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AHC Sees More Quality Leads with Revnew's Convincing Strategy

How Revnew helped a full-service M&A advisory firm seek relevant stakeholders in the healthcare domain to check their interest in selling their businesses.


Established in 1990, American Healthcare Capital (AHC) emphasizes healthcare transactions, fully understanding the need for a unique approach to healthcare services.

They take pride in always having real-time knowledge of the marketplace. They know who buys a premium, what deals can get financing, and who sells for a discount!

Over the course of three decades, AHC has built a robust nexus with 100,000+ active subscribers. They offer the following specialties:

  • Mezzanine financing
  • Business valuations
  • Buy-side engagements
  • Sell-side engagements
  • In-house counsel services

One of their USPs is that they do business valuations for free in the healthcare domain, allowing eager companies to sell for a premium in as little as 30 days. AHC is based in Marina del Rey, CA.

INDUSTRY - Financial Services


To attract more hospice owners and companies that wanted to exit or sell their businesses.


Even though AHC has been in business for 30+ years, they wanted more companies (who want to sell) to use their business valuation services. And they especially wanted to target hospice owners and companies looking to exit or sell their practices.

The best part about working with AHC is that they have the lowest minimum fee. And unlike some of the competitors, AHC calculates their fee based on the price the company sells for, not the asking price. Plus, the fee is only applicable when a transaction is completed successfully.

With such a brilliant USP in place, the company quickly needed to leverage that in the sales strategy and messaging to connect with and educate its target audience simultaneously.

That’s where Revnew entered the picture to polish AHC’s messaging, highlighting the terms and conditions and USPs, and reach out to hospice owners and stakeholders to check their interest in selling.


  • Market research
  • Contact discovery
  • Competitor analysis
  • Email sales copywriting
  • Email outreach building


Two weeks


  1. Before creating a personalized strategy, we needed to learn about AHC. We met with the management to understand their offerings, the type of sellers and buyers they dealt with, and their business process.
  2. Meetings with them gave us insight into how they did business with hospice owners and companies. In addition, we did our market research and competitor analysis to understand the domain more.
  3. Our copywriters got to work and gathered information on the USPs of AHC, how the extensive buyer base could make selling a breeze, and the simple terms and conditions that came with the territory.
  4. We then designed an email outreach strategy (along with a follow-up sequence) to contact relevant stakeholders in hospices and other companies and set up meetings to discuss their intent to sell.
  5. After launching the email campaign, we kept tweaking the copy and experimenting with different timings to ensure our content engaged the maximum number of prospects.


-AHC now has a fresh list of contacts to reach in hospices and similar companies because of our contact discovery exercise.
-Via extensive market research, we could draw their desired target personas. We delivered 225 leads in 20 months.
-AHC has closed deal sizes of more than $40 million so far.

“I am most impressed with the quality of leads we have received. The Revnew team is really hands-on, understands our industry well, and knows how to draft the right material for convincing prospects. I am hoping to see more leads from them in the future. Thanks, team!”

— Jack Eskenazi, Founder & President, AHC

A promising pipeline helps take the pressure off sales. Minimize that workload (and headache). Accelerate your revenue with Revnew today!

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