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Organic LinkedIn Marketing: 18 Expert Hacks to Maximize Business Reach

linkedin organic marketing strategy

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Are you a B2B business owner looking to enhance your lead generation strategy on LinkedIn? 

If so, this is the perfect moment to take action. Allow us to share some intriguing statistics that underscore the significance of leveraging LinkedIn for your business:

92% of B2B marketers leverage LinkedIn over other social media channels. That's a pretty impressive number, isn't it?

Plus, 79% of B2B marketers report LinkedIn to be effective in generating leads. 

Yes, it’s evident that LinkedIn is a powerful platform. It can help you attract new customers and raise brand awareness. However, currently, the B2B market has been facing a real challenge in terms of financial slowdowns. 

With forecasts projecting global growth to fall to 2.9% in 2023, the resources to promote brand growth have become limited.

So, you’ll face some restrictions in investing funds. As such, paid media cannot be your only priority. 

You’ll also need a strategy to stay visible and get your messages to your audience – while staying within constricted budgets. Here's where organic marketing comes in – which is particularly effective on LinkedIn.

After all, lead conversations among LinkedIn connections are increasing year-on-year. As such, organic LinkedIn marketing can step up to fill the gap when paid campaigns aren't an option.

To make the most of organic marketing on LinkedIn, here are some tactics and techniques to help you get started.

Organic LinkedIn Marketing: 18 Insider Tips for Boosting Your Business

To build a foundation for organic marketing, you need:

  • A compelling social media presence on LinkedIn
  • Relevant content that keeps you top-of-mind for your audience
  • Active participation in the right discussions to increase visibility
  • Activation of your networks to introduce your brand to wider audiences

As content sharing and discussion increase, so does your potential for reach and engagement. If all of this sounds confusing, let’s get into the details step-by-step. Here’s how you can master the art of organic LinkedIn marketing for maximum reach!

1. Engage With Your Audience Before Posting

Interacting with your audience before posting on LinkedIn can significantly impact your content's success. Let's explain why.

This gesture shows you value your connections' opinions and insights. You build a rapport by responding to comments on your previous posts or asking for their input on a topic. It can lead to:

  • Increased loyalty
  • Enhanced trust
  • More engagement with your content

Additionally, connecting with your followers gives you valuable insights into what type of content they’re interested in. For instance, you can request their opinions or feedback. 

Then, you can better understand what topics or formats resonate with your audience. It can help you tailor your content to meet their needs and preferences better.

2. Post Frequent and Relevant Content

To maximize the exposure of your content on LinkedIn, post regularly and engage with your audience. LinkedIn is a high-commitment platform that requires persistence. 

In fact, according to our experts, the most influential LinkedIn creators dedicate at least 30 minutes daily to it

Note: LinkedIn has more demand than supply for quality content. Hence, relevant posts can stay on feeds longer and reach people outside your immediate network. As such, this creates an opportunity to get sales-qualified leads (SQLs) by using LinkedIn

You should frequently post high-engagement content and spark conversations in the comments section to promote your posts. The optimal posting strategy is to have a steady stream of relevant insights that are:

  • Novel
  • Actionable
  • High-leverage

– which can be sourced by:

  • Consuming content from thought leaders
  • Connecting with experts in your field

Plus, consider the types of posts that get traction on LinkedIn. They can be mainly segmented into:

  • Industry-focused posts
  • Human-focused posts

The combination of these two post themes is what builds a high-affinity audience. Again, you can pair the above themes with the below-mentioned post structures:

  • Pure text
  • Resources
  • Stories

Sticking to one or two-sentence paragraphs and avoiding long sections in your posts is best. You can then cater to mobile users, who account for about 60% of LinkedIn traffic. Pure text posts should:

  • Lead with a hook
  • Include context
  • End with a zinger

Resource posts should:

  • Provide a valuable resource that your audience can immediately use

Stories should:

  • Be authentic and relatable, with a clear beginning, middle, and end

3. Share Genuine Comments On Posts

Authenticity is the key to achieving success with organic LinkedIn.

Being active and genuine is necessary to expand your network. And active participation by sharing and commenting on relevant content is essential to authenticity. Let’s see why.

No matter what industry you're in, there are likely to be many other people sharing their great ideas on LinkedIn. It provides a valuable opportunity not only to learn but also to promote your brand.

For example, let's consider a search for "virtual work and employee fatigue" that yields a top result with 53 comments. What does this imply?

  • 53 highly-engaged individuals have read the article and perused through the comments
  • Even those who have read the comments without commenting themselves contribute to a substantial audience of actively-engaged individuals

If you aim to be among this audience, sharing a thought-provoking expert opinion in the comments is an excellent way to connect your brand with the topic. Why? It demonstrates your active participation in industry discussions, associating your company with the relevant subject.

