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How to Use Tele Intent™ Data for Outbound Campaigns

How to Use Tele Intent™ Data for Outbound Campaigns

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89% of B2B researchers explore the internet for their B2B research process. And this is why most of your competitors prefer traditional methods for intent data extraction. You may be using a similar approach. However, have you noticed you still miss the mark often?

We mean, you invest time in analyzing static prospect intent data – say,  website visits or generic online clicks. Then, you spend hours calling leads who show such interactions. But, most of these leads are "not interested" in your product. Instead, they interact with your pages for different reasons. 

That's where Tele Intent™ Data steps in. It goes straight to the source: your one-on-one phone conversations with prospects.

It unlocks insights about what your ideal customers are genuinely interested in. Thus, you get: 

  • Increased Targeting Accuracy
  • Deeper Buyer Insights
  • Improved Personalization
  • Real-Time Engagement

Let us explore the use of Tele Intent™ Data in your outbound marketing campaigns

But before that, let us learn about how Tele Intent™ Data works.

Deep Dive Into Tele Intent™ Data and Its Process

It is an approach that extracts valuable insights from real-time discussions with your prospects. It helps you learn your target audience’s true intentions. Moreover, 78% of customers partner with a business that responds to their inquiries and concerns first. This is where Tele Intent™ Data surpasses the traditional approach in quickly attending to the prospects’ needs. 

Experts skilled in identifying subtle cues and sentiments actively gather conversational data. It results in a richer and more comprehensive view of your market. 

This data is then meticulously analyzed, transforming each conversation into customized insights. These insights are developed with a deep understanding of your industry and business context. Hence, they directly enhance your strategic decisions. 

Let's take a quick look at the Tele Intent™ Data process:

Whats Intent Signals in Sales 1

  • Seasoned professionals conduct prospecting calls. They engage potential clients and uncover their underlying needs and concerns.
  • Next, they use advanced analytics to dissect these conversations meticulously. It results in extracting critical intent signals.
  • Analysts translate these signals into actionable insights. It empowers data-driven marketing strategies.
  • Lastly, experts segment target prospects based on their buying journey stage. It ensures timely and relevant communication.

Now that you know how Tele Intent™ Data works, let's see how you can utilize it to enhance your outbound marketing strategy.

Leverage Tele Intent™ Data in Your Outbound Strategy

Here's how to use it for strategic advantage:

1. Prioritize High-Intent Leads from Your ICPs

Tele Intent™ Data can reveal which leads are actively researching your products or services through phone inquiries. Thus, you can create a precise lead scoring system using the data. This way, you can identify high-value leads and prioritize outreach to them when they're most receptive.

2. Craft Hyper-personalized Messages

Tele Intent™ Data provides valuable context about a lead's buying signals, needs, communication preferences, and pain points. These are clearly discussed during phone interactions. 

You can use this knowledge to categorize accounts and tailor your outbound messaging to address their concerns directly. This way, you can showcase how your offering solves their problems.

3. Identify New Opportunities

Tele Intent™ Data might expose buying interests not explicitly mentioned elsewhere. For example, a customer calling about product A might reveal an underlying need for product B.  Use this to present relevant solutions.

  • Refine Buyer Personas: Analyze common themes and challenges emerging from tele conversations. It can help refine your buyer personas, better understand your ideal customer, and tailor your outreach accordingly.
  • Improve Sales Scripting:  Integrate knowledge extracted from Tele Intent™ Data into your sales scripts to address these issues proactively and provide smoother conversations. This data can expose common objections or questions encountered during calls.
  • Coach and Mentor Sales Reps: Train your sales reps using your Tele Intent™ Data insights. Share call recordings or transcripts of successful interactions with high-intent leads. It can help reps improve their communication skills and close more deals.
  • Develop Targeted Content: Use feedback insights into your content creation extracted from your Tele Intent™ campaign. Further, apply it to tailor your blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, ebooks, and webinars.

You learned how Tele Intent™ Data can work to your business’s advantage. But, if you want it to stay effective, you must ensure continuous adaptability.

Refine Your Tele Intent™ Data-Driven Outbound Campaign

When running a Tele Intent™ Data-driven outbound campaign, the magic is in the metrics. You want to be sure you're not just throwing messages into the void but making connections that convert. 

So, let's talk about which key metrics you should track and how you can refine your strategies based on these insights.

Key Metrics to Track

Consider the following metrics: 

  1. Conversion Rate: This is the big one. How many of your contacts turned into qualified leads or customers? Tracking conversions helps you understand the effectiveness of your messaging and targeting.
  2. Response Rate: Measure how many prospects are responding to your outreach. A low response rate might suggest your message isn't resonating or you're reaching out at the wrong time.
  3. Engagement Metrics: Look at which messages you create are getting opened, read, and clicked through based on extracted Tele Intent™ Data. This shows what content engages your audience and what falls flat.
  4. Lead Quality: Are the leads you generate the right fit for your business? Tracking lead quality can help you fine-tune your targeting based on who will most likely convert.
  5. ROI: Ultimately, you need to know if your spending is worth it. Measure your return on investment by comparing the revenue generated from the outbound campaign against its costs.

Now, let us see how you can double the effectiveness of your outreach with continuous needed adjustments.

Strategies to Iterate and Refine

Use the following methods: 

  1. Analyze Data and Adjust Targeting: Use the engagement and conversion data to revisit your buyer personas. Maybe your ideal customer profile needs a tweak.
  2. Optimize Messages: Learn what your target audience wants with the help of conversational insights you gather. Then, use the knowledge to optimize your brand messages across all your outbound channels. However, it doesn’t stop here.
    You need to check whether messages are hitting the mark. Thus, run A/B testing. Experiment with different calls to action, call scripts, subject lines, and content formats to see what works best.
  3. Figure Out Right Timing and Frequency: Refine your timing to boost your campaign effectiveness significantly. Analyze when your successful contacts occur and adjust your outreach schedule accordingly. Also, consider whether you're hitting prospects too often or not enough.
  4. Establish Feedback Loop: Make it a point to gather feedback directly from prospects and customers. What do they think about your communication? This direct line of insight can be precious for refining your approach.


Using Tele Intent™ Data guides your decisions and sharpens your focus, ensuring every step is in the right direction. Plus, you get a clear picture of what's working by tracking metrics like conversion, response, and ROI. 

Looking ahead, we can anticipate Tele Tele Intent™ Data to bring more precise data analysis and deeper learning about customer behaviors. It will help predict trends and automate parts of the outreach process. These advancements will make Tele Intent™ Data a tool and cornerstone of successful outbound strategies.

Let Revnew help you in this journey. We are equipped to employ Tele Intent™ Data to create outbound strategies that appeal to your target audience. Contact us here to learn more.

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