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13 Powerful Ways To Master Multi-Channel Webinar Promotion

13 Powerful Ways To Master Multi-Channel Webinar Promotion

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Indeed, you can craft a compelling presentation and assemble an expert panel of speakers. But this one piece may be missing – an enthusiastic and engaged audience. That's where the art of promotion comes in.

So, we're here to tell you all the secrets of a successful webinar promotion that will leave your audience eager to hit that "Register" button!

Whether experienced or using virtual events for the first time, we have the tactics to ensure your target audience's attention.

So, get hope on the journey to your webinar promotion success with us!

Why Are Webinars Important For Your Business?

Basically, a webinar is your virtual stage where you can capture your audience's gaze and effortlessly serve up crucial information. And it's not just a buzzword – it's your ticket to an engaged audience and business growth. In fact, here’s an expert’s quote that backs up our statement-

B2B webinars bridge gaps in B2B relationships, connecting expertise with curiosity across boundaries. It's not just a virtual event; it's a trust-building symposium, an interactive knowledge exchange, and an opportunity to discover possibilities. 
~ M Hamza Hanif, SEO, Marketing, Objects

On average, each webinar can generate between 500 to 1000 leads.

Exciting, isn't it?

Now, let's quickly see why you must use webinars for your B2B business:  

  • Lead Generation: Through creating engaging and insightful content for attendees. 
  • Establishing Authority: Through showcasing your expertise, sharing industry trends, and demonstrating the latest advancements' knowledge.
  • Educating Prospects/Customers: By enlightening prospects with in-depth knowledge about your products or services.
  • Saving Money: Through cutting expenses of traditional seminars or workshops. Plus, removing geographical barriers and eliminating travel and venue costs.
  • Building Relationships: Through bridging the physical gap by offering:
  • A personal touch to your interactions
  • Real-time Q&A sessions
  • Polls etc.

13 Multi-Channel Strategies To Promote Webinars

multichannel marketing strategy for webinar promotion

Globally, B2B marketing managers and executives have been in favor of using webinars to spread brand messaging. In fact, here’s one of the expert quotes that beautifully explains webinar’s role in the B2B world-

B2B customers today are far more informed and discerning. They do their homework before making a business decision. Here's where webinars come into play. Hosting webinars allows businesses to not just share information but also to position themselves as thought leaders in their industry. Take a tech company launching new software, for example. Instead of just selling it, they could host a webinar discussing challenges in the industry and how their tool uniquely addresses those. This doesn't just promote the product but also establishes the company as an industry leader, someone who not just sells, but innovates and solves problems.
~ Tim Clarke, Sr. Reputation Manager, RizeReviews

So, let's dive into some powerful strategies to make your webinars shine at their desired stage!

1. Use Your Website

Your website is your virtual headquarters, so why not use it to promote your upcoming webinar? Let us walk you through some fantastic elements you need to use: 

Eye-Catching Homepage Promotion

Make a bold statement by featuring your webinar prominently on your website's homepage. Remember to use:

  • Vibrant visuals
  • Catchy headlines
  • A clear call-to-action button that leads visitors straight to the webinar registration page. 

Dedicated Landing Page

Create a dedicated landing page solely focused on your webinar. This page should provide all the essential details:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Agenda
  • Speakers
  • Benefits of attending

Use persuasive copy, engaging images, and even a teaser video to build anticipation. Keep the registration form conveniently placed, making it easier for visitors to secure their spots.

Countdown Timer

Add a countdown timer to your landing page to create urgency. As the timer ticks down, visitors will feel compelled to register so they don't miss out on your fantastic webinar.

Blog Posts Teasers

Craft blog posts related to your webinar's topic and sprinkle teasers throughout. Guide your curious readers to your dedicated landing page for more in-depth information and registration.

Pop-up Banners

Display a well-designed pop-up when users navigate your website. Again, ensure to guide them to your webinar landing page. However, we recommend you create a non-intrusive and easy-to-close pop-up.

Interactive Elements

Employ interactive elements like quizzes, polls, or surveys related to your webinar's theme. These engage your audience and provide opportunities to promote the webinar within the interactive content.

