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11 Essential Qualities to Look for When Hiring Professional Appointment Setters

professional appointment setters

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Being a leading SDR, you already know the importance of maximizing sales productivity. One of the ways to do it is to set up appointments effectively.

Hence, hiring professional appointment setters is the best option to make it happen. With a professional appointment setter, you can improve customer satisfaction. And reports say that 78% of satisfied customers are likelier to share their experience with their contact.Hence, you'll get more leads and higher chances of conversion by bringing a professional appointment setter. 

Are you willing to have an outsourced appointment setting expert for your B2B business? Well, we'll help you find the right one. So, let's explore the qualities you should look for and the steps to follow. 

11 Qualities Of A Professional Appointment Setter

hire appointment setters

Firstly, know that your appointment setter does more than make calls and send emails. The right appointment setter should have:

  • In-depth industry knowledge
  • Great communication skills
  • Patience
  • Self-assessment abilities

These appointment setting skills help them set the stage for successful sales conversations. Such skilled professionals also build your company's rapport among potential clients. 

Aside from these, here are the top 11 qualities to consider when hiring a professional appointment setter:

1. Holds Proficiency In What You Sell

A top-notch appointment setter must understand your products or services inside out. Their knowledge will enable them to explain your offerings convincingly and address any questions or concerns that potential customers might have.

Example: If you're a SaaS company,  your appointment setter should be able to articulate the specific features, benefits, and use cases of your software to various types of potential customers.

2. Convinces Target Or Potential Consumers Quickly

This quality is crucial as appointment setters are the first point of contact between your company and potential customers. They should have a persuasive communication style encouraging prospects to take the next step.

They might use effective appointment setting techniques and sales techniques, like demonstrating value and urgency, to convince potential customers to book a consultation. Also, they must be able to customize their sales pitch to match the client's needs for a positive appointment setting for further details sharing.

3. Showcases Expertise In Telemarketing Skills

Mastery of telemarketing skills is essential for appointment setters. It includes:

  • A strong phone presence
  • The ability to handle rejection
  • The skills to guide the conversation toward setting an appointment

You can check this by their proven track record of high call-to-appointment conversion rates. Also, if needed, you can have a dummy test or ask for a call script to set an appointment for your SaaS service or product. It will give you a better idea about their capability. 

4. Conducts Extensive Target Audience Research And Analysis

Understanding your target audience is key to successful appointment setting. A proficient appointment setter should know how to research and analyze your target audience’s demographics, needs, preferences, and common objections.

They might use tools like LinkedIn and industry reports to gather insights on potential customers. Also, they must know what analytics to check and discuss over the call while setting an appointment to impact the prospect positively.

5. Has Excellent Listening Skills

Good appointment setters are not just talkers but also excellent listeners. They should learn about prospects' needs, concerns, and objections and respond appropriately.

They should be able to pinpoint the problems or even read between the lines to satisfy the prospect. It allows appointment setters to respond more effectively and tailor their pitch to the prospect's circumstances.

Example: When a prospect mentions a particular challenge, the appointment setter could empathetically acknowledge the issue. Then, they introduce your product or service as a potential solution. This shows they've genuinely heard and understood your prospect's needs. 

6. Works Independently From Remote Locations

Today's professional environment demands flexibility, and appointment setters are no exception. They should be able to operate efficiently and responsibly from remote locations, demonstrating their commitment and adaptability.

Example: An appointment setter might demonstrate this by maintaining or exceeding their productivity levels during a transition to remote work due to an unexpected situation like a pandemic.

7. Demonstrates Good Planning And Organizing Skills

Planning And Organizing skills are crucial for managing multiple appointments and following up with potential customers. Appointment setters should excel at schedule management, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks.

They might need to use digital tools like calendars or project management software to keep track of calls, follow-ups, and appointments. Some good project management software options include Asana, Trello, Jira, etc.

Appointment setters must know how to use these tools for planning and organizing.

8. Is Reliable With A Good Track Record

An appointment setter's reliability is critical to your business. They should possess a verifiable track record of meeting or surpassing their appointment setting goals consistently. It means they follow through on commitments and can be trusted to perform under different circumstances.

Prospective appointment setters should be able to share data or testimonials from previous roles. Thus, they demonstrate their ability to meet or exceed appointment goals consistently.

9. Holds Mastery In Problem-Solving Skills

Appointment setters face challenges, including handling objections or technical issues during a call. They must possess excellent problem-solving skills, quickly addressing any concerns that may prevent a successful appointment setting. They should be innovative and flexible, overcoming barriers and securing the appointment.

For instance, if a prospect hesitates due to a perceived lack of time, a skilled appointment setter might propose a condensed initial call or schedule the meeting more conveniently.