4. Don't Add Links to Your Posts

Posting the link in the comment section instead of adding it directly to your post is more effective in organic LinkedIn marketing. And here are our reasons:


LinkedIn's algorithm favors posts that generate high engagement, such as comments and shares. When you post a link directly in the main post, it can limit engagement. Users can click the link and leave without interacting. 

However, posting the link in the comment section can encourage users to leave comments. As such, it can increase the post's visibility in users' feeds.


Posting a link directly in the main post can make the post appear cluttered and less visually appealing. On the contrary, posting in the comment section keeps the main post clean and visually appealing. In addition, it still provides a way for users to access the link.


Posting the link in the comment section allows you to add additional context or information about the link. It can generate more interest and engagement from users. Additionally, it will enable you to edit or remove the link if needed without deleting the entire post.

5. Create a Job Alert for Lead Generation

This may be surprising, yes. But creating a job alert for lead generation is a helpful strategy in organic LinkedIn marketing. Here’s why:

Targeted Audience

Companies seeking specific job roles or industry-related keywords often set up job alerts. You can connect with potential business leads interested in your industry by leveraging these alerts. It allows you to reach a highly targeted audience.

Enhanced Visibility

When you post job openings, they are automatically shared with individuals who have set up alerts for relevant keywords or job titles. This increased visibility of your job postings, and company can lead to greater exposure among relevant businesses, resulting in increased engagement and brand recognition.


LinkedIn job postings typically receive high levels of engagement, including likes, comments, and shares. By creating job alerts, you can leverage this engagement to generate new leads through interactions with businesses that may be interested in your products or services.

6. Write LinkedIn Pulse Articles

LinkedIn Pulse provides a valuable opportunity to:

  • Establish your reputation
  • Expand your audience
  • Establish trust online

Since LinkedIn is the ultimate social media platform for professionals, Pulse is particularly advantageous for your B2B brand.

The Pulse platform generates:

  • Blog posts
  • News stories
  • Insights from individuals in relevant LinkedIn networks

When you compose an article on Pulse, everyone in your network is alerted to the new material. Additionally, you can share Pulse posts as separate content on LinkedIn and other social media profiles.

The benefits of utilizing LinkedIn Pulse include:

  • Establishing Credibility: Publishing high-quality thought leadership pieces on LinkedIn increases brand awareness and demonstrates your expertise in the industry.
  • Broadening Brand Reach: Pulse posts are promoted to relevant individuals in your field. As a result, your content has a better chance of reaching the appropriate audience and increasing sales.
  • Easy Content Marketing: Pulse provides a simple method for business leaders to publish articles without learning how to use a content management system.
  • Driving Traffic: You can include links to your website or other relevant content within your Pulse articles. It can help drive traffic back to your website. It can also enable you to improve your website's search engine rankings over time.
  • Repurposing Content: You can repurpose content from your blog or other sources into LinkedIn Pulse articles. It can help to reach a new audience and extend the life of your content.

Some firms even convert their blog entries into LinkedIn Pulse content. Why? To gain more traction for their concepts and lead people back to their websites. 

However, ensure the shared information is unique enough to avoid appearing as duplicate content in search engines. Plus, add your content links on Pulse and share them in your feed, company page, and groups.

7. Outreach Leads With Personalized InMails

To effectively entice connections on LinkedIn, you can share valuable, free resources through direct messages called InMail. Examples of valuable resources to offer include:

  • Useful email newsletters
  • Databases
  • In-depth guides

Note: You require your prospects’ email addresses to access them via InMails. If you don’t have such a database, you can use cold messages on LinkedIn to obtain email addresses for drip emails and demonstrate the value of your brand. 

Pro Tip: Waiting at least a month before sending DMs can give your audience time to digest your posts.

8. Utilize the Power of Thought Leadership

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for showcasing thought leadership. As a business-focused platform, users constantly seek fresh, shareable, and valuable information. And you can provide just that as an industry expert.

The essence of social media is the exchange of engagement for content value, making thought leadership a potent tool. Utilizing your industry knowledge and connections enables you to produce high-quality content that offers your audience valuable insights. 

With a broad network and an understanding of what your audience wants, your thought leadership pieces can reach a vast audience.

In organic LinkedIn marketing, providing value and expertise is critical. And your industry knowledge is a valuable asset in this regard.

Moreover, tapping into your connections for thought leadership can further expand your audience. Tag someone who contributed a quote or insight to the post. It makes them more likely to share it with their network.

