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10 Valuable Tips To Re-engage Your Dormant Prospects and Win More Deals

Revive Your Sales: 10 Tips to Win Over Dormant Prospects

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Reviving a relationship with a prospect who has gone cold is challenging. But, with the right approach, you can win back lost opportunities and effectively re-engage with your dormant prospects.One proven way to do this is through cold email campaigns that offer valuable business information tailored to your potential customer's needs. In fact, studies have shown that well-crafted cold emails can generate open rates of up to 80%.

We at Revnew have achieved an outstanding 80% open rate, which is a testament to our expertise and diligence. Below, we present an example of one of our highly successful cold email campaigns:

how to re engage cold leads

But where do you start? How can you ensure that your cold email campaigns will hit the mark? This article will share ten expert tips to help you re-engage your dormant prospects effectively. So get ready to learn how to bring those cold leads back to life!

10 Tips To Re-Engage Dormant Prospects

Re-engaging dormant prospects involves reaching out to potential customers interested in your brand. These prospects might need a push to show up again and make the purchase.

So, here are the ten most effective tips on how you can make that happen: 

1. Review Your Existing Contact

There may have been changes in the client company's personnel since your last interaction with them. Moreover, you may haven’t come in contact with the right business influencers or decision-makers.

Therefore, start by researching their internal staff and reviewing your available CRM records. It'll help you identify where the prospect fell out of the pipeline and can provide valuable insights on who to prioritize as your starting contact point.

One way to effectively review your contact list is through a combination of intent monitoring and business contact data.

Intent monitoring provides:

  • Descriptive and factual information to analyze the targeted account's level of interest in purchasing, either in real-time or shortly.
  • It entails utilizing technology to monitor the online activities of prospects and companies, including their past searches and social media engagements. Thus, it provides insights into what prospects are looking for.

On the other hand, business contact data provides information on the individuals and organizations you have previously engaged with. This information may comprise:

  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Job designations
    -other significant contact details

2. Segment Contacts Based On Their Behavior/Interest

By classifying your audience based on their interest and behavior toward your business, you can determine the best approach for reconnecting with them. Further, you can tailor your messaging to be more relevant and personalized.

Previous reports say segmented email campaigns saw over 101% more clicks and 14.31% higher open rates than non-segmented campaigns.

Here's how to segment your contacts:

how to reengage cold leads

Group A- Ideal Prospects for One-on-One Engagement

Prospects in this category show a high chance of revival. Hence, it is crucial to treat them in a distinct manner. The ideal way to re-engage cold prospects in this category would be to connect with them on a personal level.

Your objective ought to be establishing a connection with the potential client and fostering loyalty and trust in them. Remember to prioritize these prospects and engage with them frequently, perhaps even setting up a regular call or meeting.

Group B- Prospects Needing Your Marketing Expertise

The group includes prospects who have signed up to receive your newsletter or updates but have not yet shown significant engagement or interest in your product or service.

Thus, your approach will include keeping them informed and engaged with your brand without overwhelming them with too much content.

Further, you should aim to send regular newsletters or updates to this group, perhaps weekly or bi-weekly. Around 40% of B2B marketers agree that newsletters are one of the essential marketing tactics for their business.

However, ensure to share relevant and valuable content with the prospects.

Group C- Prospects Fit for Re-Engagement Campaign

This group includes prospects who have not engaged with your brand in a while. It’s perhaps because they have not visited your website or made a purchase in a long time. The category aims to re-engage and remind prospects of your product/service value.

You should engage with them more frequently, such as with a targeted email campaign or a special promotion.

You can further prioritize each group into subcategories based on their level of engagement, interests, or behaviors.

Let’s say; within the C group, you may have a subcategory of inactive subscribers who have not opened your emails in the last six months.

3. Set Up A 'Boneyard' Email Sequence

A boneyard email sequence is a series of emails you send to subscribers who have stopped engaging with your emails. The email sequence aims to re-engage with these subscribers and take them into the fold again. Here's how to set up a boneyard email sequence:

  • Leverage your email marketing software to identify subscribers who have not opened or interacted with your emails for a specific duration, say, three months. It will give you an updated list of subscribers who have become disengaged with your emails.
  • Create a series of email follow-up sequences that will be sent to the disengaged subscriber segment. These emails must include:
    • Special offers
    • Personalized content or other incentives to get them to engage with your emails again
  • Use your email marketing software to set up automated delivery of the Boneyard email sequence. These emails should be sent out over a few weeks or months, with each email's content must move forward from the last conversation with the prospect.

