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The Untold Challenges of Intent Data That Cost Your Sales

The Untold Challenges of Intent Data That Cost Your Sales

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Alert! 60% of B2B marketers will ditch basic intent data by 2025

Why the exodus? Traditional intent data can be a double-edged sword. Imagine spending resources reaching out to prospects based on inaccurate or outdated information. Frustration is inevitable, leading to missed opportunities and wasted resources.

The culprit? Unsanitized and inaccurate data. Traditional intent data often relies solely on web browsing behavior, which can be misleading. Someone casually researching a topic might be flagged as a high-intent lead, leading to irrelevant outreach.

There's a better way, though. In the next section, we'll explore the challenges of traditional intent data and introduce a solution that delivers reliable and actionable insights.

What Are the Major Downsides of Conventional Intent Data?

While intent data promises a golden key to buyer journeys, traditional methods often fall short. It can lead to significant challenges – impacting your ROI and overall marketing effectiveness. Here's a closer look at the cracks in the facade:

1. Targeting Turmoil

Traditional intent data heavily relies on website browsing behavior. This creates a crucial blind spot—it can't differentiate between casual researchers and genuine buyers.

Imagine reaching out to someone who just downloaded an e-book on a related topic. They might not be actively considering a purchase, leading to irrelevant outreach and frustration for both parties. 

This is why 71% of B2B organizations collect buyer signals, but over half don’t operationalize the data.

2. Outdated Insights

B2B buying journeys are dynamic and needs and priorities can shift quickly. Traditional intent data often struggles to keep pace. It might rely on past browsing behavior, leaving you with outdated insights. 

By the time you reach out based on this data, the prospect's requirement might have already been closed, or their needs may have significantly evolved. This leads to wasted resources and missed opportunities.

3. Limited Depth

Traditional intent data focuses solely on online behavior patterns – clicks, downloads, and website visits. But this only paints a partial picture. It doesn't reveal the "why" behind these actions.  

  • Are they actively researching solutions? 
  • Are they just browsing for information?  

Without this crucial context, developing genuinely personalized and informed marketing strategies is impossible.

4. In-actionable Insights

Many traditional intent data solutions deliver a wealth of data points. However, translating this raw data into actionable insights can be a challenge. Marketers often struggle to understand it all, hindering their ability to prioritize leads and tailor outreach efforts. It translates to wasted resources and a negative impact on ROI.

So, how can you tackle these downsides? Is there a better solution? Yes! 

Tele Intent™ Data by Revnew offers reliable and actionable insights to understand your audience and drive successful marketing campaigns.

The Solution: Tele Intent™ Data by Revnew

Picture this: You can tap directly into the voice of your ideal customer, uncovering their needs and motivations in real-time. This is the power of Revnew’s Tele Intent™ Data

As mentioned, traditional intent data often leaves you guessing, relying on website visits and downloads that offer limited insight. Tele Intent™ Data flips the script, offering a revolutionary approach rooted in genuine human interaction. Here’s how:

So, What Exactly Is Tele Intent™ Data?

Tele Intent™ Data goes beyond the limitations of traditional methods by analyzing the content and context of honest conversations with potential clients. Seasoned professionals conduct prospecting calls to foster open communication, where prospects can freely express their needs and concerns.

Here's how Tele Intent™ Data tackles the challenges of traditional intent data:

  • Tele Intent™ Data focuses on real conversations, revealing accurate buying signals and eliminating wasted outreach.
  • It captures real-time interactions, ensuring you have a fresh and accurate understanding of your prospects' current priorities.
  • By analyzing conversations, Tele Intent™ Data provides a holistic view of each prospect, including their expressed needs, concerns, and preferences.

How Does Tele Intent™ Data Work?

Here’s the 4-step process of Tele Intent™ Data’s modus operandi:

  • Prospecting Calls: Experts conduct in-depth calls, establishing rapport and encouraging open communication.
  • Data Extraction: Cutting-edge analytics delve deep into these conversations, extracting key intent signals.
  • Insight Generation: Skilled analysts translate these signals into actionable insights tailored to your marketing strategies.
  • Customer Segmentation: Professionals pinpoint each prospect's position in the buying cycle, enabling strategic and timely engagement.

The Benefits of Tele Intent™ Data for B2B Marketers

The Benefits of Tele IntentTM Data for B2B Marketers

Let’s finally check out the upsides of Tele Intent™ Data over traditional intent data:

  • Deep-Dive Insights: Uncover the proper depth of prospect intent with data rooted in honest conversations.
  • Enhanced Lead Qualification: Prioritize your efforts with insights that reveal genuine buying signals.
  • Real-Time Interaction Analysis: Analyze live interactions for a dynamic understanding of customer intent, surpassing the limitations of static data.
  • Holistic Prospect Profiling: Go beyond intent with a 360-degree view of potential clients, enabling personalized engagement.
  • Improved Personalization: Craft marketing strategies that resonate with genuine customer needs and interests.

Tele Intent™ Data: The Key to Unlocking Real Customer Insights

By leveraging the power of actual conversations, Tele Intent™ Data empowers you to see beyond clicks and downloads, genuinely understanding your B2B audience. It's the key to crafting targeted marketing strategies and building impactful relationships that drive success.

Ready to unlock the power of Tele Intent™ Data? Contact us today and see the difference real discussions can make.

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