Shareable Social Media Buttons

Include social media sharing buttons on your webinar landing page. It'll encourage visitors to spread the word about your webinar. 

2. Leverage Email Marketing

Ah, emails – the modern-day scrolls that carry news and excitement! Here are the elements that'll make email marketing your best webinar-promoting channel: 


Address recipients by their first name. Further, tailor your email content based on their previous interactions with your brand.

Clear and Concise Messaging

Get to the point quickly. It means you need to communicate your webinar's value clearly and concisely. Furthermore, ensure to use:

  • Bullet points
  • Subheadings
  • Short paragraphs 

-to make the content easy to scan.

Visual Appeal

Incorporate visually appealing graphics, images, or even a teaser video related to your webinar. This way, you can make your email more engaging.

Highlight Benefits

Explain how it will address their challenges, provide solutions, or offer valuable insights.

Clickable Call-to-Action (CTA)

Use action-oriented language like "Register Now" or "Secure Your Spot." Ensure recipients reach your webinar's lending pages directly once they click on the CTA. 

Pre-Webinar Teasers

Send a series of teaser emails leading up to the webinar. You can share: 

  • Intriguing snippets
  • Sneak peeks of content
  • Speaker introductions to build anticipation

Social Proof

Include testimonials, reviews, or success stories from previous webinar attendees. It'll help you establish your credibility with a new audience.

3. Use Social Media Channels

Interestingly, people bounce between seven different social networks on average per month. So, why not promote your upcoming webinar across these networks? 

So, let us explore different social media channels that'll help you promote your webinar. 


  • Craft Engaging Tweets: Create compelling tweets highlighting critical aspects of your webinar, such as:
  • The topic
  • Speakers
  • Duration
  • Advantages 
  • Use Relevant Hashtags: Find trending hashtags related to your webinar topic from websites like Twitter Trends. Thus, you'll automatically boost your tweets' visibility. 
Additionally, you can mix popular industry-related hashtags with custom ones. And create them specifically for your webinar.
  • Pin Promotional Tweets: Pin a tweet about your webinar to the top of your profile. This way, you can attract your profile visitors to notice the webinar information first.
  • Tweet Countdowns: Build excitement by sharing countdown tweets as your webinar date approaches. We recommend you use creative language and emojis to create a sense of urgency.
  • Host Twitter Chats: Begin and promote a Twitter chat around the webinar topic. Here, you can use a designated hashtag. It'll help engage participants in a lively conversation that sparks interest.


  • Create Event Pages: Use Facebook Events to create a dedicated page for your webinar. Include all the details, such as:
  • Date and time
  • Description
  • Registration link. 

Further, invite your followers and encourage them to invite their friends.

  • Engage with FB Live: Use Facebook's Live feature to host Q&A sessions or share behind-the-scenes preparations.
  • Use Facebook Groups: Join or create relevant Facebook groups and share your webinar information there. You'll also need to:
  • Engage in discussions
  • Provide valuable knowledge
  • Avoid being overly promotional
  • Collaborate with Partners: Tag or collaborate with your partners, speakers, or influencers in your webinar posts. This way, you can expand your reach to their followers. Moreover, it'll add credibility to your event.


  • Perform Visual Storytelling: Instagram provides a great platform to share engaging stories about your webinar. You can use a mix of:
  • Static images
  • Carousel posts
  • Relevant Stories 
  • Use Instagram Live: This feature is almost similar to FB Live. You can again host live Q&A sessions. Plus, you can address your target audience by sharing why they should join your webinar. 
  • Use IGTV Previews: Create teaser videos for your webinar and share them on IGTV. Teasers provide a glimpse of the value your participants will gain.
  • Share In Threads: We recommend you use Instagram's new sub-social media space, Threads. Once you create your Threads account, all your Instagram followers will become your Threads followers. Here, you can write short, engaging texts to promote your webinar. 


  • Join Relevant LinkedIn Groups: Join LinkedIn groups aligned with your webinar's topic. Share valuable insights in these groups. Thus, you'll build anticipation and establish your authority.
  • Use LinkedIn Events Feature: Leverage LinkedIn's Events feature to create a dedicated page for your webinar. It notifies your connections and allows easy registration, giving your event a professional touch.

