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Revnew Helped The Brooks Group Connect to Their Target Personas

How Revnew helped the L&D service provider connect and market their training programs to their target personas.


Established in 1995, The Brooks Group offers learning and development, consulting and instructional design, and market research services to the healthcare community.

In a span of thirty years, they have built an impressive portfolio and worked with Sanofi, Eisai, Takeda, and Gilead. Their mission is to ensure every customer-facing team across businesses possesses the market knowledge and business skills to access and engage key stakeholders.

The expertise of The Brooks Group lies in the following:

  • Market research
  • Strategic advisory services
  • Instructional systems design
  • Accounts management processes

In addition, The Brooks Group offers instructional design services to businesses looking to build a learning experience fused with digital media and the knowledge of healthcare experts. The company is based in West Chester, PA.

INDUSTRY - Business Consulting and Services


To set up an initial call with relevant stakeholders in companies in healthcare and to increase their participation in The Brooks Group’s training programs.


Regardless of The Brooks Group’s solid sales pipeline, they wanted to expand further and get a headstart on expanding the network and spreading the word about how their training programs could help businesses and employees in the long run.

With their core specialism in team building, skill development, and effective coaching, they knew they had a lot of competition in the US. What The Brooks Group wanted was to gain a competitive edge.

That is where Revnew entered the scene to position The Brooks Group’s brand and messaging, highlighting the USPs, success stories, and friendly approach.


  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Email list building
  • Sales copywriting
  • Email strategy building


Two weeks


  1. Before creating a custom strategy, we needed to learn about The Brooks Group. We thus held a series of talks with them to understand how their business model worked.
  2. After understanding their program structure and pain points, we conducted a detailed audit of their contact list. We also researched typical ways to market L&D programs effectively.
  3. We created a fresh list of prospects - originating from their target audience - and prepped for an email campaign. We worked closely with their team to ensure we made a list that delivered results.
  4. Our copywriters drafted email templates highlighting the benefits of The Brooks Group, along with an email sequence to guide prospects to book a meeting.
  5. Even after launching the email campaign, we kept tweaking it to ensure we continuously saw excellent results in the quality of leads.


-We delivered 43+ leads in 7 months, besides running six email campaigns for them.
-Weekly calls with the leads have been generally positive for the company.
-They are better able to educate the target market about how their L&D programs work.

“I am extremely impressed with the quality of leads we have received so far. Revnew has a really good understanding of the potential customer. Special mention to the process they follow to ensure the job gets done. I love watching the leads come in!”

— Keith Willis, Vice President of Learning & Development, The Brooks Group