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Which Are the Top 8 B2B Intent Data Providers?

which are the top 8 b2b intent data providers

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What’s B2B buyer intent data? These tremendously effective metrics reveal when companies actively seek solutions like yours. Therefore, when you know your buyers’ intent, you can tailor your marketing and sales efforts accordingly.

In fact, 47% of companies utilize intent data for demand marketing, while 40% use it for sales enablement. On the other hand, 38% employ it for curating digital marketing initiatives.

So, where do intent data providers come in? They collect your required metrics from customers’ online actions – what they browse, read, search, and share. And then, such partners convert the gathered data into actionable insights.

But here's the catch: intent data alone isn't enough. Knowing someone wants to buy is a partial picture. You need to know if they're ready to make the purchase. 

That's why B2B data providers often combine it with other data types, like firmographic and technographic data, to give you the full scoop.

Now, before we dive into the good stuff – a checklist of the top 8 intent data providers – let's quickly see how savvy sales teams put such metrics to work:

  • Account-Based Marketing: Target the proper accounts when they're ready to buy.
  • Lead Conversion: Speed up sales by knowing when leads are hot.
  • Churn Prevention: Spot behavioral changes that might indicate a customer is about to leave.
  • Upselling: Identify opportunities for additional products or features.

Let's now get to the main event – our cherry-picked list of the best B2B intent data providers. 

A Rundown of the 8 Leading B2B Intent Data Providers

Join us as we dive into the world of intent data providers and unveil the elite eight who can give a 360-turn to your marketing and sales strategies:

1. Revnew

Revnew is your go-to Intent-powered Growth Platform for Sales and Marketing, enabling you to connect with potential clients when their interest is at its peak.

Key Features

  • Get Actionable Buyer Signals: You can gain early insights and build trust with Revnew's buyer signals. They blend social proof with advanced online analytics to uncover relevant trends.
  • Stay On Top: With Revnew, you can outperform competitors, enhance conversions, and boost ROI by capitalizing on customer demand.
  • Embrace Focused Outreach: You can streamline your sales cycle by contacting the right decision-makers using multi-source intent-driven data.
  • Leverage Opportunity Detection: You can use Revnew's campaign analysis to:
  • Discover actionable strategies
  • Increase market visibility
  • Generate qualified leads.
  • Get Actionable Intelligence: You can supercharge your sales growth by taking prompt action on generated data with Revnew's advanced tools.

Revnew’s Unique Selling Points

  • Effectively Identify Intent: Revnew lets you understand prospect engagement, streamline your sales cycle, and uncover missed opportunities for targeted campaigns.
  • Get Technographic Data: You can prioritize in-market buyers by:
  • Identifying reasons for purchase
  • Targeting funnel companies
  • Achieve Enhanced Profitability: You are better positioned to improve ROI through precise account discovery and successful penetration. 

2. UpLead

UpLead is a prominent lead generation platform – dedicated to assisting sales teams in identifying prospects genuinely interested in their solutions. Therefore, it ensures timely and effective responses. 

Key Features

  • Access Global Data: With Uplead, you can acquire contact and company data across 200+ countries.
  • Get Seamless Integrations: You can enable robust API and CRM integrations to connect with your workflows effortlessly.
  • Achieve Personalized Outreach: Your team can effectively utilize personalized email marketing and mobile direct dials to reach your targets.
  • Gain Market Intelligence: Your firm will stay updated with competitor insights and the latest company news for a competitive edge.
  • Use Refined Search Options: You can enhance your sales process with advanced search filters that streamline lead discovery.

UpLead’s Unique Selling Points

  • Get Accurate Lead Information: UpLead offers current and precise lead data to boost your prospecting efforts.
  • Avail Exceptional Customer Support: You can benefit from world-class customer assistance to navigate the platform seamlessly.
  • Access Robust Search Tools: UpLead's search functionality empowers you with a powerful tool for efficient lead discovery.
  • Tap Into a User-Friendly Interface: Your team will enjoy an easy-to-use platform that streamlines your lead generation process.

3. Bombora

It offers exclusive B2B contact data sets and provides access to ad tech platforms. Hence, it ensures you access up-to-date customer intent information. As such, with Bombora, you can bid farewell to wasted time and money on ineffective ads or outreach. 

Key Features

  • Evaluate Data: You can analyze data across your prospects' entire customer journey.
  • Tap Into Extensive Data: You will have complete access to aggregated data from over 3 million B2B organizations, identifying potential organizations increasing their spending.
  • Get Proven Intent Data: Your team will work with comprehensive B2B intent data known for its track record. In addition, you can utilize pre-purchase intent data signals processed through a patented method – to identify genuine companies interested in your solution.
  • Ensure Compliance: You will receive access to fully compliant data across most B2B websites.

Bombora’s Unique Selling Points

  • Integrate Your CRM: Bombora integrates well with CRM systems, enhancing your workflow.
  • Get Extensive Search Categories: You can benefit from comprehensive search categories that simplify data retrieval.
  • Gain Effective Customer Service: You will experience quick and efficient customer service to address your needs promptly.

4. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo empowers you to access detailed information on over 50 million businesses and 230 million professionals. It offers real-time intent signals as one of the most widely utilized sales and marketing tools.

Key Features

  • Access a Vast Network: Your team gains access to a network spanning over 300,000 publisher domains.
  • Get Real-time Metrics: You will receive real-time B2B intent data that aids in identifying key decision-makers.
  • Streamline Sales Workflow: You can build automated workflows to enhance the intelligence of your sales process.
  • Gain Insights with Streaming Intent: Your team can explore insights on prospects interested in topics related to your solution.
  • Tap Into Extensive Data: You will access a B2B database offering over 300 intent data attributes for CRM processing.

