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The Thorough List of Top 10 B2B Data Providers

The Thorough List of 10 Best B2B Data Providers

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As a B2B marketer, you may already know data is the key factor for your business growth. But, we’ll tell you how data providers can be your secret weapon:

  • Data Enrichment: They collect all the essential details into your B2B database. Data enrichment is perfect for rocking your marketing and sales.
  • Lead Generation: They help you spot potential customers who are totally into your products, saving you time and effort.
  • Market Segmentation: They give you tools to slice and dice your audience so your marketing hits the bullseye every time.
  • Data Quality: They ensure your info is on point, reducing errors and boosting efficiency.
  • Competitive Edge: Having top-notch data lets you make smart moves and stay one step ahead.

Let us introduce you to a star player in this game – Revnew, your premier B2B data provider. We're not just in the industry but here to redefine it.

But wait, how do you choose the right data provider? This is where we can help you. Though we can be the best pick for your business data provider, we also have other suggestions for you. 

We've done the hard work and handpicked the best of the best – the top B2B data providers besides Revnew in the game:

  1. ZoomInfo
  2. SalesIntel
  3. Experian
  4. Acxiom
  5. InfoUSA
  6. DiscoverOrg 
  7. InsideView
  8. Clearbit
  9. DataExel

These folks deliver top-quality data to turbocharge your B2B operations.

Ready to supercharge your B2B journey? Let us be your guide. Your path to B2B success begins now, with Revnew by your side.

Best B2B Data Providers For Your Business 

It's a no-brainer that the better your B2B data provider works, the better your B2B marketing gets! 

Let's understand the importance of B2B data through the eyes of a leading B2B domain expert- 

"The B2B marketing of today is data-driven, highly targeted, and customizable – manifestations of digital footprint meet very specific customer requirements. 

~Abhi Bavishi, Founder, AutoDeus Technologies Pvt Ltd (Smartify)

But, before we list the best B2B data providers, let us briefly describe “Revnew”. 

Revnew is a global B2B contact database provider. Our team has seasoned professionals whom you'll love to work with. 

Our data services use artificial intelligence, advanced technology, and human expertise for the best results possible. With us, you get: 

  • Quality control of data
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Intelligent services
  • All-time available customer support

We have tracked over 50 million contacts and generated 50k+ qualified appointments to date. 

Apart from Revnew, the other 9 top leaders that you should know about are as follows:

1. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is a powerhouse in the B2B data space. It is known for its:

  • Comprehensive data offerings
  • Advanced AI-driven sales solutions

In fact, you can get B2B data across various companies and industries.

Prime Services Offered

  • Advanced Search: Facilitates precise targeting based on a wide range of parameters.
  • Direct Dial Numbers & Email: Provides direct contact information to reach decision-makers.
  • Data Management: Helps to manage and analyze B2B data.

The Company's USP

  • AI-Driven Insights: Its high-tech AI collects updated insights. This helps identify key business opportunities.

2. SalesIntel

SalesIntel provides B2B contact and account data and intelligence for sales, marketing and revops teams. It also offers data APIs for platforms, B2B advertisers, DMPs and CDPs. The platform offers human-verified emails and phone numbers, the most direct dials in the industry.  

Prime Services Offered

  • Prospecting: Company and contact data, technographic, firmographic and news data.
  • PredictiveIntent: Intent signals from VisitorIntel (website visitor tracking), company News and Alerts, and B2B intent data powered by Bombora to find in-market, best-fit buyers.
  • Data Enrichment: Append missing direct dials, mobile numbers, and emails.
  • Research on Demand: 2,000+ in-house team of human researchers to find missing contacts on-demand.

The Company's USP

  • Unlimited credits:  Unlike most B2B data platforms, all the email addresses, mobile phone numbers, account firmographics, account technographic, downloads, exports, integrations, web visitor insights, and enrichment are unlimited. 