4. Invest In Paid Advertising

Sometimes, you need to push a little more to get your webinar noticed. So, aside from gaining organic reach, we advise you to pay for the better and more targeted webinar reach. Here are a few ways to do so: 

Use Google Ads

You must search ads using relevant keywords related to your webinar. Thus, your ad will pop up when anyone searches for related topics, directing them to your landing page.

Leverage Social Media Advertisements

You can run targeted ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. However, you'll need to narrow down your audience based on the following:

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behaviors 

-for maximum impact

5. Use Influencer Marketing

You must leverage newer ways to market your webinar. One of them is influencer marketing. The best part is that these influencers have many niche followers who both trust and stay loyal to them. So, why don't you use this influence to your advantage?

Are you wondering how? 

Let us tell you the ways to leverage influencer marketing: 

Identify and Connect With Relevant Influencers

Look for influencers in your industry or niche. Ensure they have a significant following and engagement with your target audience. These could be:

  • Bloggers
  • Social media personalities
  • Experts
  • Thought leaders

Next, you have to connect with your chosen influencers. How? Let us give you some tips: 

  • Create a personalized and compelling pitch 
  • Clearly explain the value of your webinar. Explain how it aligns with their interests and the interests of their followers.

Tell influencers what's in it for them. For example:

  • Compensation (monetary or in-kind)
  • Exposure to your audience
  • Access to your expertise or other benefits that align with their goals.

Collaborate For Content Creation

Work with influencers to create engaging and authentic content that promotes your webinar. You can create:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Videos
  • Live streams
  • Stories
  • Podcasts

However, you must ensure your content is effective. Thus, provide influencers with all the resources they need to create your webinar's promotional content. It might include:

  • Webinar key talking points
  • Unique selling points

6. Promote Through Guest Blogging

It's another channel you shouldn't skip for your webinar promotion. Each month 50% of guest blogging outreach request takes place to 10 or lower contacts.

First, you must identify authoritative blogs with a substantial readership in your industry or niche. Also, confirm that your chosen blogs cover topics related to your webinar. Put differently, find blogs that share a similar target audience as yours.

Next, once your request to be a guest blogger gets accepted, ask your team to create high-quality content. It should be informative and engaging. In fact, the Quality of content" is blogs' number 1 success factor

Here are a few tips you must remember while creating your promotional guest blog: 

  • Thoroughly study the guest blogging guidelines of the selected blogs. 
  • Strategically insert a CTA inviting readers to learn more about or register for the webinar. 

Additionally, don't forget to optimize your guest blog or any webinar-related blog for SEO. Here are some tips you can follow: 

Keyword Research

Identify relevant keywords and phrases related to your webinar topic. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to find high-traffic keywords.

Incorporate your target keywords naturally into the title and description of your webinar. 

Meta Description

Write a keyword-rich meta description encouraging users to click through to your webinar registration page.

Alt Text For Images

Use descriptive alt text for images and graphics you'll use for your webinar promotion. 

7. Leverage Your Team's Support

Have you ever thought your team could be the best promoters of your webinar? Let us tell you how you can make it happen! 

First off, ask your team to include a link to your webinar in their email signature for a specific period. 

However, don't push them if they don't want to do it. But if they agree, here's what you need to do next: 

Provide Signature Templates

Offer pre-made signature templates with a visually appealing banner or button linking to the webinar registration page.

Maintain Internal Communication

Ensure all team members are informed about the webinar and its details. So they can confidently share the information when asked.

8. Employ Podcasts For Webinar Promotion 

Did you know podcasts are a great medium to promote your webinar? How? Nowadays, people love listening to podcasts. In fact, there are over 460 Million podcast listeners globally

Though there’s a fair debate on whether podcast or webinar is better for B2B communications, both have their unique values. As such, here’s what a marketing expert quotes about webinars-

A webinar could provide a live demo, explain intricate details, and answer the audience's questions immediately. That intimate, personalized information sharing can make decision-making easier for B2B customers. 
~ John Pennypacker, VP, Sales & Marketing, Deep Cognition

Thus, it’s best to use podcasts for effectively promoting your webinars. Here’s how you can do it: 

Mention in Episodes

Include mentions of the webinar in your podcast episodes. However, if you don't run a podcast show, connect with industry experts who host podcasts related to your niche. 
Further, ensure the podcast mentions the following:

  • Topics that will be covered
  • Benefits of attending
  • A clear call to action with the registration link

Create Dedicated Episodes

Aside from in-between mentions, you can also create special podcast episodes dedicated to discussing your upcoming webinar in-depth. Also, you can invite relevant experts or speakers from the webinar to be guests on these episodes.

