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Top 20 Proven Tips for Financial Lead Generation

Top 20 Proven Tips for Financial Lead Generation

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Generating leads is the base for any business. But regarding financial services, various aspects should be considered while generating leads. In financial services, word of mouth is important, but appropriate outreach strategies are a must for higher reach. In fact, the finance industry thrives on trust and credibility. 

Thus, strategies for lead generation in this field are not only about expanding the customer base. It’s also about establishing trust, creating a unique brand voice, and offering potential clients a platform where they can easily access your services. 

So, here let us explore the top 20 tips to generate leads for financial services.

20 Proven Tips To Get Financial Services Leads

For your financial services business to thrive and achieve unprecedented success, you must capture and hold prospective clients' attention. To do this, effective lead generation strategies are paramount. In the subsequent sections, we will explore 20 robust tips to significantly enhance your financial services lead generation efforts.

1. Create  Your Unique Brand Voice

Your brand voice serves as your business's unique signature. It makes you distinct and memorable in the crowded financial services marketplace. Thus, craft a brand voice that resonates with your audience and communicates your core values and mission consistently across all platforms.

Create  Your Unique Brand Voice

Once you understand clearly, create a brand voice chart to represent your tone visually. Ensure it aligns with the preferences and expectations of your target audience.

To maintain consistency, educate your entire team about this voice. To reinforce brand recognition, every communication should echo this tone, from customer service to social media management.

2. Set Up A Customized Website 

The importance of a well-crafted, user-friendly website is quite high. Consider your website as your digital storefront. Since it frequently represents your initial point of contact with potential customers, it must be well-customized for your audience.

To bring this idea to life, do the following:

  • Work with a qualified web designer. They can assist in transforming your brand identity into a digital medium that appeals to your target audience.
  • An easy-to-find, easy-to-use contact form on your site is crucial for lead generation. Make sure it's placed prominently.
  • Lastly, keep your audience returning by maintaining a steady flow of relevant and valuable content. Plan and execute a content strategy that includes regular updates of industry-specific blogs, articles, and news.

3. Ensure Mobile-First Readiness

Consumers use their cell phones more frequently to access banking services as technology advances. Therefore, ensuring your website is optimized for mobile use is vital for capturing those leads. Try doing these:

Ensure Mobile-First Readiness


4. Embrace Cold Calling 

Outbound marketing strategy, cold calling, can be an effective way to broadcast your financial services to a broader audience. It’s about pushing your message out to as many people as possible, hoping it will resonate with those who need your services. Here's how to do it effectively:

  • Before making a cold call, research the company or individual you're contacting. Understand their needs and pain points so you can tailor your pitch to address them specifically. Being well-prepared will make your conversation more engaging and relevant.
  • Time is valuable, so get to the point quickly. Introduce yourself, state the purpose of your call, and explain the value you can provide. Keep your message concise and focused, using engaging language to maintain the prospect's interest.
  • Pay close attention to the prospect's responses and reactions. Listen carefully to their needs and concerns, and be ready to adapt your pitch accordingly. Engaging in active listening shows that you value their input and can help build rapport.
  • Not every cold call will result in an immediate sale. If the prospect isn't interested at the moment, thank them for their time. Then, ask if you can follow up at a more convenient time but before that don’t forget to prepare solid phone scripts for lead follow up. Maintain a professional and respectful attitude, and be persistent without being pushy.
  • Furthermore, measure the effectiveness of your campaigns using metrics like response rate or return on investment (ROI). Using this, you can refine your approach eventually.

5. Embrace Cold Emailing 

It's another outbound marketing channel that's best to reach your target market.  Statistically, emails have an open rate of 21.5% per Campaign Monitor.

  • Avoid generic email templates. Address the recipient by name and include personalized details relevant to their business or interests. A tailored sales pitch template with personalized message shows that you've done your homework and increases the chances of getting a response.
  • Your subject line should be attention-grabbing and give the recipient an idea of what the email is about. A compelling subject line can significantly impact the open rate of your email.
  • Highlight the benefits your product or service can offer the recipient. Explain how it can solve their specific problems or improve their business. Show value, and make it clear why they should consider your offer.
  • End your email with a clear and specific call-to-action. Whether it's requesting a meeting, a phone call, or a response to a question, a strong CTA gives the recipient a clear next step to take.

Ensure to develop concise, powerful messages that articulate the value and benefits of your financial services.

