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Top 7 Appointment Setting Companies in 2024

Top 7 Appointment Setting Companies in 2024

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Imagine this scenario: your cold calling efforts yield a mere 1% appointment show-up rate. The equation looks grim, right?

However, with an appointment setting company like Revnew, you can experience the shift from low show rates to a staggering 90%! 

Consider Revnew’s success story with an Energy company – where we facilitated in-person meet-ups, enabling the firm to pitch its cost-saving possibilities successfully.

However, our experts have curated a rundown of the other top appointment setting companies in 2024. You can check them out below. But before that, let’s understand the critical role of using appointment setting services for your business:

What’s the Role of Appointment Setting in Sales?

Appointment setting is highly critical to streamlining your sales process and maximizing opportunities for conversion. Let's examine its key benefits:

1. Boosting Sales Efficiency

By effectively scheduling appointments with decision-makers, you ensure your sales resources are directed ONLY toward high-potential prospects. It minimizes wasted time and effort – thereby improving overall efficiency.

2. Enhancing Prospecting Capabilities

Focusing on direct interactions with qualified leads fosters opportunities for substantive dialogue and relationship building. As such, appointment setting enables your sales teams to prioritize prospecting efforts and maximize conversion rates.

3. Cultivating Meaningful Relationships

Conversations with prospects allow sales reps to understand their needs. As such, you can tailor solutions accordingly. You can nurture long-term client relationships through consistent engagement and follow-up – laying the groundwork for future collaboration and loyalty.

4. Achieving Objectives

Appointment setting aligns sales efforts with organizational goals, facilitating the achievement of revenue targets. You can track appointment metrics and outcomes – to assess performance and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

That being said, let’s look at the elements you should consider before selecting B2B appointment setting services:

How to Choose the Best Appointment Setting Companies: 6 Deciding Factors

If you've opted for outsourcing your sales appointment setting, consider the following: 

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Specialized expertise
  • The need to substitute your in-house team

Despite its potential benefits, outsourcing entails particular risk factors. 

So, what critical aspects should you evaluate before shortlisting B2B appointment setting companies? 

Here are six essential factors to scrutinize in your decision-making process:

  1. Expertise Match: Ensure the appointment setting agency aligns with your industry. Plus, it should possess the expertise needed for your specific business niche.
  2. Record Assessment: Examine the company's past performance and success stories. Then, you can gauge its ability to deliver quality appointments consistently.
  3. Customization Capability: Confirm the company's flexibility in tailoring its approach to match your business requirements and goals.
  4. Communication Effectiveness: Evaluate their communication strategies to guarantee seamless interaction with your target audience. It will positively reflect on your brand.
  5. Cost-Effective Transparency: Prioritize companies offering transparent pricing structures. It ensures cost-effectiveness without compromising the quality of appointments generated.
  6. Organizational Structure: Examine the agency’s internal organization to ensure:
    • Efficient workflows
    • Clear roles
    • A structure

– that aligns with your expectations for smooth collaboration and effective communication.

So, now you understand the primary criteria you should consider before selecting an appointment setting agency.

From Low Show Rates to 90% Show up Rate: How Revnew Helps CGE Energy


Let’s get to the main topic: Our list of the best appointment setting companies.

A Rundown of the Top 8 B2B Appointment Setting Companies

Let’s now explore concise overviews of the top appointment setting companies – other than Revnew – consistently delivering qualified meetings with key decision-makers.

1. Revnew

Revnew, a leading B2B lead generation service provider, combines technology with outbound sales and marketing to produce long-term growth for its clients.
Our lead-generation process links you with decision-makers, effectively cutting costs per sale and boosting your sales pipeline.

Due to this unique framework, we were able to help another client successfully book 20 meetings from the prospect database – including PepsiCo and Milacron.


Precision Targeting: Revnew enables you to identify high-conversion prospects, optimizing budget allocation for impactful results.
Plug-and-Play Efficiency: It supercharges your existing efforts seamlessly, integrating smoothly with current campaign infrastructures.
No Setup Fees: The firm has broken the norm by charging for results, not setup. No upfront fees; you pay for the outcomes you witness.
Intent-Driven Prospecting: It employs a meticulous, intent data-backed methodology for precise sales qualification and multistep prospecting.
Multi-Channel Outreach: Revnew enables you to engage prospects across relevant channels. It fosters trust and credibility through strategic touchpoints.
Strategic Lead Nurturing: The firm’s experts strategically assess prospect fit and nurture leads. It ensures warmth and readiness for meaningful interactions.
Efficient Meeting Booking: Revnew streamlines the process from appointment setting to CRM updates, empowering you to close deals quickly.


Revnew follows a subscription-based pricing model and has three plans as per your requirements: Starter, Growth, and Dominate.

2. SalesRoads

SalesRoads is a B2B appointment setting company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It boasts a rich history of serving over 500 clients. Their track record includes successfully setting several appointments, establishing them as a prominent player in the industry.


