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How Toucan Toco Launched Full-Fledged Campaign in Two Weeks

How Revnew helped the guided analytics service provider generate leads through digital mediums.


Toucan Toco is a guided analytics service provider that caters to a range of users such as business leaders, IT professionals, and business analysts for driving growth in their respective departments and organization.

The product is easy to deploy and enables the creation of simple dashboards to build new data stories with graphs, charts, and sequencing in minutes without any support. Business users can access narratives, glossaries and other insights from the dashboards and take action.

Toucan Toco has four main types of products besides others, including:

a. Connect for connecting to nearly any data source in minutes.
b. Broadcast Analytics for making data distribution simple —whether the users are on a phone, tablet, or website.
c. Action Centre for collaboration with everyone and anyone.
d. Govern & Secure for effortless permission management.

Companies that use Toucan Toco enjoy an 80%+ adoption rate — 3X that of other tools in the market. It is used in multiple industries such as pharma and life sciences, software, travel, and so on. The company is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

INDUSTRY - Computer software


To attract and engage leads on digital mediums for its sales teams to nurture and convert into paying customers.


Before the pandemic began, Toucan Toco relied heavily on trade shows to generate sales leads for its sales teams. After the outbreak, such physical events came to a halt, which obviously brought down the number of leads being generated.

With no marketing plan in place, they were unable to build a prospect pipeline for their sales department to follow up with. Before this hampered their bottom line, Toucan Toco enlisted the help of Revnew to identify and leverage digital mediums for their lead generation efforts.

Post research, we decided to take a dual-channel outbound approach that resulted in new, qualified leads consistently for Toucan Toco to nurture and convert.


  • Competitor analysis
  • Market research
  • Ideal Client Profile creation
  • Sales copywriting
  • Email strategy building


Two weeks


  1. Before creating a personalized strategy, we needed to learn about Toucan Toco. We met with the stakeholders to understand their offerings, clientele and business vision.
  2. Meetings with them gave us insight into how they approached sales and how long it would take for them to close a deal. Besides, we did our market research and identified prospects.
  3. Since Toucan Toco wanted to target companies using specific software, we built a database of accounts that would find analytics dashboards useful.
  4. We then decided to design an email and LinkedIn outreach strategy focused on contacting and setting up meetings with relevant profiles.
  5. Our copywriters developed intriguing content for email and LinkedIn Mail, highlighting the strengths of Toucan Toco and how their products could accelerate business decisions.
  6. After launching the dual campaign, we kept tweaking the copy and experimenting with different timings to ensure our content engaged maximum number of prospects.


-Toucan Toco generated 40 appointments from companies using different software in three months.
-They have a new database of prospects that can also be used for running other marketing campaigns.
-Now every sales person actively runs their LinkedIn accounts to react out to and engage prospects.

“We are glad we took Revnew’s help for lead generation. The fact that they researched and set up a full-fledged campaign in just two weeks is commendable. It shows they are a confident bunch and love a good challenge. Achieving 40 appointments in three months is not an easy feat, but Revnew made it possible. Not only this, their reporting for actual campaigns is transparent and helpful. I do not hesitate to recommend Revnew at all!”

— Varun Penamatsa, Head of Marketing, Toucan Toco