6. Capitalize On LinkedIn Networking

For financial services, LinkedIn is a perfect place to get connected with CEOs, CFOs, and other reputable people from big organizations. Its professional audience and industry-specific groups make it an excellent platform for connecting with potential clients.

Additionally, using LinkedIn is quite simple. The main things that you should remember when generating financial leads from LinkedIn are as follows:
  • Build a strong LinkedIn profile that communicates your expertise and the value of your financial services.
  • Participate in relevant LinkedIn groups and discussions, offering helpful insights and advice.
  • Use LinkedIn's advanced search features and Sales Navigator to identify and connect with potential leads.

7. Invest In Community Building Initiatives

Community-building initiatives can generate goodwill and increase awareness of your financial services. These might include financial education workshops, sponsorship of local events, or charity involvement.

These initiatives need to be taken care of quite precisely. You must ensure you are linking to the community where you can get clients and share insights as needed. Some tips that you must keep in mind are:

  • Identify community initiatives that align with your brand values and resonate with your target audience.
  • Allocate a budget and resources for involvement in these initiatives.
  • Leverage your involvement in marketing materials and social media posts to enhance your brand image.

8. Build Social Proof

Your financial services business relies heavily on trust. One way to build this trust is through social proof. Positive experiences of other customers can often sway potential leads, reassuring them about your expertise and reliability.

Also, as per the current situation, here are a few things you can do to bring in new leads:

Build Social Proof

How Revnew helped a full-service M&A advisory firm seek relevant stakeholders in the healthcare domain to check their interest in selling their businesses.

9. Communicate How You Provide Value To Your Target Audience

Financial services is a crowded space with many businesses offering similar services. It's easy for your potential clients to get overwhelmed. Break through this noise by establishing a clear, unique value proposition. 

Start by asking these questions:

  • Are you offering a more personalized service? 
  • Do you specialize in a niche area of finance? 
  • Are you known for innovative financial solutions? 

You must effectively identify and articulate this unique value proposition to resonate with your target audience and help you stand out from the competition. Begin by determining what sets your services apart and why it matters to your audience.

Consolidate this unique value proposition in your marketing and communication efforts. Additionally, regularly reassess your value proposition in light of evolving market conditions and customer needs.

10. Focus On Solving Problems Than Sell Products

With the shift in customer buying behavior, the old-school approach of hard-selling products no longer cut it. Today's savvy clients seek solutions to their problems more than anything else. As a financial services provider, you're in a unique position to offer these solutions. 

So if you are guiding a small business owner through a tough financial patch, focus on solving problems first. You can do this by:

  • Adopting a consultative approach to sales, spending time understanding your clients' financial pain points.
  • Training your sales and customer service teams to embrace this solution-oriented approach.
  • Showcasing how your financial services have solved real-life problems through case studies and testimonials in your marketing communications.

11. Run Paid Online Ads Of Your Services 

Running paid online ads can be a great way to reach these potential clients and increase your visibility. Online ads also offer the added advantage of precise targeting. You can ensure your ads are displayed to the right people at the right time, increasing your chances of lead generation.

To get started, try these simple steps:

  • Start by identifying the online platforms that are most popular with your target audience.
  • Create engaging ads that clearly highlight the benefits of your services and what sets you apart.
  • Invest time and resources in monitoring your ad performance and optimizing it based on insights and data.

12. Publish Educational Content

The finance world can be complex, and most people appreciate guidance. By publishing educational content, you can provide this guidance and build trust with your potential clients. It's a potent tool to demonstrate your knowledge and establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.

You can draw in new customers, engage them, and keep them coming back for more with its assistance. To do this, try the following: 

  • Create a content strategy to add value to your audience's experience through informative blogs, articles, and videos.
  • Use SEO best practices to increase your content's exposure and reach more people.
  • Invite your audience to engage with your material to promote participation and a sense of community.

13. Adopt A Localized Approach

There's a saying that goes, "Think global, act local," and it couldn't be more true for financial service providers. Focusing your efforts on a specific geographic area allows you to become a big fish in a small pond. 

You face less competition and can establish stronger ties with your community. It also opens opportunities to participate in local events and activities that boost your brand's visibility and reputation.

Some of the things that you can do to adopt this strategy are as follows:

  • Start by understanding the specific needs and preferences of your local market.
  • Get involved in local events, networking activities, and industry shows to boost your brand visibility.
  • Leverage local SEO strategies to increase your online visibility within your local market.

