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Unlock Buyer Intent with Powerful Tele Intent™ Data

Unlock Buyer Intent with Powerful Tele Intent™ Data

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You launch a new product and put your heart and soul into marketing it. But you find out later that your target audience wasn't as interested as you thought. The culprit? A missed connection:

You didn't truly understand what your ideal customer wanted and when they wanted it (their buyer intent). 

Such incidents often happen when you use false indicators to track buyers' interest in purchasing. These are common occurrences when you use traditional methods like grabbing intent data. The result? Wasted resources, missed opportunities, and frustration.

But fear not, because today we're delving into Tele Intent™ Data. It's a new way to bridge the gap between buyer intent and intent data. Hence, you can ensure your marketing efforts hit the bullseye every time. Let's start with the basics.

Buyer Intent: What Is It and Why It’s Crucial?

Buyer intent is deciphering your customer's "buying mood." Why is it crucial? 82% of businesses improved their audience identification and targeting with buyer intent.

That translates to more conversions, targeted marketing efforts, and happy customers who feel you truly get them.

Traditionally, marketers relied on intent data to gauge buyer motivation. Intent data uses website visits, downloads, and online behavior to predict interest. There are two primary sources:

  • First-party data: This is your golden nugget – data you collect directly from your website or customer interactions.
  • Third-party data: This is information you buy from external sources, like data providers.

Here's the catch: intent data, while helpful, can be incomplete. Up to 25% of intent data signals can be misleading—remember that someone visiting a website might be researching a competitor!

Tele Intent™ Data: A Revolutionary Approach

This is where Tele Intent™ Data steps in as a savior. Think of it as skipping the middleman and getting intel straight from the source – your prospects!

Tele Intent™ Data uses honest conversations with potential clients to understand their needs, preferences, and buying intentions in their own words. It's like extracting a goldmine of insights! 

Imagine hearing a prospect say, "I'm ready to invest in that software solution to streamline my company's project management." Now that's actionable data!

Here's what makes Tele Intent™ Data better than traditional intent data.

 Tele Intent™ Data better than traditional intent data

Here's why Tele Intent™ Data is the future:

  • Privacy Regulations are Getting Stricter: Third-party cookies are declining, making traditional intent data less reliable.
  • Standing Out In a Crowded Market: With fierce competition, you need a deep understanding of your target audience to craft differentiated marketing.
  • Rising Demand for Personalized Experiences: Today's customers crave personalization. Tele Intent™ Data allows you to tailor your message to their specific needs.

Considerations While Using Tele Intent™ Data

Tele Intent™ Data offers a powerful tool for understanding buyer intent to refine your sales outreach, but with great power comes great responsibility. Here's what to consider when using Tele Intent™ Data:

1. Privacy Concerns and Ethical Points

  • Protect Privacy: Unlike other countries, no federal law governs data privacy in the USA. However, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces the FTC Act, prohibiting unfair and deceptive practices.
    Also, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) must be followed. It means providing prospects options to opt-out before collecting their information through Tele Intent™ Data. 
  • Maintain Transparency: Be upfront about using the information gathered through Tele Intent™ Data conversations. Inform prospects about their rights to access, correct, or delete their data.
  • Respect DNC Lists: The National Do Not Call Registry (DNC) restricts telemarketing calls to residential numbers. Ensure your Tele Intent™ Data practices comply with DNC regulations.
  • Ensure Data Security: Apply robust security tactics to protect sensitive buyer intent data from unauthorized access or breaches.

2. Balance Between Personalization and Privacy

  • Pay Attention to Context: Use Tele Intent™ Data to personalize marketing messages in a way that feels relevant and helpful, not intrusive. Don't bombard prospects with irrelevant calls based on isolated snippets of information.
  • Focus on Value: Tele Intent™ Data conversations should be valuable for both parties. Use them to provide helpful information, answer questions, and address concerns, not just push a sale.

3. Data Monitoring and Optimization

  • Ensure Accuracy: Regularly review your Tele Intent™ Data data to confirm the correctness of your data. Incorrect data can lead to misleading insights and ineffective marketing campaigns.
  • Stay Relevant: Customer needs and preferences evolve. Continuously monitor and update your Tele Intent™ Data data collection methods to stay relevant in a dynamic market.

By following these considerations, you can leverage Tele Intent™ Data ethically and effectively. It’ll help you drive successful marketing campaigns while respecting consumer privacy rights and complying with relevant regulations.


Tele Intent™ Data isn't a replacement for your existing marketing strategies; it's a superpower. It's the missing piece of the puzzle in understanding buyer intent and leveraging intent data effectively. 

The landscape of buyer behavior analysis is constantly evolving. By tapping into honest conversations, Tele Intent™ Data offers unparalleled insights that traditional methods simply can't match. 

So, to stay informed and make your marketing efforts adaptable to current and futuristic needs, join Revnew. We have experts with expertise in leveraging Tele Intent™ Data seamlessly and ethically. Contact us here to explore more.

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