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How B2B Marketing Content Syndication Can Give You a Competitive Advantage

B2B Marketing Content Syndication

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According to a recent survey, 65% of B2B marketers consider B2B content syndication as their primary lead-generation strategy. It's among the most profitable lead-generation strategies for expanding your repository with targeted and pertinent contacts.

So, do you use it?

You might already have made an investment in thought leadership resources such as infographics, webinars, podcasts, white papers, case studies, blogs, and more. 

As a result, it is now time to begin promoting this content on your web pages, forums, and social media platforms. After all, this is where your targeted leads spend the majority of their time!

Numerous different marketing professionals employ content syndication for pushing event and conference registrations.

Content syndication also aids in populating datasets with high-level decision-making contacts, communicating, and building a database of qualified prospects to nourish your sales staff.

Furthermore, the costs of content syndication are typically fixed. Prior to actually approving insertion orders, you will be given a breakup of the number of leads you may anticipate from the initiative.

There’s also CPL (cost per lead). It's an extremely dependable route, which is uncommon nowadays.

If you're not utilizing content to grow leads, what are you losing out on? Increased audience outreach, enhanced brand recognition, and more chances to interact with your clients and prospects! With content syndication, you can even estimate expenses and the number of contacts you may add.

But before we go any further, let's define what B2B content syndication in marketing is.

What Is B2B Content Syndication and Why Should You Use It?

The method of disseminating your information in multiple forms to connect with the audience is known as content syndication.

It is used by B2B businesses to enhance the effectiveness of their resources on customer acquisition. It is a crucial component of generating and involving leads, providing them with substantial value.

It's a hybrid of sales prospecting and content marketing in several ways. Its common techniques include – cold calling, emails, cross-posting information on LinkedIn, and operating PPC ads.

What Are the Benefits of B2B Content Syndication?

More than 50% of demand-generation salespeople seek content syndication for lead generation.

Let's now examine in greater detail the main advantages discovered by marketers.

Reach More Customers Directly

B2B content distribution can be one of the most challenging aspects of B2B marketing. You're frequently left praying that your leads will see your information at the appropriate moment.

B2B marketing content syndication takes the uncertainty out of the equation. You can use intent data to spot content syndication qualified leads in the industry for offering your services.

Afterward, you can contact prospects via phone calls or cold emails. Interact with them, share valuable content, and pose smart questions.

All through your community engagement, ask qualifying queries to help you decide lead reliability and forecast appropriate interactions.

Generate More Leads

Content syndication for business transforms your resources into lead-gen gadgets. With inbound methodologies, you can use third-party portals to reach out to intended audiences.

Outbound techniques are often thought to be more potent than inbound processes. Yet they are also more challenging. As you might already know, sales calls and cold emails are difficult.

Outbound content syndication enables you to communicate immediately with potential leads. How? By driving the dialogue with your greatest resources. You can make the cut and establish a connection with prospects right away.

Qualify Prospects

How do you want to classify leads before reaching out to your marketing team? You can achieve this via outbound B2B content syndication strategies.

You may qualify leads with questionnaires and verify their responses within your content cold emailing and cold calling campaigns.

Boost Brand Visibility

Corporate image can be greatly increased through content syndication. For example, showcasing your whitepaper in an industry-leading bulletin or as a blog entry on credible web pages will enable you to reach a wider customer base.

Visitors may not convert right away. But your brand image is now familiar to people. So in the long term, your promotional strategies will have a greater impact on them.

Your cold-calling initiatives will introduce you to potential leads. With them, you can share useful content.

It could be time-consuming if you're doing it in-house. Deploying content syndication vendors can assist you in expediting this workflow.

Regardless of whether or not those prospects convert instantly, you will be on their watchlist. Later, you will be able to steer them to a sale.

Increase Credibility

Credible guest posts, innovative backlinks, social networking acknowledges, co-hosting intriguing webcasts, and phone or email dialogues with prospects will boost your authenticity.

Content syndication is an excellent method for establishing reliability in your core demographic. Of course, it necessitates a lot of effort, but it is worthwhile if it increases your clients' optimism about selecting you over your rival companies.

Create Backlinks

Numerous B2B marketing techniques include posting guest blogs on appropriate and assertive websites.

Most websites allow you to include links that direct to your website in posts or your writer's bio. This leads to backlinks that boost your platform's SEO and improve traffic flow.

Boost Website Traffic

Any decent B2B tactic will result in increased visitors to your website. Nevertheless, traffic is frequently a vanity measure. So, you should prioritize the number of prospects your campaigns generate over all else. However, increased traffic is always a boon.

What are the Most Popular Methods of B2B Content Syndication?

We will outline the two key approaches to drive attention to your content via syndicated marketing. You can either choose inbound or outbound techniques. Let’s check out both in detail.

Inbound Content Syndication: Popular Tactics


Co-marketing occurs when two businesses collaborate on a venture for collective gain.

To select the right co-marketing player, first, pinpoint businesses that sell to customer segments like you.

Take into account that this doesn't imply that you must collaborate with your rivals. However, as a basic guideline, you should avoid co-marketing with businesses vying for the exact same organic keyword phrases.

