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Identify the key decision-makers in your target audience. Sell your
products or services to those who want to buy with REVNEW.

Drive sales success through accurate prospecting.

Today’s sales ethics are pretty different, and “selling for the sake of selling” won’t fetch you the desired results.

You’re wasting your time and effort trying to convince consumers to purchase from you if they don’t need your offering at all!

It’s imperative to find those stakeholders who are genuinely interested in “YOU.”

Unfortunately, standard contact lists don’t provide that. You can’t also go by your “hunch.”

What you need is REVNEW’s contact discovery service.

Start a conversation with verified contacts through a master contact database, regularly updated by our data specialists.

Enriched data leads to meaningful prospecting.

Our scope of
contact discovery services

We want to help you improve your sales ROI, which is why we leave no stone unturned in identifying your prospects correctly.

Prospect targeting

Understanding your target accounts helps us zero in on the people and organizations you want to sell to. We build a list of target accounts based on industry niches, location, company size, seniority level, and more.

Market research

Our expert researchers do their homework thoroughly to discern the best sources (e.g., social media and online forums) to sift through and create a database of prospects that meet your criteria. Every effort counts with REVNEW.

Database screening

To ensure the contact list is free from inconsistencies, we put it through a rigorous screening process to fix missing values or data, incorrect formats, and outliers. We deliver information that is formatted correctly.

Data scoring

A quality score is allotted to the data collected and formatted to identify the prospects with the most resemblance to your best customers. This separates the high-quality contacts from the rest.

Contact validation

Besides finding and filtering the contacts based on quality scores and relevance, we’ll put expert data miners on the job who’ll consistently supply validated and up-to-date contacts.

Data cleanse

Your database can get obsolete over a few months. Let us analyze, clean, and organize your records for accuracy in your current system. Eliminate missing entries, duplication, and misspellings.

We’re experts in
mining prospect information

We primarily focus on mining, validating, and formatting
the following details. But if you want more info, we can
find it out.
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Benefit from our
contact discovery service

Risk-free onboarding

Before we execute any campaign, we onboard you properly because we want you to feel 100% confident in our approach. We share your entrepreneurial spirit and take your growth seriously.

Improved targeting

Create specific lead gen strategies catering to your prospects segmented on the basis of geography, services areas, business verticals, company size, and more. Boost your engagement levels.

Qualified people

Our network of virtual sales experts deliver a steady flow of ideal customers right to your calendars. Always have the support of relevant people by your side. We’re focused on scaling your outreach.

Goal accomplishment

Don’t fret about vanity metrics. Focus more on achieving your KPIs. We help exceed your targets on all platforms. Partner with us at a fraction of what our competitors charge. No, seriously!


We use a combination of market research, lead-gen, project management, and sales tools for greater efficiency at work. Hey — we are very handy and savvy when it comes to managing tools.

Our contact discovery support
involves multiple channels

To give you as much information as possible, we scan the internet far and wide.

Telephonic research

Our data research team retrieves current and accurate telephonic details of prospects by browsing through online.

Social media mining

We monitor every conversation around your brand on social media and gather a list of prospects likely to convert.

Prospect websites

The majority of websites have a decent Meet The Team page comprising stakeholders’ details.

Third-party database providers

To expedite the data gathering process, we sometimes take help from verified and authentic external database providers.

Our tech stack
for call discovery

Numbers speak volumes

We strive to build you a highly accurate and customized contact database to engage, nurture and convert.

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Make demand generation your competitive advantage

Let us help boost your marketing’s contribution to qualified pipeline and subsequent revenues while keeping your customer acquisition costs low.

The math is simple

We’re more cost-effective than your typical in-house lead-gen team. See it for yourself:

Good things happen
When we work together

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