Offer Promotional Codes

You must provide exclusive promo codes or discounts for podcast listeners who register for the webinar. Thus, it'll become an enticing offer for your audience.

9. Create A Press Release

If you want to take a step ahead of digital marketing, then a press release is the best choice. You can generate media coverage and create buzz about your webinar with it. 
Let us share some critical elements of the successful press release: 

  • An eye-catching headline
  • An appealing subheadline copy to summarize the content 
  • Relevant keywords in all headings 
  • The date 
  • Quotes and insights from key speakers or organizers 
  • Add 5Ws in the first paragraph of the press release: 
  1. Who
  2. What
  3. When
  4. Where
  5. Why

promoting a webinar
10. Collaborate With Other Brands

Do you know how beneficial it can be to work with complementary brands? Don't worry; we'll tell you all about it!

54% of companies agree that complementary marketing drives over 20% of their total business revenue.

Now, let's see how you can get the best outcome from the collaboration:

Plan Joint Webinars

You can conduct joint webinars where you and the other brand can provide insightful content. Plus, promote the webinar to each other's respective audiences.

Perform Cross Promotion

You must leverage the benefits of cross-promotion. You both can share the joint webinar on social media, email newsletters, blogs, and other relevant channels.

Create Co-Branded Materials

Do create co-branded marketing materials, including:

  • Banners
  • Graphics
  • Landing pages

– to maintain a consistent brand experience.

11. Share On Online Community Forums

Online forums provide a platform to engage with a niche audience and promote your webinar. Here's how to effectively utilize forums:

Identify Relevant Forums

Find online forums related to your industry or webinar topic. Platforms like Reddit, Quora, and specialized industry forums are excellent choices.

Participate Actively

Engage in discussions, answer questions, and provide valuable insights about your webinar topic. Build credibility and trust within the community.

Share Sparingly

Share information about your webinar when it's contextually relevant. Avoid overly 
promotional language; instead, focus on how the webinar addresses community members' needs.

Include the CTA

Include a clear call-to-action with a link to your webinar registration page in your forum signature or within your responses.

12. List Your Webinar on Directories

Listing your webinar in online directories can increase its visibility and attract a targeted audience. Here's how to do it:

Research Directories

Identify reputable webinar directories or platforms that cater to your industry or niche.

Submit Details

Provide accurate and compelling information about your webinar, including the title, date, time, description, speakers, and registration link.

Use Keywords

Optimize your listing with relevant keywords to enhance its discoverability within the directory's search.

Update Regularly

Keep your listings updated, especially if there are any changes to the webinar details.

13. Perform Interlinked Webinar Promotion

Cross-promoting webinars within your own webinar series can maximize attendee engagement and anticipation. Here's how to effectively interlink your webinar promotions:

Announce Future Webinars

During your current webinar, inform attendees about upcoming webinars in your series. Provide a sneak peek into the topics and benefits.

Leverage Follow-Up Emails

Send best webinar follow up emails to attendees and registrants of your current webinar. Include information about the next webinar and how it complements the current topic.

Include in General Communications

Integrate mentions of your upcoming webinar in your regular communications, such as newsletters, blog posts, and social media updates.

Utilize Social Media

Tease and promote your next webinar on social media platforms before, during, and after the current webinar. Create a sense of continuity and progression.

Create a Series Landing Page

Design a dedicated landing page that showcases your webinar series. Include information about each webinar in the series and how they connect.

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With Revnew, you can step into the future of B2B communication. As a webinar marketing agency, we will make your webinars more than just presentations. Our experts can give your webinar attendees immersive experiences to propel your brand toward unparalleled success. 

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