  • Multichannel Strategy: SalesRoads strategically leverages phone conversations and emails as primary channels. It supplements these with LinkedIn, which expands outreach and aids in the research process.
  • Extensive SDR Training: One of SalesRoads' core strengths is its commitment to excellence. It’s evident in its long Sales Development Representative (SDR) training. This investment ensures a highly skilled and proficient team.
  • Domestic Sales Professionals: Another key advantage is their use of trained sales professionals. It contributes to their understanding of the local market and emphasizes a personalized and culturally aligned approach.


SalesRoads offers a range of services with pricing starting at $9,250 per month. The cost structure may vary based on specific client needs and requirements. It ensures flexibility in meeting diverse business objectives.

3. Leadium

Leadium, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, operates as a distinctive boutique B2B appointment setting service. Setting itself apart, the company emphasizes a robust team. Notably,  Leadium's ethos ingrains transparency – something we have covered in the USPs below:


  • Human-Centered Sales Approach: Leadium incorporates email, phone, and social outreach, explicitly focusing on effectual and empathetic cold calling.
  • Project Flexibility: The company expresses interest in projects starting from $1,000. As such, Leadium underscores its commitment to aiding small business clients in establishing valuable B2B connections.
  • Transparency and Insight Sharing: Leadium ensures clarity in its processes, fostering a client-centric approach. It showcases personalized profiles, sample call records, and a dedication to sharing practical insights.


Leadium adheres to a transparent pricing structure. It offers specific details upon request. A notable feature is their flexible month-to-month contracts, which provide clients with adaptability and convenience in their partnership.

4. Intelemark

Established in 2000, Intelemark is a leading B2B appointment setting and lead generation company. Specializing in sales pipeline development, Intelemark offers B2B telemarketing services for complex appointment settings, event registration, and lead qualification post-trade shows. 


  • Seamless Team Integration: Intelemark integrates seamlessly with your sales and marketing processes. It becomes an extension of your team to deliver warm leads and facilitate a smooth handover of appointments.
  • Tailored B2B Solutions: The firm aligns with your unique goals by providing customized B2B appointment setting strategies. It ensures high-quality appointments that resonate with the C-Suite.
  • Effortless Integration, Quality Leads: Effortlessly blending into your marketing/sales processes, Intelemark ensures pre-qualified, warm leads that align with your objectives. It guarantees a seamless transition to its software and allows you to concentrate on closing deals.

5. EBQ

EBQ offers outsourced sales and marketing services tailored to organizations with software, hardware, and cloud technology. Providing dedicated teams for every phase of the sales cycle, EBQ fills gaps and accelerates sales efforts. These fully managed and trained teams adhere to best practices, driving pipeline and revenue growth.


  • Comprehensive Team Engagement: You can experience full department support with EBQ. Collaborate with a team of seasoned professionals, providing dedicated support at a fraction of the cost of internal hiring.
  • Absolute Transparency in Operations: EBQ helps eliminate guesswork from the sales development process. You can operate directly within your tools for seamless tracking of progress. Regular check-ins, hosted by Project Managers, keep you and your stakeholders updated on every aspect.
  • Rapid Full Productivity: EBQ ensures swift and complete productivity. With a proven onboarding and training process, outsourced teams can learn about your product and initiate activities within five days of the kickoff call. Additionally, continuous upskilling guarantees that all SDRs adhere to best practices.


By requesting a quote, you can learn about their six core services and discover how to create an outsourced team cost-effectively.

6. OnBrand24

OnBrand24 is a leading global tech-enabled call center. It operates across North America, South America, South Africa, Europe, and Asia, delivering 24/7 call center outsourcing. Its experienced associates provide a spectrum of outbound services – from lead generation and appointment setting to database hygiene and list scrubbing.


  • Exclusive Sales Methodology Training: OnBrand24's outbound sales agents undergo specialized training with the firm’s sales methodology. It equips them with the tools for unparalleled success in appointment setting.
  • Efficient Outreach Across Target Markets: Highly trained specialists conduct rapid cold calling across target markets. They zreach hundreds of accounts that may be beyond the capacity of your in-house staff. It ensures extensive market coverage.
  • Optimized Methodology and Strong ROI: OnBrand24's appointment setting professionals leverage a proven call center methodology, yielding a robust ROI for your business while concurrently reducing costs. Detailed reports accompany every call, providing transparent insights into campaign results.


You can contact their customer service team to request a free quote. However, their Shared Service Model includes a $2,500 monthly minimum.

7. Callbox, Inc.

Callbox is a prominent player in B2B lead generation within the US. Specializing in cutting-edge multichannel strategies and account-based marketing, the company excels in delivering top-tier business leads. 

Headquartered in California, Callbox strategically operates from at least eight offices across diverse regions.


