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How Intent Data Finds Your Dream Accounts: Laser-Focused ABM

How Intent Data Finds Your Dream Accounts: Laser-Focused ABM

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Are you pouring resources into ABM (Account-Based Marketing) campaigns that aren't delivering? You might struggle to target the correct accounts, leading to wasted outreach and missed opportunities.

Traditional ABM can be challenging, as it often relies on guesswork to target accounts. However, a data-driven approach that leverages intent data can help you precisely identify your ideal customers when they're ready to buy. 

This emphasizes the value of using intent data. It goes beyond simple demographics to identify active buying signals. With such insightful information, you can personalize your outreach and engagement to a new level.

As such, you can boost your average deal size by up to 20% and increase your ROI (Return on Investment). Let’s explore this further.

What’s the Role of Intent Data in ABM?

Almost 70% of marketers plan on increasing spend on intent data. This is for a reason. Intent data provides valuable insights into a target account's buying journey. 

It reveals buying signals, allowing you to identify accounts actively researching solutions like yours. It empowers you to prioritize high-intent leads and personalize your ABM outreach for maximum impact.

Sources of Intent Data

There are several ways to gather intent data relevant to your ABM campaigns:

  • Website Activity: Analyze website visitor behavior (downloads, page visits) to understand interest levels in specific topics or products.
  • Search Query Data: Leverage keyword research and browsing history to identify search intent related to your solution. You can do this through paid tools or by analyzing organic search trends
  • Engagement on Industry Platforms: Monitor interactions with industry publications, reports, and social media discussions. It will help identify accounts actively consuming content relevant to their buying needs.
  • Third-Party Data Providers: Consider purchasing intent data sets from specialized vendors catering to your target market. These datasets aggregate data from various sources to provide insights into audience interests and behaviors.
  • Tele Intent™ Data (by Revnew): This innovative approach takes intent data gathering further. Unlike traditional data, Tele Intent™ Data gathers metrics directly from structured conversations with prospects during prospecting calls.

    Such highly accurate and real-time data reveals precise details of potential buyers' needs and buying intent. It allows for hyper-targeted ABM campaigns.

Data Analysis and Segmentation

By analyzing all available intent data sources, including Tele Intent™ Data, you can gain a comprehensive view of your target accounts' buying intent. Then, segment your accounts based on these insights. It lets you prioritize high-propensity leads and personalize your outreach for each segment.

How Intent Data Unlocks Dream Accounts

How Intent Data Unlocks Dream Accounts

Intent data makes identifying your ideal accounts a breeze. Let's explore how:

1. Pinpoint Active Buyers

Forget generic outreach. Statistics show that intent data can improve conversion rates by up to 202%.

It reveals buying signals by analyzing website behavior, search queries, and engagement with industry content. It lets you pinpoint dream accounts actively researching solutions and prioritize those with the highest purchase intent.

2. Target in Real-Time Targeting

73% of B2B buyers expect companies to understand their specific needs, and intent data empowers you to do just that.

Traditionally, targeting relied on static data, often missing crucial buying moments. Intent data provides real-time insights. It allows you to engage with dream accounts the moment they show buying intent. 

Imagine a prospect visiting your pricing page multiple times – a sign of purchase readiness. 

3. Personalize Outreach

45% of marketers implementing ABM programs face challenges in delivering personalized customer experiences. 

With intent data, you can ditch the generic "Dear Sir/Madam" emails. Understanding a dream account's specific needs and pain points enables you to craft hyper-personalized outreach messages that resonate deeply. 

For instance, website behavior indicating research on a specific product feature can trigger a personalized email offering a targeted demo. It increases engagement and demonstrates your understanding of their unique expectations.

Example: A prospect downloads your white paper on "Optimizing Sales Funnels." Their intent data reveals their interest in lead generation, making this a perfect opportunity for a personalized email offering a free consultation on optimizing their funnel for conversions.

4. Leverage Account-based Content Marketing

Content marketing is 3x more effective than traditional advertising. But generic content rarely resonates.  

Intent data allows you to create targeted content (e.g., white papers, case studies) that addresses each dream account's specific challenges and interests. It demonstrates your expertise in their unique industry and positions you as a trusted advisor.

5. Orchestrate ABM Campaigns

Effective ABM requires a multi-channel approach. Intent data acts as the conductor,  coordinating your ABM efforts across various platforms – (email, social media, display advertising). 

By aligning your messaging across channels based on real-time intent signals, you create a cohesive and impactful experience for dream accounts.

Now that you know how intent data can help you locate your dream accounts, let’s check how to embed this approach in your campaigns.

How to Implement Intent Data for ABM Success

How do you translate the valuable insights from intent data into a winning ABM strategy? Here's a roadmap to guide you:

Step 1: Build an Intent Data Strategy

  • Define Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs): Solidify your understanding of your dream account before diving into data. 
    • Who are they? 
    • What are their challenges and goals?
  • Identify Relevant Intent Data Sources: Not all intent data is created equal. Choose sources that align with your ICP and industry. Consider the following:
    • Website activity data
    • Search query data
    • Engagement on industry platforms
    • Third-party data providers
    • And – for the most impactful insights – Tele Intent™ Data
  • Integrate with Marketing Automation: Break down data silos. Integrate your intent data with marketing automation tools. It allows for automated and personalized campaign execution based on real-time intent signals.
  • Develop a Targeting and Messaging Framework: Don't blast generic messages. Create a framework for crafting targeted outreach. Map specific intent signals to corresponding messages that address each account segment's unique needs and challenges.

Step 2: Leverage Data-Driven Collaboration

Intent data fosters a powerful synergy between sales and marketing. 

  • Sales teams can leverage intent data to prioritize outreach, focusing on accounts exhibiting active buying signals. 
  • Marketing can create targeted content and campaigns that resonate with each account's intent. 

This unified approach streamlines the customer journey and drives faster conversions.

Example: Picture a prospect that downloads your white paper on "Enterprise CRM Implementation." Intent data reveals that their research focuses on specific features. 

  • The sales team can prioritize outreach, armed with insights into their specific needs.  Marketing can trigger a personalized email offering a case study showcasing a similar successful implementation. It demonstrates expertise in their industry challenge.

Step 3: Use Metrics and Measurement

Success breeds success, but you need to measure it. Don't rely on vanity metrics. Focus on  account-level metrics such as:

  • Engagement rates
  • Website visits from target accounts
  • Conversion rates at the account level

Use these insights to refine your targeting, messaging, and overall ABM strategy.

By implementing these steps, you'll transform intent data from a source of information into a powerful tool for driving ABM success.

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Intent data is your ultimate tool for unlocking the full potential of ABM. It empowers you to identify and convert high-value accounts that actively consider solutions like yours. By implementing a data-driven strategy and leveraging Tele Intent™ Data, you can close more deals with your dream accounts.

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