Below are a few B2B content syndication examples that use co-marketing:

  • Co-authoring a technical paper, which both businesses will distribute to their respective audiences.
  • Co-hosting a presentation, webinar, or podcast on specific customer problem areas.
  • Organizing an occasion that your target consumers would like to participate in.

Social Networking

Promote your posts on your corporate accounts. However, also aim to share them via other popular platforms with targeted individuals.

This one is related to co-marketing. How? Your partner firm will share your posts on its social networking portals. And you will follow suit.

Guest Blogging

There are numerous advantages to guest blogging. Fresh backlinks will improve your SEO, and the right audience will see your information.

Ensure that the locations on which your guest publishes are perused by individuals comparable to your target client. You'd be wasting your resources otherwise.

PPC Promotion

PPC advertising is the quickest method for driving high-quality traffic to your corporate materials. The three most popular channels for running paid advertisements with B2B content are Google Ads, LinkedIn and Facebook.

You can reach your ideal customers and decide how much you'd like to invest on these platforms. This is an excellent technique to see if your subject matter resonates with your target market. Do this before devoting more time and funds to helping to promote it.

Outbound Content Syndication: Popular tactics


Calling qualified leads and providing them with relevant content is an excellent tactic for B2B marketing content syndication.

The above method has a significant entry requirement. For example, you require a huge array of B2B statistics with precise contact information. Or, if you anticipate somebody to collaborate with your company, your team must be self-assured on the phone.

Cold Emails

Let us assume that you already understand who your perfect client is. All you must do now is get your information placed before people.

You can disseminate your content via cold emails if you're certain they'll be engaged.

Following a telephone conversation, the most straightforward method of communicating with your prospects is via email. If you lack the contact details, go for a cold email blast.

What Type of Content Is the Most Effective for B2B Marketing and Syndicated Campaigns?

According to research, below are the most preferred content types used in B2B marketing content syndication approaches.

  • 85% of marketing professionals utilize whitepapers
  • 60% of promotional campaigns incorporate webcasts
  • 50% of promotions embed infographics
  • 35% of promotional campaigns have written articles

All of these different types of content are suitable for B2B content syndication. What makes a difference is the quality of your products. The methods you use to disseminate content among your targeted leads are also vital.

Monitoring the Effectiveness of Your B2B Marketing Content Syndication Approaches

You must monitor your initiatives' progress, just like any other aspect of your advertising. There are numerous key metrics to consider.

Every business has specific aims. So, we'll take a glance at some of the most prevalent methods for evaluating excellence.

Return On Investment (ROI)

The most important statistic to monitor is the ROI generated by your B2B marketing content syndication campaigns.

The key point is that here you must determine key performance indicators. For several B2B businesses, this refers to the income earned by your advert compared to the CPL.

If profits are not your primary goal for your initiative, you must perceive this different manner. For instance, you could launch a content syndication campaign to generate more downloads of your latest whitepaper.

As a result, the percentage of downloads may be used to measure success. Before beginning the initiative, you should define success and afterward calculate ROI.

Lead Volume

The greater the number of leads you produce, the better. Equating converts to information that needs to be published on your homepage can be difficult. You want to avoid scrambling to establish methods for tracking your advertisement after it's started.

Nevertheless, if you deploy the required data capture and conversion monitoring tools, assessing your B2B content syndication ought to be a cakewalk.

Lead Quality

It's meaningless to generate dozens of new prospects if they're not a good fit for your business. Make certain that your lead quality meets your SQL requirements.

If your initiative is successful, you should receive a flood of qualified prospects keen to speak to you. Focusing on outbound methodologies is the most efficient way to guarantee premium lead quality. 

You could regulate who you contact by cold calling and cold emailing. You can also pre-qualify prospects with specifications like technographic data, firmographic details, or psychographic data.

Check the lead quality on a regular basis. Is your B2B marketing content syndication campaign generating improper leads? Then, you might need to modify your strategy.

Website Traffic

Increased website traffic should be an unavoidable outcome of your B2B marketing content syndication efforts.

You could only use telemarketing. In this case, prospects are likely to be intrigued enough to visit your site following the conversation.

Are you conducting a promotion that includes guest publishing, social media advancement, or PPC? Then, you ought to see a constant flow of visitors from those as well.

Brand Lift

It can take a lot of work to keep track of brand lift. There isn't a solitary criterion or method for tracking it because it varies by firm.

Each of the key metrics that matter is covered by brand lift. When your brand lift improves, other indicators that count should improve as well. A wide range of factors contributes to brand lift.

For instance, are you getting positive press coverage? You can predict the conversion rates of your landing pages to rise, culminating in more new prospects.

For Maximum Benefits, Outsource Your B2B Marketing Content Syndication Efforts to a Credible Partner

True, the content syndication benefits may be as appealing as they seem. However, coaching your staff to become content syndication specialists requires time.

You might even employ in-house content marketers. However, content syndication necessitates a completely different set of skills.

You need a team to locate opportunities utilizing intent data, telephone calls, and cold emails. The team will separate qualified prospects from underqualified leads.

Collaborating with a B2B marketing content syndication platform like Revnew will accelerate the process.

You can save cash and time by relying on B2B content syndication vendors to manage the process for you and produce warm leads for your company — instead of mentoring your group or employing an in-house crew.

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