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8 Crucial Outbound Marketing Tips For 2024 Consumer Behavior

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If you have been paying attention, B2B consumers have become demanding over the years. You can blame it on:

  • Constant digital marketing upgrades
  • Rise in competition
  • Updates in consumer rights, and so on. 

However, it is for the better only. How? As consumers become more specific about their wants, you can easily mold your outreach accordingly. 

So, let's lay out your 2024 outbound marketing – equipped with changing consumer behavior insights.

8 Consumer Behavior-based Outbound Marketing Tips

Here's our curated list of tips to appeal to B2B customer behavior in 2024:


1. Add a Human Touch in a Digital World 

In outbound marketing, the human touch adds warmth, empathy, and genuine connection to your interactions. Your personal touch makes target customers feel understood, valued, and appreciated in this tech-driven world. In fact, by using it right, you can show your brand's authenticity and emotional resonance.

Methods to add a human touch to your marketing efforts:

  • Schedule Warm Calls and Voice Notes: Request one-on-one meetings through warm calls and personalized voice notes. These personal interactions foster genuine connections.
  • Use a Conversational Tone: Adopt an informative yet conversation-like tonality in all forms of communication, from emails to social media interactions. It helps build rapport and trust. This tonality can compel 247% more readers to consume your entire article, messaging, etc. 
  • Practice Active Listening: Listen actively to your prospects' needs and respond accordingly. Showing genuine interest in their concerns fosters a sense of empathy and understanding.

2. Focus on Value More Than Money

In 2024, B2B consumers seem to gravitate towards brands that prioritize adding tangible value to their operations. It transcends mere monetary transactions. 

They seek partners who understand their needs, offering solutions that streamline processes, boost efficiency, and ultimately contribute to their bottom line. They prefer investing in partnerships that yield long-term dividends beyond the initial price tag. 

Methods to provide value to your prospects:

  • Offer a Strong Unique Value Proposition (UVP): Highlight your UVP prominently on cold emails, landing pages, and other communication channels you use. 
  • Highlight Major Pain Points and Solutions: Clearly articulate how your product or service addresses your prospects' pain points and adds value to their business.

3. Satisfy Consumer’s Quest for Authentic Relationships

B2B consumers in 2024 seek trust, reliability, and mutual understanding with the brands they partner with. Such an authentic relationship enables you to collaborate seamlessly and navigate challenges with them together. Plus, 88% of consumers consider authenticity while deciding on B2B partnerships. 

Methods to establish authentic connections:\

  • Follow Up Strategically: Follow up with prospects promptly and personally. Show genuine interest in their needs and concerns.
  • Participate in Physical Events: Attend trade shows, conferences, and other physical events to engage with prospects face-to-face. These interactions help build trust and rapport.

4. Ensure Personalized Interactions

B2B customers want personalized brand interactions in a world of generic marketing messages. 91% of buyers prefer brands that remember unique details about them and offer relevant deals.

Methods to offer personalized experiences:

  • Send Video Messages: Use personalized short clips to convey your offering. Address prospects by their first name and tailor the message to their industry or pain points.
  • Add Personalized Elements: Incorporate prospect's name, company name, and relevant details in your communications. Such  personalized components help in tailoring experiences. 
  • Send Special Occasion Emails and Gifts: Send tailored emails and presents on your prospect’s important days such as birthdays or anniversaries. This thoughtful gesture strengthens the bond between your business and the prospect.

5. Implement Customized Customer Experiences

This year, B2B customers want to control their data usage and brand experience. Don't confuse personalized and customized marketing experiences. 

The first one pre-personalizes the experience. However, the latter allows your target customers to navigate their brand experience how they want.  

Methods to offer customized experiences:

  • Provide Customized Product Demos: Make interactive product demos that allow prospects to explore features relevant to their specific requirements. Thus, they can get access to customizable demos. 
  • Offer Flexible Pricing and Packages: Provide the option for prospects to select different packages or pricing plans based on their business needs.
  • Propose Free Trials: Offer credit-free product trials to allow prospects to experience your product or service firsthand before purchasing.

6. Give Consumers More Control Over Data Privacy

Presently, B2B customers value their privacy more than ever. They want control over their data to prevent misuse, intrusion, and security breaches. 88% of consumers consider sharing personal data only if they trust a company. 

Thus, you need to prove your brand as a trustworthy partner that respects their privacy preferences.

Methods to ensure consumer data privacy:

  • Follow Privacy Policy Compliance: Ensure your outbound marketing activities, including email and calls, comply with relevant privacy policies such as GDPR or CCPA.
  • Maintain a DNC List: Respect prospects' preferences by maintaining a "Do Not Contact" (DNC) list and honoring unsubscribe requests promptly.

7. Share Original Research Papers and Studies

Customers value well-researched social proofs that clearly define the value of your product. Beyond your claims, they seek research papers and case studies to make informed purchasing decisions. 

Methods to provide original social proofs:

  • Produce High-value Content: Create materials such as detailed research papers or whitepapers that showcase real-life tests and trials of your product or service.
  • Share Real-life Case Studies: Produce case studies of your previous or existing clients and success stories by closely following progress. Highlight the tangible benefits of your offering these clients received. 
  • Add Testimonials: Incorporate experiences and feedback from satisfied customers in your marketing materials, emails, and social media posts. It provides social proof of your product's effectiveness.

8. Maintain Your Business's Social Media Reputation/Presence

Your B2B customers value your brand's online presence and reputation because it reflects its credibility and reliability. A strong online presence instills confidence in your offerings. Plus, a positive reputation assures your ability to deliver quality products or services.

Methods to build a strong online presence:

  • Focus on LinkedIn Engagement: Create a dedicated LinkedIn profile for your business. Then, engage with your prospects through personalized connection requests and InMail messages.
  • Invest on Paid Advertising: Run targeted adverts for your brand on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to reach your target audience effectively.
  • Maintain Community Engagement: Be active in relevant online communities and forums. These may include Reddit and Quora, where your prospects are present. Share informative insights and engage in meaningful conversations to establish your expertise and credibility.


Stay updated with B2B consumer behavior to create successful outbound marketing strategies. Understanding evolving trends and preferences allows you to tailor your approaches effectively. 

Join Revnew, an esteemed outbound marketing agency boasting seasoned experts in consumer insights and strategy formulation. We promise to unlock unparalleled opportunities for your brand. 

Connect with us today to revolutionize your outreach efforts.

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