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Customizing Sales Outreach Strategies with Tele Intent™ Data

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Research says using advanced personalization/customization in outreach strategies gives an ROI of $20 for each $1 spent

Hence, it is evident that you must seek a solution that can:

  1. Provides accurate and high-quality consumer data 
  2. Accesses updated data for precise marketing customization 

This is where Tele Intent™ Data solutions play a pivotal role. Unlike traditional methods, which rely on static information, this approach harnesses the power of dynamic prospect interactions to uncover valuable insights.

Curious to know how our Tele Intent™ Data is different from traditional data? Check out the difference between Tele Intent™ and traditional data.

Hence, you get enriched consumer data to customize your sales efforts carefully!
Let us dive deeper into the topic.

Why You Must Customize Your Sales Outreach Strategies

Here are four compelling reasons to customize your sales outreach efforts:

1. Target Only High-value Prospects

You can tailor your sales messaging to specific audience segments based on demographics, needs, interests, or other relevant factors. And, HubSpot says, segmented emails can enable 30% higher opens and 50% more click-throughs compared to unsegmented ones.

Hence, such precise targeting increases your likelihood of resonating with potential customers. It opens the door for more conversions.

2. Build Meaningful Brand-Prospect Relationships

84% of customers emphasize the significance of being treated as individuals rather than mere numbers when partnering with a business.

This is where customized sales outreach helps you entice your prospects. Your sales representative's genuine interest in addressing target customers' concerns lays the foundation for long-term relationships.

3. Maximize Increased Engagement

When your outreach is customized, it ensures the communication is relevant and meaningful to recipients. Thus, it increases your prospects' engagement rates with your sales efforts. 

Infographic Text:

  • Lifetime Value: Fully engaged customers spend 23% more over their lifetime than the average customer.
  • Consistent Patronage: Engaged customers represent constant, high-value patrons for brands.
  • Financial Long Game: Elevated spending by engaged customers underscores the importance of fostering genuine brand relationships for long-term financial gains.

4. Differentiate from Competitors

McKinsey & Company found that companies with customized customer interactions increase revenue by 10% to 15%. So, your tailored sales outreach strategies allow you to differentiate yourself from competitors. 

It enables your company to thrive in a crowded B2B market by showcasing your expertise and understanding of customer challenges. Thus, it sets you apart from competitors who offer generic solutions.

How to Customize Sales Outreach with Tele Intent™ Data 

Here's how you can leverage Tele Intent™ Data effectively to create a customized reach out to your prospects:

1. Sales Lead Qualification With Accurate Consumer Data

An essential step in creating a customized outreach strategy is to qualify leads for your sales offerings. And, with Tele Intent™ Data, you can identify and qualify leads more efficiently. Here's how: 

  • Conversation Analysis: Tele Intent™ Data provides real-time insights into prospect conversations. By monitoring these conversations, you can gauge prospect interest levels as they interact with your brand. 
  • High-intent Leads Ranking: With an accurate understanding of your prospects' interest level, you can rank them for tailored follow-ups. 

For example, if your prospect is not ready to purchase, you can share a mix of educational, engaging, and informative content via outbound channels. These include: 

  • How-to guides related to your product or service.
  • Real-world examples showcasing the benefits of your product or service.
  • FAQs booklet 
  • In-depth research and analysis of industry topics.

However, if your prospect shows high purchase intent, you can connect them with a sales development rep (SDR).

2. Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Tele Intent™ Data lets you understand the context of your prospects' dialogue during the discovery call. It gives a clear image of your prospect's obstacles and goals and what kind of assistance they seek. 

Thus, you can effectively tailor your marketing campaigns to resonate with their specific needs.

3. Emerging Trends Analysis 

By analyzing patterns and preferences from prospect dialogues using Tele Intent™ Data , you can identify emerging trends in your industry. This will allow you to perform progressive prospecting and adapt your sales and marketing strategies accordingly.

4. Sales Pitches for Higher Engagement and Conversion

Leveraging Tele Intent data, you can craft targeted and effective scripts that appeal to your prospects. Once you understand your prospect's needs and preferences, you can create personalized sales pitches, such as: 

1. For a Software Solution:

Need: Boost in Efficiency 

"Hi [Prospect's Name], we noticed that your company is focused on [specific industry]. We've helped similar businesses streamline their operations with our software, leading to a [percentage] increase in efficiency. We'd love to discuss how we can tailor our solution to your needs."

2. For a Financial Services Provider:

Pain Point: Low cash flow due to economic crisis 

"Hello [Prospect's Name], I understand that managing cash flow is crucial for businesses in [Prospect's Industry]. Our financial services have helped companies like yours optimize cash flow and navigate economic fluctuations. Could we discuss a tailored strategy to address your specific financial goals?"

Such personalized sales pitches help you drive higher engagement and increase conversion rates.

5. Add-on Information for Curated Marketing Strategies

You may already have multiple data sources to collect information about your target prospect. Tele Intent™ Data can be a great add-on to gain a more refined understanding of your target customer's behavior and intentions.

It'll help you create a more comprehensive customer profile for targeted strategies. This profile can go beyond basic demographics. 

In fact, by combining data from traditional sources and TeleIntent services, you create a more holistic view of your customers. This comprehensive perspective enables better decision-making across various aspects of your marketing strategy. 


Leveraging Tele Intent™ Data services unlocks vital benefits for your sales strategy. By incorporating real-time insights, you enhance lead qualification and personalize interactions. 

Further, it enhances sales effectiveness through targeted outreach, making your engagements more precise and impactful. 

So, explore the possibilities of Tele Intent™ Data services to impact sales success with Revnew substantially. Our expert team handles the Tele Intent solution for your business, giving you an absolute upper hand over your competitors.

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