Support your sales intelligence with Marketo consulting service

Enable your sales reps to identify their hottest leads quickly, gain deeper insight into buyer behavior, and drive engagements that close deals.

Understand and leverage its capabilities for higher sales effectiveness.

Our scope of
Marketo consulting services

We help you gain a competitive edge over your sales efforts with this system.

Set up proper workflows

Let us help you understand your buyers’ needs with detailed lead insights on your Marketo system. Enable your sales reps to drive meaningful engagements.

Real-time lead scoring

We make sure your sales team is in front of interested prospects as soon as they are ready by leveraging the multi-attributing lead scoring capabilities of Marketo.

Authentic prospect info

Equip your SDRs with real-time information to understand how your prospects engage in the funnel. Marketo provides context around buyer interests.

Aligned marketing and sales

REVNEW helps you bridge the gap by offering insight into customer responses on Marketo and empower future marketing and sales conversations accordingly. You’ve got this!

Comprehensive lead tracking

Track all web activity and provide sales with key lead information. Closely study how your website visitors interact with you online and engage or remarket them in a streamlined way.

Benefit from our
Marketo optimization support

Custom advice

Let us map out processes on your Salesforce in a seamless manner and provide great suggestions based on industry best practices.

Growth opportunities

Put your customer at the center of everything. Identify more areas to grow anywhere across your organization. Use our expertise to do so.

Free training

We’re willing to go the extra mile to resolve your doubts and help you get started making full use of the platform quickly. We are awesome!

On-the-go sales insight

Monitor prospect behaviors indicating buying interest such as website visits or email open rates directly from any device — mobile or desktop

Team extension

No, we don’t work as a vendor/agency with you. Rather, we’re more like an extended part of your team. Try us today to avail all benefits.

Leverage RevOps to
take yourself to greater heights

Use REVNEW’s efficient team to close operational gaps and identify demand opportunities to build a robust sales pipeline that closes deals consistently, boosting your bottom line.

The math is simple

We’re more cost-effective than your typical in-house lead-gen team. See it for yourself:

Good things happen
When we work together

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