  • Linguistic Versatility: What sets Callbox apart is its proficiency in over 15 languages, encompassing major dialects and significant languages.
  • Global Outreach: With a robust presence in strategically located offices, Callbox ensures a global reach, seamlessly connecting businesses with diverse markets.
  • Callbox Pipeline: The proprietary marketing automation platform, Callbox Pipeline, is at the heart of Callbox's offerings. This tool streamlines and automates the appointment setting process, elevating overall efficiency and outcomes.


Callbox adopts a transparent pricing approach, tailoring costs to individual needs. Detailed information is available upon request.

8. Strategic Sales & Marketing

Strategic Sales & Marketing, Inc. is the oldest American B2B appointment setting company. With a remarkable track record, they specialize in comprehensive B2B lead generation, nurturing, and sales pipeline development.


  • Consultative Approach: Strategic Sales & Marketing focuses on consultative conversations and relationship-building. This strategic approach establishes credibility with decision-makers, fostering long-term business relationships.
  • Holistic Strategy Implementation: Their strategic process involves crafting prospect lists, scripting calls, introducing your company via phone, and delivering warm leads. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded and effective B2B engagement strategy.


Strategic Sales & Marketing, Inc. adopts a flexible pricing model, with costs varying based on project specifics. 

So, now you have it – your checklist for the best appointment setting services! But how does it help boost your revenue – i.e., your bottom line? Let’s check that out:

How Can You Maximize ROI with Appointment Setting Services?

To maximize ROI with appointment setting services, focus on measuring success and quantifying results. How? Here are the steps:

  • Track key metrics like conversion rates and booked meetings to assess effectiveness. Analyze real-time data to make informed adjustments in future campaigns. 
  • Compare the cost of services to revenue generated to calculate ROI. 
  • Continuously refine strategies based on insights to drive growth and ensure a worthwhile investment.

ROI is fine. But for your desired results, you must follow certain best approaches to partnering with an appointment setting provider. So, here they are:

What Are Some Best Practices for Effective Collaboration?

Here are some best practices to ensure a productive partnership:

  • Clear Communication: Maintain open communication channels to align goals and expectations effectively.
  • Detailed Briefs: Provide comprehensive briefs outlining the target audience and key messaging for tailored outreach.
  • Regular Feedback: Offer constructive feedback based on performance metrics to facilitate improvement.
  • Training Support: Provide training on products/services to empower appointment setters for effective representation.
  • Access to Resources: Offer marketing materials and FAQs to support prospect interactions comprehensively.
  • Collaborative Strategy Sessions: Schedule regular sessions to brainstorm ideas and address challenges.
  • Integration with Sales Processes: Ensure seamless integration with CRM and follow-up procedures.

Success Story

In fact, by adopting the above-mentioned approaches, our team at Revnew was able to help an interior horticultural design firm reach 16,000+ contacts!

The company wanted to promote its indoor landscaping products/ services to facilities and private offices. However, it struggled to connect with target personas due to a lack of response and communication barriers. It needed a new approach to expand its client base.

Revnew, in response to the challenges implemented a 5-step strategy. Within just 18 months, the business gained 124 leads for conversion. You can read the full story here.

So, you can see right. The ideal appointment setting company can significantly up your sales efforts! 

However, you might wonder – why have we not yet addressed the elephant in the room? What are the roadblocks involved in appointment setting? So, next up…

Are There Any Challenges in Appointment Setting: What Are the Solutions?

In an appointment setting, several challenges can hinder the effectiveness of your outbound sales efforts. However, there are strategic solutions to each obstacle. Let’s check them out:

  1. Challenge: Difficulty in Identifying Qualified Leads
    Solution: Implement thorough lead qualification criteria to ensure you focus on prospects with the highest potential for conversion.
  2. Challenge: High Appointment No-Show Rates
    Solution: Leverage reminder notifications closer to appointment times via email or SMS to increase attendance.
  3. Challenge: Gatekeepers Blocking Access to Decision-Makers
    Solution: Build rapport with gatekeepers by demonstrating professionalism and respect. It boosts your chances of gaining access to decision-makers.
  4. Challenge: Inability to Handle Rejections and Objections
    Solution: Equip yourself with effective objection-handling techniques and scripts – to address common concerns.
  5. Challenge: Limited Availability of Decision-Makers
    Solution: Offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate the busy schedules of decision-makers.
  6. Challenge: Changes in Market Dynamics
    Solution: Stay responsive to market changes. Monitor trends closely and adapt your strategies accordingly to maintain relevance and effectiveness.


Always remember – the success of your appointment setting initiatives hinges on selecting the right partner. Hence, collaborate with a reputable and experienced appointment setting service provider like Revnew.

Access expertise, resources, and support necessary to overcome challenges and achieve sustainable growth. Consult Revnew for personalized insights and expert guidance. With precision, navigate the landscape of success.

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