10. Shows Empathy And Emotional Intelligence

Appointment setters should be able to relate to prospects, understand their pain points, and tailor their approach to build trust. High emotional intelligence can significantly impact their connection with potential customers.

Example: If a prospect sounds hesitant, an empathetic appointment setter would acknowledge their concerns, reassure them, and offer further information or alternative solutions.

11. Is Goal-Oriented And Results-Driven

Exceptional appointment setters are characterized by a strong focus on their targets and a continuous drive for desired results. A clear focus on their targets fuels their work, and they continuously strive to achieve or surpass these goals. This determination benefits them professionally and contributes significantly to your business growth.

Now, that you are aware of the qualities to look for, let’s look into the steps to hire the best appointment setter for your business.

How To Hire The Best Professional Appointment Setters

Appointment setting is a critical step in your sales pipeline. The right appointment setter will represent your company well and lay a solid foundation for fruitful customer relationships. So how do you ensure you hire the best? Here’s how:

1. Confirm Required Skills And Qualifications

Below are the standard qualifications and skills that an ideal appointment setter must have:

  • Prior experience in sales, telemarketing, or appointment setting, preferably within a lead generation agency.
  • Exceptional verbal communication skills with a natural ability to quickly engage with prospects and build rapport.
  • Strong organizational skills, with the ability to manage multiple tasks and effectively track leads and communication.
  • Proficiency in relevant software platforms, including CRM, sales, and communication tools.
  • Ability to work independently remotely, demonstrating reliability, self-motivation, and a strong work ethic.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills with an ability to think on their feet and provide customers with appropriate responses.
  • A results-driven mindset, always seeking ways to improve performance and increase lead generation.

2. Test Their Appointment Setting Skills

It's one thing to claim proficiency in an appointment setting and another to demonstrate it. Setting realistic scenarios can provide insight into their skills and how they handle real-life situations when interviewing potential candidates.

You can check this by:

  • Arranging For Role-Play Scenarios: These situations should simulate typical challenges or objections they might face.
  • Evaluating Communication Abilities: Assess their clarity in articulation, active listening.
  • Assessing Problem-Solving Capabilities: Note their ability to think independently during role-play situations.
  • Checking Their Product/Service Knowledge: They should be able to understand and explain your offerings effectively.
  • Gauging Their Salesmanship: Pay attention to how compellingly they can pitch your product/service to potential clients.
  • Ask Them USP: Ask them about the appointment setting tips that they follow, maybe just one to understand if they are really ones you need.

3. Check References And Past Performance

A comprehensive understanding of a candidate's past performance can predict their future results effectively. Checking references and performance data provides insights into their potential contributions to your business.

You can do this with the help of the steps below:

  • Request References From Their Previous Roles: Contacting past employers can provide first-hand information about the candidate's skills and professionalism.
  • Ask For Performance Metrics: Documents or statistics demonstrating past achievements, such as conversion rates or the number of appointments, can help you better understand their capabilities.
  • Use LinkedIn For Background Checks: This professional platform can offer unbiased reviews and testimonials from colleagues or employers.
  • Check Consistency In Performance: A consistent track record over time can indicate reliability and dedication.
  • Look For Industry Reputation: The candidate's rapport in your specific industry can be a helpful indicator of their suitability for the role.

4. Check Cultural Fit

Ensuring a candidate aligns with your company culture is essential for long-term satisfaction and success. Their values, attitudes, and work style should resonate with your company's ethos. While trying to find a cultural fit, try doing these to find the best match:

  • Include Culture-Specific Questions During The Interview: It can help gauge their understanding and alignment with your company values.
  • Observe Their Attitude: Positive attitudes often indicate a good fit with a team-oriented and proactive company culture.
  • Assess Their Interpersonal Skills: appointment setting requires effective collaboration. Good interpersonal skills are essential for working within a team.
  • Evaluate Their Adaptability: A good cultural fit includes adapting to your company's work environment.
  • Consider Long-term Association: If candidates envision a long-term future with your company, they're likely a good cultural fit.

5. Ensure Capabilities To Fulfil Key Responsibilities

Check whether the short-listed appointment setter can effectively fulfill their key responsibilities, such as: 

  • Contacting potential customers via telephone, email, and social media to generate interest and set up and get sales appointments.
  • Delivering scripted pitches to the customers, adjusting the script as needed to fit the potential client's needs and interests.
  • Overcoming objections and challenges posed by potential clients respectfully and professionally.
  • Accurately recording customer information and each call or contact status for future follow-up.
  • Coordinating with sales teams to ensure smooth hand-off of potential clients.
  • Meeting or exceeding individual and team performance goals and metrics.
  • Ensure that you also check the appointment setting companies pricing to see if the services you are getting are in line and in your budget. 

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