14. Offer Free Financial Management Tools

Offering free tools can be a magnet for attracting potential leads. People love getting value for free. In fact, you get to attract potential clients and demonstrate your value and expertise by offering free financial management tools. This can be a strong selling point for your services.

Consider developing tools like:
  • Budget planner
  • Financial calculators
  • Investment simulators

Promote these free tools on your website and other marketing channels. Encourage users to share their contact information to access these tools to generate leads.

15. Ask For Referrals From Your Existing Clients

Your current clients can be a treasure trove of potential leads. They already understand the value of your services and can advocate for your business in their networks. By leveraging this, you can tap into a ready pool of potential clients who already have a positive impression of your business.

In fact, as per a study by Nielson, 92% of people trust the referrals making it a good option to generate more leads. To get the best outcome, try the following:

Ask For Referrals From Your Existing Clients

  • Create a structured referral program encouraging clients to refer their friends and colleagues.
  • Incentivize the referral process by offering benefits like discounts or exclusive services.
  • Regularly remind your clients about the referral program and the benefits they can avail of.

16. Host A Client Event

Hosting client events can be a fantastic way to build stronger relationships with current clients and attract potential ones. These events range from informative webinars and financial workshops to casual networking events. It's a chance to showcase your expertise and provide value while fostering a sense of community.

You can do this by:

  • Identify the event type that would be most beneficial and appealing to your clients and prospects.
  • Plan and promote the event well in advance, highlighting the value attendees will gain.
  • Use the event to gather contact information and follow up with attendees afterward.

17. Reach Prospects With A Bad Experience With Your Rival

In the financial services industry, not all experiences are positive. But a client's negative experience with another advisor can be an opportunity for you. By offering a better, more empathetic service, you can win over these disillusioned clients.

When you are trying to convert such prospects to clients, be cautious and adopt the following practices:

  • Encourage prospects to share their past experiences, then actively listen and empathize.
  • Showcase how your services differ and how you can provide a better, more positive experience.
  • Go above and beyond in your service delivery to exceed their expectations and cement their trust.

18. Use Personal Observation TO Give An Edge To Prospecting

Sometimes, the most valuable insights come from simply observing. Paying close attention to your prospects' needs, behaviors, and preferences can make your approach more effective. This personal touch can set you apart in a crowded market and help you win more clients.

When you are using personal observation, you should try the following:

  • Take note of the unique needs and preferences of each prospect you interact with.
  • Tailor your communication and service offering to meet these individuals’ needs.
  • Use insights to continuously refine and improve your prospecting strategy.

19. Leverage Digital Storytelling

Stories can be powerful tools in marketing. Digital storytelling, in particular, can bring your brand and services to life. You can convey your brand's story compellingly and engagingly using digital tools like videos, podcasts, and interactive web pages.

Going for storytelling is a crucial step. You need to ensure that there is a link in what you are saying and suggesting. Here are some tips to follow:
  • Identify key aspects of your brand and services you'd like to highlight through storytelling.
  • Choose the appropriate digital platforms and formats for your storytelling.
  • Create engaging, emotionally resonant stories that draw your audience in and leave a lasting impression.

20. Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Prospecting Strategy 

Any good prospecting strategy needs to be backed by robust measurement and analysis. You may assess the success of your approach to enhance it by keeping track of indicators like the number of:

  • New leads
  • New clients
  • Qualifying leads
  • New contacts from recommendations

At last, you have to be cautious doing this by following the same:

  • Set clear, measurable goals for your prospecting strategy.
  • Regularly track and analyze key performance metrics.
  • Use the insights gleaned from this analysis to refine and optimize your prospecting strategy.


To conclude, generating financial services leads requires a mix of strategies, from strengthening your online presence, offering value, and building relationships to monitoring your performance. Finding leads may be challenging, but you can successfully grow your client base with a strategic approach and the right tools.

Revnew can significantly aid your outbound lead generation efforts, streamlining your process and increasing your success rate. 


Can financial advisors buy leads?

Yes, financial advisors can buy leads from lead generation companies. However, the quality of these leads can vary. Ensuring that these leads are relevant, qualified, and genuinely interested in your services is important. Financial lead generation expert companies like Revnew can help acquire high-quality, targeted leads.

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