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Tele Intent™ Data: How Are Customer Journeys Redefined through Conversational Insights

Tele Intent™ Data: How Are Customer Journeys Redefined through Conversational Insights

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60% of marketers say their organizations lack the data to understand and engage with sales prospects and customers properly. 

This is where conversational insights gain the limelight. Such insights help personalize interactions, address needs, and foster meaningful connections with potential customers. Hence, it drives customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

A new solution, Tele Intent™ Data, is rising as the best source of conversational insights. 

With this data, you don't just scratch the surface—you dive deep into the heart of consumer behavior. 

Thus, you can facilitate personalized interactions that resonate deeply. Get ready to transform your approach with our guide.

How Conversational Insights Reshape Buyer Journey


Let us discover how expertly gathered data from prospecting calls can revolutionize your approach to customer engagement and drive meaningful results:

1. Get a Richer and More Comprehensive Market View

Rather than relying solely on quantitative data or surface-level insights, conversational data provides nuanced information that enriches the overall market view. It includes understanding customer preferences, pain points, and emerging trends that may not be captured through other means. 

2. Learn the 'Why' Behind Prospects' Intentions

Conversational data reveals the underlying motivations and reasons behind prospects' thoughts and motivations. By engaging in meaningful conversations, you can uncover their needs, concerns, and objectives. 

It goes beyond surface-level inquiries and allows businesses to delve deeper into understanding the root causes driving customer behavior. Understanding the 'why' behind the intentions of your prospects lets you tailor offerings and messaging to address their needs better. It also helps build rapport and trust with prospects, ultimately improving the effectiveness of sales pitches.

3. Meticulously Analyze Conversations for Intent Signals

Through careful analysis of conversations, you can identify sentiments that indicate prospects' readiness/intent to engage or purchase. These intent signals may include:

  • Specific keywords
  • Tone of voice
  • Expressions 

-that hint at a prospect's level of interest or urgency. 

Further, you can translate these intent signals into actionable insights to adapt your marketing strategies rapidly. It could involve adjusting messaging, timing, or channel selection to align with prospects' needs and preferences. 

Overall, leveraging conversational insights empowers you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your approach to customer engagement.

4. Identify Customer Position in the Buying Cycle

For robust personalization, you must understand where your potential customers stand in their buying journey. By analyzing conversational data, you can identify signals indicating the stage of the buying cycle a customer is in. The analysis includes: 

  • Assessing the timing and relevance of their needs
  • Allowing for tailored strategies that address specific pain points or interests

5. Enhance Lead Qualification

Conversational data provides valuable insights for lead qualification, enabling you to assess prospects more effectively. By analyzing conversations, you can gauge the level of:

  • Interest
  • Intent
  • Fit 

-of a prospect with your offerings. 

It allows for better prioritization of leads based on their intent to purchase or engage further. 

Utilizing conversational insights, you can also categorize and prioritize leads accordingly. It ensures resources are allocated efficiently to prospects with the highest potential for conversion. 

Ultimately, it enhances efficiency in lead management and improves the overall quality of leads generated.

6. Create More Targeted and Effective Sales Outreach Strategies

When you have access to identified trends and conversation patterns, you can adapt your sales outreach effectively. 

Conversational data provides valuable insights into customer preferences, pain points, and communication styles. 

With such information, it can help you adjust your brand messaging, tone, or channel selection to align with customer preferences and behaviors. 

7. Add Layers of Insight to Existing Data

You can easily combine conversational insights with your existing data and marketing tools. It will allow you to gain a more comprehensive understanding of customer behavior and preferences. 

It will also give deeper insights into customer needs, enabling more informed decision-making and strategy development. 

Additionally, integrating conversational insights with marketing tools streamlines processes and improves efficiency in data analysis and campaign execution. When you enrich your existing data with insights, you enhance the overall outbound marketing effectiveness. 


Tele Intent™ Data significantly shapes customer journeys by providing nuanced insights into your potential customer data. Looking ahead, the future implications of leveraging conversational insights promise enhanced personalization and efficiency in customer engagement. 

It encourages businesses like yours to embrace these insights for sustainable growth and competitive advantage at the current and beyond B2B scenario. 

Revnew offers Tele Intent™ Data solutions supported by a skilled team to optimize your strategy. Reach out to us now to get the discovery call. 

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