3. Experian

Experian serves its global clients with a wide variety of data and analytical capabilities. It's popular for managing credit risk. Also it also supports:

  • Fraud prevention
  • Decision-making processes
  • Targeted marketing offers

Prime Services Offered

  • Credit Services: Provides comprehensive credit check and reporting solutions.
  • Decision Analytics: Offers solutions to ensure informed and strategic decisions.
  • Marketing Services: Creates data-driven marketing solutions to target and engage audiences.

The Company's USP

  • Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis: Experian's powerful tools offer a multi-dimensional view of customers and markets.

4. Acxiom

The finest marketers in the world rely on Acxiom, a technology and services business, for its data. It creates humanized marketing strategies to improve reach. Also, the company ensures business ethics and compliance.

Prime Services Offered

  • Data Strategy & Optimization: Assists businesses in maximizing their data.
  • Audience Solutions: Enables precision targeting and segmentation.
  • Identity Solutions: Provides identity resolution to engage customers effectively.

The Company's USP

  • People-Based Marketing: The company tracks individual consumer behavior. Thus, it does highly personalized marketing.

5. InfoUSA

infoUSA is a leading provider of premium business and consumer information for sales leads and mailing lists. It enables businesses to reach out to existing clients and acquire new ones successfully.

Prime Services Offered

  • Sales Leads: Provides extensive data for targeted lead generation.
  • Mailing Lists: Reaches potential customers with collected direct mail addresses. 
  • Data Enhancement: Offers services to clean, append, and validate existing data.

The Company's USP

  • Superior Data Quality: InfoUSA's rigorous data verification process ensures high-quality, reliable data.

6. DiscoverOrg (Presently a part of ZoomInfo)

DiscoverOrg is popular for its high-quality sales and marketing contact databases. Its current merger with ZoomInfo has made it to the top of the list of B2B data providers.

Prime Services Offered

  • Sales Intelligence: Delivers actionable insights for sales teams.
  • Marketing Intelligence: Enables targeted marketing strategies.
  • Recruitment Intelligence: Helps identify top talent.

The Company's USP

  • Human-Verified Data: DiscoverOrg prides itself on delivering the most accurate, thoroughly vetted data.

7. InsideView

InsideView is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider that mines:

  • More than 40,000 corporate data sources, Contact information
  • Internet news
  • Social media data
  • Customer CRM data for insights and interactions.

Prime Services Offered

  • Targeting Intelligence: Provides data-driven insights to target the right audience.
  • Sales Intelligence: Offers actionable intelligence for effective sales strategies.
  • Market Insights: Delivers real-time market and company news.

The Company's USP

  • Triangulated Data: InsideView's strength lies in its ability to collate data from multiple sources for the most accurate insights.

8. Clearbit

Clearbit provides powerful products and data APIs. It has business intelligence APIs to find more information on your prospects. Thus, you can personalize your marketing.

Prime Services Offered

  • Enrichment: Supplements existing data with detailed company and contact information.
  • Prospecting: Helps identify and engage with potential customers.
  • Reveal: Identifies anonymous website traffic.

The Company's USP

  • Real-Time Data Refresh: Clearbit continually updates real-time data for the most current insights.

9. Data Axle

Formally, Infogroup Data Axle is a leading provider of data-driven solutions. It's known for its expertise in both traditional and digital marketing channels. In fact, it is a prime collaborator for many B2B industries.

Prime Services Offered

  • Data Licensing: Offers access to its extensive consumer and business databases.
  • Sales Leads: Provides data-driven sales leads.
  • Multichannel Marketing: Supports both online and offline marketing strategies.

The Company's USP

  • Comprehensive Multichannel Approach: Infogroup excels in delivering data solutions that support multiple marketing channels.


We recommend you pick a data provider that can understand your industry inside out. Thus, take the needed time to see which data provider can meet your B2B needs. 

However, partnering with a top-tier B2B data provider like Revnew guarantees targeted, data-driven strategies that empower your business decision-making and marketing efforts. Our experts will guide you and help you make the right moves at the right time.

Want to learn how we can serve your business? Contact us here.

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