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Outbound Marketing For SaaS Lead Generation: What Successful Marketers Aren't Telling You

SaaS Outbound Marketing Strategy

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Imagine a scenario where the quarter is about to end, and you need leads immediately to achieve your KPIs. How can you get them? The answer is outbound marketing. 

The beauty of outbound marketing for SaaS lead generation is that it lets to pick your ideal customers and directly connect with them. You can get sales-qualified leads (Leads that are ready to buy your products) by incorporating outbound lead generation tactics resulting in steady growth. 

Though most businesses prefer inbound marketing, it is less likely to guarantee a constant number of qualified leads. It is because inbound marketing depends on customers reaching the business first to initiate the customer journey to the conversion funnel. 

Thus, outbound lead generation is important, along with inbound marketing. Let us learn how you can implement outbound strategies for SaaS lead generation. 

Outbound Marketing For Saas Lead Generation: Overview

If you want to engage with potential customers who don't know about your business, then your marketing efforts will fall under the outbound lead generation. 

You must be aware of common outbound strategies, like sending communications via different channels to the target audience, such as phone calls. The first point of communication is creating people's interest in your SaaS product/services to drive them into your sales pipeline.

Besides phone calls, some of the most common SaaS outbound marketing strategies are:
  • Social selling
  • TV and radio ads
  • email marketing 
  • direct mail

So, who are involved in an outbound lead generation campaign?

Typically, your campaign will need these three teams to oversee its operations: 

  • Performance marketers: The team takes care of the paid ads campaigns and brand marketing. Their focus platforms include search engines and social media platforms. 
  • Campaign marketers: The team is responsible for running promotional campaigns using several channels. These mainly include catalogs, email, radio, TV, Print, and so on.
  • Outbound sales team: The team is in charge of seeking out potential clients with the help of outbound sales development strategies, including emailing and cold calling. They further perform follow-up calls, negotiations, emails, closing sales attempts, and product demos to guide prospects through the sales funnel to the final purchase.

7 Effective SaaS Outbound Lead Generation Strategies

You can find multiple tips and tricks on how to effectively grow your SaaS with outbound marketing on the web. But these seven strategies are what most successful marketers don't tell you about:

1. Review Your Homepage Messaging

Your homepage probably receives the most visits if you actively promote your SaaS website on social media, search engines, and other sources. So, it isn't beneficial to make your homepage messaging more powerful, leading to more generated leads. 

Here's one of the examples presented by the Digital Marketing Pro's founder: The company's reviewed homepage embedded five sticky posts besides the latest post list. They also added a "Must-read" section on the sidebar. It helped visitors to find the best content as soon as they arrived at the company's homepage. 

He stated that the company's site got 400,000 plus visitors per month after he tweaked its homepage. The site also received several thousands of qualified leads.  

You can review or adjust simple elements like Homepage CTA, images, subtitles, headlines, etc., to make the page more effective. When no sure-shot method works for every SaaS business, you can rely on A/B testing to find out what works best for your site.

2. Put The Value Of The Product Up Front Rather Than Its Features

Most of your clients care about getting a solution to their problems with your products. Thus, don't focus only on listing the capabilities and features of your product. Instead, put more emphasis on what value or benefits your customers will receive. 

When you interact with potential customers, talk about their organization's unique challenges based on their industry. Show them how your product can solve those challenges, and try to be as specific as possible. When you talk about the value of the product for customers, they tend to find your offered SaaS solution more relevant for their company. 

3. Use Cold Calling Software

Even though your sales and marketing teams might be using SaaS cold emailing and calling as a prominent outbound lead-generation tactic, you can further improve it. All you need is reliable cold-calling software which usually comes with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. It uses a prospect list from a broader audience and enables your team to make phone calls.

Cold calling software enables your sales and marketing representatives to make HD-quality cold calls and SMS. Premium software also consists of real-time coaching, transcriptions, effective calling features, and a unified sales communications platform. Moreover, 49% of buyers are more comfortable with a cold call as the first point of contact with a business. 

4. Sound Human

If your target client wants to book your product's demo, you can automate a simple, process-related event using an online scheduling tool. However, it becomes important to offer a human touch to emotionally charged interactions with your clients. For example, when your clients talk about service-related problems. Humanized and meaningful experiences will make your customers feel more engaged and boost their trust in your brand. 

To attract more leads and gain loyal clients, you must express that you understand and value each of your unique clients and their needs. The best way to do so is by personalizing your interactions with your target audience. Study the unique concerns and preferences of your chosen organization and create a personalized message to establish the value position of your product based on the client's pain points.

5. Get The Verified Email Addresses Of 3 Top Decision-Makers 

Targeting directly top decision makers of your potential client company is the way to ensure a closed deal. But how can you ensure that the contact information you have about these decision-makers is accurate? The best way to do so is to use professional networking sites like LinkedIn. 

All you have to do is shortlist your preferred target companies and connect with their Company LinkedIn page. Extract the verified email addresses of the top 3 decision makers of your target company and pitch your offer to them through the mail.  

You can also engage with them on LinkedIn by participating in their comment section or giving your opinions on their business-based posts. It will help build a valued relationship and increase your chances of getting a response from them. 

6. Use Your Webinars For Outbound Marketing 

When someone registers for your webinar, it's evident that they already consider your content valuable. Thus, you can make webinar work as a cost-effective method to deliver your message to an audience who actually asked for it. Here are some effective ways to use a webinar to sell your products: 

  • Have 30 Minutes Of Questionnaire Round  
    For each webinar, you host, spare 30 minutes to ask welcome questions. It creates a strong bond between your business and attendees by showing them that you care about them. Statistics say 73% of B2B sales leaders and marketers say that webinars are the best tactic to generate quality leads.  

You can also launch a poll round to make the webinar engaging and satisfying for the attendees. It's the best way to get more qualified customers and sales in the long run. 

  • Give Before You Take
    You must provide valuable content to your attendees when you use webinars as your outbound marketing campaign.

You have to offer some tangible help to your attendees before asking them to convert. This approach can draw in your potential customers and keep them in the long run. You can make the following offering to your target audience: 

  • A special discount code for your SaaS product. 
  • Invite other relevant businesses (who would benefit from your service or product) as guests to share their unique industry knowledge. 
  • Provide premium content, such as a demo of any upgraded product features that haven't been announced yet. 

It will drive more traffic and boost awareness around your SaaS business by the end of the event.   

  • Brand Your Presentation Slides 
    When you recommend any offer or make a sales pitch during the webinar, ensure your presentation reflects your brand. Use your business logo, brand icons, and colors prominently in the presentation design. This strategy lets your brand stay fresh in the minds of attendees. It increases the chances of closing a deal when you ask for it. 

7. Align Marketing And Sales Teams

One of the biggest hindrances to leading successful outbound marketing for SaaS lead generation campaigns is the misalignment between your sales and marketing teams. In other words, if your marketing team brings in unqualified leads that do not match the standards of your sales teams, there will be no sales. 

The best solution here is to implement a communications tool that can connect teams across different departments to collaborate timely. Such tools can also help your team report remotely. 


That is all on how to effectively grow your SaaS with outbound marketing. With this type of marketing, you'll have to use very specific workflows to find the right leads for your SaaS products. Next you have to target them and qualify them before sending a first contact email. This can include many different forms of marketing. The right combination of these tactics will depend on your unique business model. Ensure to consult these tactics with your marketing and sales teams to develop a well-planned outbound marketing program. 

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