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Why Choose HubSpot Programmable Automation for Your B2B Business Growth

hubSpot programmable automation

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HubSpot is more like a companion to your business than simply a marketing automation tool. You can set up the tasks you want to automate, and it gets the job done. These tasks may include automating follow-ups or moving contacts to different stages based on certain triggers. 

If you own a small or medium-sized business, utilizing HubSpot's programmable automation is essential. It helps you deliver an outstanding customer experience. 

So, let's explore useful HubSpot programmable automation business solutions. 

HubSpot Programmable Automation And Its Prime Features

In simple words, HubSpot Programmable Automation is a workflow builder. It lets you automate repetitive processes, save time and prevent errors.

You need to adjust the tool according to your business's requirements to automate all the critical tasks. The tool will prompt you to choose the action triggers and the desired action that it should perform. You can easily set these triggers using the tool's pre-built options.

Here are its prime features you must know:

1. Custom Objects

This feature is specifically useful for marketers. It lets you keep track of every little change around deals, such as: 
  • The present owner of the deal
  • Deal’s current stage, etc.

Thus, your sales reps remain updated on the deals' progress. Plus, they can take timely actions to engage with contacts as soon as their deal’s status changes. The tool frees you from checking your CRM constantly. 

2. Real-Time Deal Updates


The feature helps you get real-time details on deals. It lets you create a HubSpot Workflow that automatically notifies sales reps about the deal's movement. 

Like custom objects, real-time deal updates encourage the sales team to take timely actions to engage with prospects.

HubSpot Programmable Automation Use Cases to Boost Your Productivity

Here are the top Hubspot programmable automation use cases

1. Create Tasks with a Relative Due Date


This feature allows you to set task due dates relative to the date of another event, such as the creation or completion of a related task or the scheduled meeting date. 

For example, you can set a task to be due two days before a meeting. This feature enables more flexible and accurate task management, as due dates can be automatically adjusted based on changes to related events or milestones. Thus, it improves overall productivity and task completion rates.

2. Calculate MQL Duration


Would you wish to see the exact duration of converting a contact to MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead)? Use the HubSpot's programmable automation feature to calculate the duration between record creation and the MQL event. 

You can use this information to identify channels or campaigns that generate MQLs faster. As a result, you’ll be able to predict sales forecasts better and make informed decisions about staffing, budget, and resources.

3. Concatenate The Complete Address Into A Single Property


The programmable automation gives you access to your contact's complete address. Thus, you can get a contact's country, region, city, street address, and postal code. Furthermore, you can access the complete address on the card or sidebar of the contact's record. 

This information will be key to your personalized pages, email, quotes, etc.

4. Recreate Monthly Deals On the Same Day


Creating deals for subscriptions manually every time takes too much of your time. With HubSpot programmable automation, you can build an automated workflow for it. The tool lets you create brand-new deals depending on the close date.

5. Deal Renewal Management


You can scale your customer renewal process with this tool. It automates renewal deal creation as soon as the previous deal closes. It'll create the following:
  • A new deal with a new close date
  • The new deal amount and deal discount
  • Link the new deal to the company whose deal just closed.

What Sales & Marketing Processes Can You Automate With It?

There is hardly anything that you can't automate with HubSpot programmable automation. From lead rotation and post-sale follow-ups to renewals, the tool automates everything. 
Your company can use HubSpot Programmable Automation for Sales & Marketing Processes in the following ways: 

  • Randomize emails sent for A/B testing or multivariate.
  • Rotate lead assignments among sales representatives depending on specific criteria. 
  • Calculate future dates depending on available date-based properties. 
  • Customize renewal processes and other advanced deal automation. 
  • Update customer data on external platforms. Such as an ERP. 
  • Create chat flows tuned in with your customers' requirements.
  • Link a contact's deal to their respective company.
  • Access contact data through external databases.
  • Associate your company's data with the provided business intelligence server.
  • Automate contracts' email address validation process.
  • Auto-manage customer referral programs.
  • Transfer hosted services into your workflows and use 3rd party data without any risk.
  • Update and format contacts' phone numbers.

What Benefits Do You Get From HubSpot Programmable Automation?

1. Easy Data Customization 

Programmable automation lets you run highly customized automation in no time. You can use its existing pre-defined automation workflow or use custom code options. Custom options allow you to create chat flows and workflows specific to your business.


2. No Security Issues For Your Customer Data

Programmable automation is in-built into your HubSpot CRM platform. Thus, it doesn't send your company's data unnecessarily to any third-party services. 

3. Automate all Important Business Processes

You can automate most of your business's processes with a single tool. Such as: 
  • Your renewal management.
  • Custom workflow bots creation.
  • Lead scoring is based on your defined properties.

The HubSpot Programmable Automation Use Cases for your business expand as you grow. The tool is scalable and flexible. It can adapt to the varying needs of your business. 

4. Keep A Check On Data Quality, And Accuracy

Programmable automation automates cleaning, enriching, and standardizing your customer's data. It helps you process accurate customer data at scale. Thus, it prevents duplicate entries and errors. 

With data enrichment, programmable automation adds missing/ lost data to records. You can define which data is missing (phone numbers, addresses, etc.) and where the tool should add it. 

5. Visualize Every Data Of Your Customer

You get access to a flexible dataset that you can use for customer data visualization. You can easily create a report or dashboard to do so. 

Types of data you can view on the datasets are: 
  • The number of leads generated from each campaign. 
  • How quickly leads move across the sales pipeline.
  • Campaigns that are generating higher leads.
  • Sales funnel parts/areas that prevent leads from moving forward in the sales pipeline.

Monitor Your Automation Performance With HubSpot Analytics

HubSpot analytics lets you measure the performance of all your automated email workflows. Hence, to analyze an automatically sent email performance, navigate to your email dashboard and follow these steps:

  1. Open your HubSpot account 
  2. Go to Marketing
  3. Tap on Email
  4. Tap on the sent email tab 
  5. Tap on See details. It will open a slide-in panel. Here you can get email details such as:
  • Internal email title
  • Subject line
  • From the address
  • The user who sent the message

6. Tap on the Performance tab to access a high-level overview of email engagement.
7. To view information about each email recipient, go to the Recipients tab.

Here's how to use different dropdown menu options:

  • Export- It exports email data to an external database located at the top-right corner.
  • List- It segments the email performances by list when sent to multiple recipients' lists. 


  • Workflow- It segments automated email performance by workflow. 



Undoubtedly, HubSpot programmable automation will be an asset to your business. You'll be able to improve efficiency and reduce errors and lead personalized communication with your prospects. Plus, it provides valuable data insights for informed decision-making. 

You'll experience increased productivity and improved business outcomes in no time. 

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