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How Revnew Helped ViTel Net Connect with the Right Prospects

ViTelNet a case study

How Revnew helped ViTel Net, a telehealth solutions provider differentiate its messaging and generate more leads.


As a pioneer in telehealth, ViTel Net has developed a suite of technologies that help improve the quality and access of care across the country.

Their cloud platform, vCareCommand, ensures clinicians can access patient data, medical images, and live video conferencing to diagnose, treat, and manage patients remotely.

ViTel Net products are known as the glue that connects the IT healthcare infrastructure and doctors, physicians, and other medical workers, enabling greater collaboration and seamless data flow. Besides, ViTel Net offers the following core modules:

  • Tele ICU
  • Virtual visits
  • Clinic consult
  • First responder
  • Medical imaging
  • Remote patient monitoring

The company also offers real-time and on-demand reporting and analytics, embedded medical imaging viewing and analysis, scheduling and routing, and other interoperability services. ViTel Net is based in McLean, Virginia.

INDUSTRY - Hospital & Health Care


To educate hospitals and clinics about their HIPAA-compliant and affordable, interoperable platforms and modules during the pandemic for generating leads.


Even though the company had been in business for 30+ years, pioneering configurable telehealth software solutions and technologies, it required a sales push for driving higher sales with the onset of the pandemic.

ViTel Net was ideally placed to capture the market. However, that was not the case, as lower-priced and non-HIPAA compliant solutions were being used by hospitals and clinics. 

The company quickly needed a change in its sales strategy and messaging to connect with and educate its target audience simultaneously.

That’s where Revnew entered the picture to polish ViTel Net’s messaging, highlighting its history, technological features, and HIPAA compliance.


  • Competitor analysis
  • Market research
  • Ideal Client Profile creation
  • Sales copywriting
  • Email strategy building


Two weeks


  1. Before creating a personalized strategy, we needed to learn about ViTel Net. We met with the management to understand their offerings, clientele, and business vision.
  2. Meetings with them gave us insight into how they approached sales and the regulations they dealt with. Besides, we did our market research and competitor analysis.
  3. Our copywriters got to work and created different sales copy templates, highlighting the USPs of ViTel Net and how their technologies could aid doctors.
  4. We then designed an email outreach strategy (along with a follow-up sequence) to contact and set up meetings with relevant stakeholders in hospitals and clinics.
  5. After launching the email campaign, we kept tweaking the copy and experimenting with different timings to ensure our content engaged the maximum number of prospects.


-ViTel Net booked 20 appointments with relevant telehealth stakeholders.
-Their messaging highlights their tech superiority, giving them a competitive edge.
-They are better able to educate the target market about HIPAA compliance.

“I’m pleased to report that in a short amount of time, we’ve been able to ramp up a surprising number of leads. The Revnew team is wonderful to work with, and I can’t commend their hands-on approach and collaboration skills enough. They’ve helped us refine our messaging and USPs brilliantly, and they’ve laid the groundwork for running other successful marketing campaigns in the future. Thank you, team!”

— Paula Cardona, Director of Marketing, ViTel Net