Make the most of our
LinkedIn lead generation white-label

Utilize our fully optimized lead generation process designed to help you make more sales – from market research and list-building to campaign launch and reporting – under your brand name.

Enjoy tangible results with REVNEW


    Growing a business is hard

    There is never enough time in a day to earn more conversions with quality B2B sales. Not anymore.

    Maximize every selling opportunity by letting us set up a proper sales funnel under your brand name so that you can explore more opportunities and inject greater value into your offerings. Here’s how we can help you:

    Home sales development

    Sales development

    Get more hot leads fed straight into your sales pipelines around the clock through outbound, inbound, and LinkedIn sales efforts. Elevate your sales execution.

    Data collection

    Mine valuable business intelligence by applying multiple techniques and from complex sources to build unique contact lists so that you reach its intended audience.

    Demand generation

    Increase your marketing efforts to qualify pipeline and revenue while lowering your customer acquisition cost. Control your demand funnel — from click to close.


    Uncover communication gaps with your target audience and demand opportunities to build a robust sales pipeline that closes deals consistently, boosting your bottom line.

    Say goodbye to:

    Recruiting woes

    We work closely with you to hire the best professionals for the job. Your campaign success depends on us.

    Training worries

    We offer continuous training to the SDR teams so that they’re always updated with the latest sales techniques

    Supervision fails

    We assign managers to every sales team to monitor their performance and help them minimize roadblocks.

    Admin aches

    You don’t need to worry about any admin-related tasks of your SDR teams. We handle it for you!

    Revnew integrated with our sales quickly and we were able to mold the process as per our needs.

    Lauren Hicks

    Revnew is an invested partner in our growth. Using a refined approach they consistently produce qualified leads.

    Eric Jackson

    We liked their proactive process. We were able to launch with them in 48 hours. Leads started coming in a week.

    Emily Middleton

    How REVNEW works

    From market research and list-building to campaign launch and reporting, we follow a fully optimized lead generation process designed to help you make more sales.

    Our methodology is scalable, efficient, and will seamlessly integrate within your existing workflow.

    Check out how REVNEW helps you grow more than 16% YoY:


    We can’t do our job unless we have clarity on what you’re looking to achieve for your business. Your input helps us define your sales goals, and set up the tools and team for the campaign accordingly.


    All successful lead gen strategies result from engaging content assets. Besides, giving you content support, we design a sales playbook to engage leads at the right time with proven scripts.


    The customer is at the center of everything that you do. Effective lead gen starts with learning as much as possible about your target audience, including the channels they are most active on.


    We launch your multichannel outbound campaigns, and start monitoring the strategy closely. Based on the campaign performance, we keep optimizing the messaging for greater results.

    Who WE HELP

    Say YES to having meaningful conversations with key decision-makers across companies.

    REVNEW boosts your ‘revenue.’

    Business owners

    who want to boost their visibility and sales with outbound SDRs, minus the cost and hassle of hiring staff.

    Marketing teams

    of large organizations with a focus on boosting brand awareness through focused outreach activities.

    Sales leader

    of mid-sized companies for increasing qualified leads and growing the business at a faster pace than ever.

    Chief revenue officers

    who directly influence a company’s future and are responsible for increasing the bottom lines of the business.

    The math is simple

    We’re more cost-effective than your typical in-house lead-gen team. See it for yourself:

    Good things happen
    When we work together

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