers give a laser-focused encounter that directly relates to the customer's purpose.

Every lead-generation effort ought to have a distinct landing page.


A high-value bit of information, including eBooks, whitepapers, complimentary consultations, discount codes, or demos, is considered a deal. 

Each lead revolves around transactions. In return for a prospect's valuable contact details, your company provides something worthy and valuable. 

You will get that many prospects if you start giving your market participants insightful information.


Without forms, you cannot obtain leads. Users will complete questionnaires, which will collect their contact details in return for a deal. 

Your web pages should include concise CTAs and lead-capturing tools to make communicating with your firm as effortless as possible for qualified prospects.

CTAs (Calls to Action)

CTAs are buttons that direct users to your landing pages where they can know and understand your offerings. 

CTAs usually take the form of clickable buttons that either share relevant data, redirect audiences to your landing pages, or provide an offer like downloading a free whitepaper.

If you're a novice in digital marketing, it can be challenging to contend with other manufacturers.

If you'd like a more comprehensive framework, let's review some key factors that will help you generate high-quality prospects for your organization. But before that, you should understand how manufacturing lead generation differs from other industries.

How do manufacturers reach directly to customers?

We conducted extensive research on this subject – on how to reach your customers directly. And guess what? We discovered numerous ideas. 

However, we've shortlisted only the best and compiled our most-preferred methods to help you save precious hours and energy. So analyze these and turn your company into a lead-gen gizmo!

8 best tips to acquire quality leads for your manufacturing business

best tips to acquire quality leads for your manufacturing business


1. Create a marketing plan

Make a plan and adhere to it. A cookie-cutter approach will not optimize your return on that hard work. 

Determine how you'll convey your proposal, allocate tasks to each staff member, and incorporate this into your workflow.

A strategy can help you stay ahead of the curve since it clarifies your goals and how you intend to achieve them. 

For instance, if you desire to target retail outlets or distribution companies, you can personalize your strategy to them.

2. Recognize your metrics

Characterize some metrics. How many prospects do you hope to generate each month? How many site views are required to produce that number of qualified leads? 

When you pose such surface-level questions, they will result in more comprehensive inquiries.

3. Maintain online visibility

According to Forrester, three out of every four business purchasers conduct over 50% of their research online prior to making an offline investment.

increase your lead generation


What is the key learning? If you wish to increase your lead generation, your company needs to have a presence online.

4. Create buyer personas

When you make a product, it is commonly offered to another company, which then resells it at a retail value.

Consider the individuals who work at these companies and are looking for your good or service. 

Researchers, engineering technicians, upkeep and manufacturing managers, and possibly senior consumers and potential suppliers make up the majority of the team. 

Generate personas for every one of these individuals, characterizing who they really are, their demands, and what they want.

5. Monitor your competitors

Learn from your competing companies and be inspired by their actions. However, never duplicate information! It's a poor practice and can get you into a lot of difficulties. 

Rather, look at what your competitors do in order to be beneficial and take it a step ahead. For example, how can you improve it if they cite cushioning as an important component of product upkeep in a post? Could you develop a video? Offer a demonstration?

6. Follow a customer-centric language

Define issues and possible solutions in your buyer's language. 

You'll have a discrepancy between the subject matter you're generating and what your consumers are looking for when you employ words and phrases they don't understand.

Many businesses use technical language and jargon to attract prospects —  when your leads want a simple explanation.

7. Understand your prospect's obstacles and objectives

Correlate content with the interests of your clients. After you've determined who you'd like to land on your site, consider what people truly desire. 

They aren't interested in your item's functionalities, at least not initially, maybe.

They're seeking an answer to an issue. Hence, place yourself in their position and figure out what issues your potential clients are experiencing.

8. Concentrate on value

Prioritize information. Composing insightful blogs and comprehensive white papers are not tasks you should assign to your secretary or an intern. 

Only a few professionals — those who understand your brand the best — must be involved in the project.

That implies you'll need to hire a proficient content developer with extensive tech expertise or place your author to work alongside your technical team. 

Poor quality information is an instant deal breaker and will discourage most individuals from communicating with your company.

The right time to invest in lead generation is NOW!

The National Association of Manufacturers investigated future and current manufacturing obstacles in 4 categories in a new analysis: competitiveness, technology, skilled workers, and trade and employment. 

A key finding said that regulations continue to burden American manufacturers significantly. Also, the United States' innovative product supremacy is now being questioned.

Job cuts in manufacturing have influenced every part of the country. In contrast to other industries, the manufacturing workforce in the United States is older and less skilled.

The United States loses its export customer base as the trade deficit broadens. Hence, this is the moment to invest everything you have into obtaining that next quality lead! Please contact Revnew and check out how we can assist you!

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