Additionally, adjust the sequence based on subscriber behavior/action. It includes sending a different set of emails to subscribers who open the first re-engagement email versus those who do not.

4. Begin Snail Mailing

Usually, your prospects frequently receive various emails, text messages, and phone calls from businesses like yours. However, you can stand out by using traditional methods like sending physical mail, etc.

It'll help strengthen the relationship with your prospects. Further, you can send a personalized note, preferably handwritten, along with something valuable like a coupon or an interesting article. These can work wonders in reigniting dormant prospects' interest.

5. Share Something Valuable 

Most of your prospects don't have enough time to read through all the latest relevant content. Therefore, sharing helpful and relevant business tips is a valuable tactic to get their attention. It'll help you become their go-to source for updated information. You must inquire about their company and identify how you can offer assistance.

Further, consolidate all relevant information into a single email newsletter and deliver it to them regularly. Thereby, you save your potential clients a substantial amount of time.

In addition, avoid using automated emails to re-engage inactive prospects or unresponsive leads. Instead, allow your well-trained sales development representative (SDR) to establish contact through personalized emails. These emails provide leads with tailored content to address their unique business requirements.

6. Summarize Key Findings From Industry Events

Firstly, research the industry events your potential customers would want to attend. Secondly, attend those events and offer prospects a summary of what you learned. 
Moreover, you can even send them a summary of relevant industry research you found.

Finally, approach them for a meeting to create an action plan based on what you learned. It can start a meaningful conversation with your cold prospects again.

7. Remember The Prospect's Special Occasions

Remembering the special personal occasions of your target prospects is an effective way to maintain a strong relationship with them. Utilizing a CRM system allows you to conveniently monitor significant dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and other pertinent information. In fact, 67% of marketers already use automation in their nurture campaigns.

When you send a personalized message or gift onprospect'sts' special day, you demonstrate your gratitude which helps you build a deeper connection with them.

In addition, this small gesture can go a long way in fostering loyalty and increasing the likelihood of future business.

8. Throw Customer Appreciation Events

To make your customers feel special, invite them to exclusive events. If your dormant prospects belong to local regions, then rent an appropriate place for the event to serve your most valuable prospects. However, you can host a virtual event for your distant prospects via webinars. Here are some tips for hosting an influential virtual event:

  • Use the event to connect with them personally and show appreciation to them for their time 
  • Ensure to share helpful industry insights or news so that they take away something valuable from the event
  • Plan such events twice a year to stay in touch with them

9. Listen To Them And Know When To Move On

If your potential customers reach out to you after a few prospecting attempts, don't immediately pitch what you sell. Instead, pay attention to their needs and problems, and brainstorm solutions together.

Also, observe their behavior and tone to determine if they want to continue the conversation with you.

However, you may have made multiple attempts to contact a prospect through different communication methods and have not received a response, or their tone is unenthusiastic. In such a scenario, it could be appropriate to move on. In fact, redirect your attention and abilities toward prospects more inclined to purchase from you.

10. Track Your Progress

Tracking the progress of reactivating dormant prospects can be done in several ways:

  • Firstly, track the number of contacts made with each prospect and the responses received. It can give you an idea of their interest level and engagement.
  • Secondly, monitor the engagement on your marketing campaigns and see if the prospects are responding to your messaging.
  • Thirdly, measure the conversions and sales generated from the re-engagement efforts.
  • Lastly, analyze the feedback received, make necessary adjustments to improve the re-engagement strategy, and make informed decisions to proceed.


Follow the tips mentioned above to approach and re-engage dormant prospects in a better way. It ultimately boosts your business's revenue by reviving potential paying customers.

Further, implement strategies such as personalized outreach, offering incentives, and creating targeted campaigns. As such, you can effectively reignite interest and bring these prospects back into the sales funnel.

Cold emailing is a way to go for practical re-engagement efforts. Join hands with experts in cold email marketing at Revnew to get the best results from your efforts. We help you build a well-strategic cold email campaign exclusively for your business that can drive guaranteed results. 

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