ZoomInfo’s Unique Selling Points

  • Get Effortless Insights: You can easily access company and employee insights at a glance.
  • Integrate CRM Systems: Your tech experts will be able to integrate ZoomInfo with most CRMs seamlessly.
  • Access a Chrome Extension: You will benefit from a valuable Chrome extension to enhance your browsing experience.

5. Visitor Queue

Visitor Queue – advanced B2B lead generation software – specializing in identifying the names, contact details, and user data of businesses visiting your website.

Key Features

  • Identify Visitors: This intent data provider helps you identify visiting businesses' names and contact details.
  • Integrate Software: You can integrate Visitor Queue with thousands of software options, enhancing your workflow.
  • Embrace Dedicated Customer Service: You can benefit from their excellent customer service and extensive resources for client support.

Visitor Queue’s Unique Selling Points

  • Enhance Lead Generation: Your sales team can uncover accurate user data to boost your lead generation efforts.
  • Get Tailored Pricing Plans: You can choose from a range of plans starting at $39 per month – based on your lead requirements.

6. Lusha

Lusha is a market business intelligence platform that can be entirely trusted by your sales and marketing team. It is because the provider enables you to source up-to-date, high-quality data on your leads.

Key Features

  • Get Rich Intent Data: You can access exceptional intent data gathered from over 5,000 consented sources through Lusha’s partnership with Bombora.
  • Avail Effortless Onboarding: Your team will enjoy a straightforward setup and a swift onboarding process – facilitated by its intuitive dashboard.
  • Embrace Smooth Integration: You can easily integrate Lusha with Salesforce and third-party vendors to align seamlessly with your CRM.
  • Access Detailed Data: You can benefit from the platform's ability to provide up-to-date and comprehensive data. It includes company-level intent data for individual contacts.

Lusha’s Unique Selling Points

  • Leverage Affordable Pricing: Despite the quality of its data, Lusha offers pricing plans that are highly competitive within the realm of intent data.
  • Access Warm Outbound Approaches: Lusha is favored by sales teams employing a "warm outbound" approach. This strategy involves reaching out to prospects who have already shown interest or engagement with your brand. Hence, it makes your outreach more personalized and receptive.

7. Lead Onion

Lead Onion is dedicated to helping your sales team uncover pertinent and current purchase intent data. The platform also offers the ability to segment lead lists and align them with your buyer persona. After all, segmented campaigns can lead to a 760% increase in revenue.

Furthermore, it provides built-in communication tools that enable you to connect with your most interested leads instantly.

Key Features

  • Tailor Contact Lists: You can create contact lists that perfectly match your buyer persona.
  • Integrate Workflows: Lead Onion lets you merge your workflows with your existing tech stack for a smoother adoption process.
  • Expand Reach: The LookAlike tool can identify similar leads and broaden your outreach.
  • Avail Advanced Segmentation: With Lead Onion, you can employ sophisticated segmentation tools to filter your prospects. Hence, it ensures you engage with the right ones.
  • Embrace a User-Friendly Interface: Lead Onion's platform is easy to use, featuring a slight learning curve.
  • Get Reliable Data: Your team can count on Lead Onion for correct and precise B2B intent data to drive your marketing efforts.

Lead Onion’s Unique Selling Points

  • Access Massive Intent Data: You can acquire intent data related to topics, social signals, and website behavior.
  • Tap Into Several Resources: Lead Onion offers a range of resources to facilitate your intent data marketing journey, including tutorials, case studies, and best practices.
  • Get Unlimited Contact Storage: You can enjoy an infinite contact database for efficient lead management.

8. Demandbase

Demandbase empowers you to identify those interested in your solution and similar offerings. It enables you to break through the noise and engage with prospects closer to making a purchase decision. 

Key Features

  • Get Accurate Intent Data: Demandbase gives you access to precise intent data supported by robust processes ensuring quality.
  • Access Diverse Data Sources: You can acquire data from various partner sources, expanding the scope of your information.
  • Tap Into Multi-Stage Intent Data: Additionally, you will receive intent data at multiple buyer journey stages, facilitating targeted engagement.
  • Target Tech Stacks: You can zero in on ideal targets based on the technologies they utilize. Moreover, you will remain connected with the latest news from your target companies.

Demandbase's Unique Selling Points

  • Monitor Massive Signals: The tool meticulously tracks over 500 billion monthly signals, encompassing more than 300,000 intent keywords.
  • Access Multiple Products: Demandbase offers products that streamline your sales and marketing efforts, including Sales Intelligence Cloud and Advertising Cloud. These marketing solutions help you craft a highly effective marketing strategy when coupled with Account Intelligence.

Final Word

Buyer intent data is more than just a crucial element of the sales funnel. In fact, it's the driving force behind identifying and reaching your ideal customers. In addition, the right metrics enable you to deliver timely and relevant messaging. It ultimately results in closing more deals and increasing your revenue. 

When choosing a reputed B2B intent data provider, Revnew is an excellent choice. We specialize in harnessing the power of diverse web sources, from news articles to social media, and transforming this wealth of data into valuable buyer insights. 

Moreover, our sophisticated tools empower you to offer your buyers an enhanced experience throughout the entire sales funnel. Therefore, we ensure you connect with them more effectively and drive lasting success. So, why the second thoughts? Get a strategy call now!

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