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How to Reach Target Audience With B2B Content Syndication

how to reach target audience with b2b content syndication

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30% of B2B companies cite the measurement of the ROI of promotional campaigns as the greatest hurdle to attracting B2B customers. Again, 28% of them face challenges in producing traffic and prospects.

These two components of the marketing jigsaw complement one another since conversions require leads. Next, evaluating ROI ensures that getting those prospects doesn't cost more than the revenue conversion produces.

B2B content syndication addresses these two issues via a targeted marketing strategy. It’s simple to monitor and quantify.

Discover how and when to syndicate information and generate marketing-qualified leads (MQLs). Once you do that, your income will consistently exceed your marketing expenditure.

What Is B2B Content Syndication?

An oldie but a goodie! A B2B content syndication campaign is definitely the icing on that cake for B2B marketers. If you are in doubt, let’s set your mind at ease with a few statistics.

According to recent data, around 30% of B2B firms consider content syndication among their most effective lead generation strategies. What's more? Leading and successful B2B marketers are more likely to use unowned platforms to boost their work than average companies.   

However, merely 27% of B2B businesses presently use content syndication as a marketing strategy. And this is a huge loss of opportunity. 

Let’s give you more insights into why you MUST consider content syndication. We’ll examine the major benefits of content syndication. We’ll also explore the best practices to implement it. So, let’s begin!

What Is Content Syndication in Marketing?

What Is Content Syndication in Marketing

Premium content frequently fails to reach its intended audience. 


B2B businesses either forget to post it through the appropriate platforms. They also neglect to make it known to their core demographic.

Now, do you strive to increase your exposure via value-added content? Then, connect with your customer base and produce high-quality content. Now, is this beginning to seem like deja vu? Well, you may consider trying your hands at content syndication.

What’s content syndication? It’s the technique of engaging third-party service providers to disseminate or post your material on their newsletters, websites, or publications.

Such resources can be either locked or can direct readers to gated pages on your business's website. This aids in the collection of vital user data.

Free Content Syndication

You have numerous choices for free syndication. For example, your firm may partner with another business to create gated content which is accessible to both communities. 

You can later coordinate with an organization to post and promote your publications on social networks and appropriate websites that allow quality guest postings.

However, numerous B2B businesses discover that including sponsored content syndication in the equation significantly increases the success of their marketing campaigns.

Subscription-based content syndication

Subscription-based content syndication services can distribute your information across a broader range of websites in your sponsor's network. It can disseminate content among customer demographics strictly governed by your specified criteria. 

It can even gather information for user purposes. All of this can assist your business in generating more qualified and promising content syndication leads.

B2B Content Syndication: Its Modus Operandi

Mirroring content from one location to a different place is what content syndication entails. It is comparable to a distributed newspaper article.

Let's take the example of a hypothetical William. He is a journalist who regularly posts pieces in the Orlando Sentinel. Later, he decides to syndicate this to many other publications. His headline and the phrasing are left alone, but millions of followers outside of his local paper enjoy his comic style.

The method in which syndicated content for B2B marketers operates is identical. You can replicate a blog entry or a Vimeo video after you've published it. This makes it more broadly accessible and simpler for prospective consumers to locate.

Content Syndication Examples

Content Syndication Examples


LinkedIn is a leading B2B marketing platform where you can syndicate your content for your potential clients. You can post directly on your feed or in-mail your target audience.

Here’s the detailed procedure:

  • You send personalized in-mails to your prospects in your LinkedIn leads’ list – seeking permission to send your content.
  • Once you get the consent, you proceed to in-mail your content to them directly send to their inbox.

How Do You Measure Content Syndication Success?

Establishing the progress of your content syndication tactic necessitates understanding how to quantify pure B2B content syndication. It also entails the appropriate parameters and benchmarks to monitor.


Calculating the ROI from syndicated content marketing techniques may be a difficult and time-consuming operation. It’s because different approaches take a while to yield outcomes. 

B2B content publishing offers information dissemination and additional convenience. Less investment is necessitated because information can be reconfigured and modified at a minimal price. 

Hence, regardless of the difficulties of determining ROI, reduced prices frequently produce positive ROI.

Lead Volume

Assessing engagement aka lead volumes, conversions, and qualifying rates. These are among the main techniques for documenting the progress of disseminating multiple content syndication portals.

Traffic volume might be a great place to start when assessing the effects of content syndication. Following that, B2B content marketing approaches and the best content replication services can be developed using analytics results. 

Increasing the number of visits to webpages and exclusive information is an effective strategy to increase MQLs and demand creation.

Brand Lift

One way to gauge the beneficial effects of B2B content syndication is through brand authority and power in thought management. But these metrics are difficult to measure. 

Distribution of material and conversations can be used to monitor brand lift. Higher and better reactions to content marketing advertisements that result in economic opportunities may also be referred to as brand lift.

Why Should You Consider Content Syndication?

If you intend to establish strong connections with your clients and leads, content syndication counts as crucial. B2B content dissemination helps you generate prospects by spreading your message to the masses.

Transmission of content is still a top consideration for B2B marketers. Using content marketing as the primary tactic, about 46% of businesses are trying to improve their usage of distribution networks, especially syndication. 

Here are the major upsides of implementing B2B content syndication strategies:

  • Simple to generate material for, post to numerous sites andsend to target accounts
  • Boost your website's visibility by adding links
  • Easily reach high domain authority websites
  • It's well-liked by search engines and therefore will raise your results
  • Revive previous prospects who had drifted or momentarily got bored and produce more qualified traffic
  • By authoring only once and disseminating it widely, you can increase ROI

Outbound Content Syndication:

Content syndication trhough outbound strategy can give significant ROI. Syndicating your branded material broadens the reach of your business and attracts buyers in previously unknown digital communities. Your sales department will spend fewer hours cold-calling prospects with little likelihood of converting – if you produce superior results.

You, as a marketeer, can concentrate on leads that are most willing to be a part of your sales funnel. Your sales reps will eventually help convert promising prospects into paying users by recognizing leads who are just starting their customer journey. 

Additionally, syndicating your articles can establish your sales representatives as industry-leading experts.

Best Practices for Implementing a B2B Content Syndication Strategy in Your Business

A content-publishing channel is more inclined to support your piece if its reposts boost traffic. As a result, your postings perform better, and your approach is successful on both co unts.

Here are some marketing content syndication tips for B2B marketers looking to use content syndication as part of their strategy:

  • Identify your target audience: It's important to know who you want to reach with your content. This will help you choose the right websites and channels to syndicate your content.
  • Choose the right content: Not all of your content will be suitable for syndication. Look for pieces that are evergreen and likely to be of interest to a broad audience.
  • Use relevant and high-quality websites: Choose websites that are relevant to your target audience and have an excellent reputation. This will help ensure that the right people see your content and that it is perceived as credible.
  • Keep track of your results: Use analytics tools to track the performance of your syndicated content. This will help you understand what is working and what is not and allow you to make adjustments to your strategy as needed.
  • Stay up to date with best practices: The world of content syndication is constantly evolving. Make sure to keep up with the latest best practices and trends in order to get the most out of your efforts.

To attract prospective customers who are browsing the content channel, you must ensure the stuff you publish is pertinent. The folks who are interested in your material won't click if isn't excellent enough. 

Let’s check out some of the best channels for posting and promoting your syndicated content.

Account-based Marketing

Syndicating information is a great addition to account-based promotion. In locations where your targeted customers are most inclined to see it, you can replicate the text. You can achieve this using email marketing, social media targeting, or by posting messages on potential clients' blogs or social media postings.

Content Syndication Providers

You can subcontract republishing material to various syndication platforms partnering with content syndication providers. Content syndication broadens your consumer reach while also creating and enhancing your website's backlinks.

Appropriate Content Platforms

The foundation of any approach to digital marketing is content networks. The sharing of information with a larger audience has been made simple for publishers by sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

It's crucial to realize that distributing your material with existing clients is different from republishing it at random. Broaden your online content approach. Incorporate the regions of content platforms where your target audience is most likely to locate you.

Channels for your content count as the powerbrokers in an era where knowledge reigns supreme. They own the empire's reins. A content channel needs to figure out how to get people to visit its website in order to generate revenue.

Outsource Your Content Syndication Strategy to a Reliable Partner

Content syndication counts as a potent tactic that enables you to connect with your target market and produce more quality traffic from potential clients.

An effective content syndication strategy allows you to launch initiatives using a CPL model, maximize your content's value, and boost brand recognition. It also helps in increasing the number of people who see your material.

Nevertheless, because of a lack of funding, inadequate segmentation, and insufficient resources, several businesses have trouble with B2B content distribution.

You ought to think about outsourcing your project to an expert content syndication provider like Revnew if you face any of the above issues and intend to generate results with your valuable content.


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