9. Optimize Your Social Architecture

Employing LinkedIn best practices in your posts can enhance their reach. As such, your content becomes more visible and encourages others to share it. 

One effective LinkedIn marketing strategy is to tag relevant individuals in your updates using the "@" symbol. Follow it with their names by selecting them from the resulting drop-down list. 

This approach can help you:

  • Engage with influencers in your field
  • Acknowledge experts whose work you have cited
  • Credit the authors of curated content

By tagging these individuals, you increase the likelihood of sharing your post within their networks. As such, you can boost your brand's exposure.

Another way to connect with like-minded individuals and communities is through hashtags. You can create your hashtags by typing "#" – followed directly by the tag copy without spaces or punctuation. Before incorporating a hashtag, test it by searching for it on LinkedIn. Then, you can see:

  • The number of followers it has 
  • The type of content they engage with

You can also find relevant hashtags in the influential posts recommended by:

  • Content suggestions
  • Storylines curated by LinkedIn on your homepage's top right corner

You can also join related communities by including relevant hashtags in your posts and potentially expand your reach.

10. Use Free Audience Insights to Plan Your Strategy

The LinkedIn Page provides you with various free tools to help you plan your organic marketing strategy. Hence, you can base the topics on your audience's interest. The Content Suggestions feature lets you quickly identify the subjects and articles that engage your target audience in real-time. 

It is designed to be actionable for organic marketers. Along with the list of topics, you'll also get a list of the top articles driving engagement. It helps you share your perspective on these topics with your audience. It also enables you to build your brand's thought leadership.

This level of detail can be invaluable when the world focuses on a dominant issue. By understanding how your audience thinks about the future and their priorities, you can tailor your organic marketing strategy to their needs. It can significantly impact your influence, especially as businesses develop plans for the coming months.

11. Network With Other Professionals from Your Industry

Viewing social media from a business standpoint often leads to solely associating it with marketing. The objective is to reach, engage, and redirect your audience to your website. Why? Because they spend time on LinkedIn. 

However, marketing is only one of the purposes of social media. It's also about building connections and exchanging knowledge. Hence, you must execute marketing tactics with the social aspect, particularly concerning organic reach.

It would help if you fostered authentic relationships with individuals in your niche to expand your organic LinkedIn reach. Connect with industry professionals and showcase your content's value. As such, they’ll be more likely to share it with their audience, further increasing your reach.

One approach to discovering new business prospects is utilizing the LinkedIn search tool. By inputting your keywords and filtering between–

  • People
  • Companies
  • Groups
  • Posts

– and other options, you can find potential connections.

When sending connection requests, utilize the "add a note" feature to personalize your message. It is an excellent way to introduce your brand. With over 900 million members on LinkedIn, there is a vast opportunity to build your audience.

12. Build a Comprehensive and Appealing LinkedIn Page

Your LinkedIn Page is a crucial component of any organic marketing strategy on the platform. Think of it as an always-on marketing asset that lets you stay connected to your target audiences. You MUST additionally showcase your:

  • Brand
  • Products
  • Company culture

– in a 360-degree view. 

With the insights and tools provided by a LinkedIn Page, you can:

  • Get to know and expand your audience
  • Stay up-to-date on relevant conversations taking place on LinkedIn
  • Easily engage with others

On LinkedIn, audiences seek a deeper understanding of the businesses they interact with. That's why the most effective LinkedIn Pages are those that highlight the diverse dimensions of an organization. 

The 'Life' and 'What We Do' sections of your Page can be especially valuable assets for organic marketers. After all, they offer an opportunity to:

  • Humanize your brand
  • Give people a sense of connection to your company

Use original and high-quality imagery to take advantage of every visual opportunity your Page provides.

Attention to detail is crucial for making your Page discoverable on LinkedIn. Pages that have complete information get 30% more weekly views. These details include the following–

  • A comprehensive description
  • Company name
  • Logo
  • Type
  • Industry
  • Employee size
  • Location

So, fill out all the necessary information to optimize your Page's visibility and appeal to your target audiences.

13. Take Advantage of Your Brand Code and Visuals

Maximize the effectiveness of your online posts by incorporating visual elements. Here's how:

  • Utilize eye-catching and unique imagery whenever possible
  • Dedicate time toward transforming data and insights into compelling infographics
  • When feasible, integrate video content into your repertoire. Why? A one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words!

To fully capitalize on organic marketing, your audience must associate your brand with the content they interact with. Incorporate brand codes into your visuals and videos while maintaining a distinct look for the content. This approach will ensure people recognize the new content they engage with and who it is from.

14. Have an Authentic Brand Voice

Despite doing everything correctly, it can still be challenging to come across as genuine. It is often because many brands appear robotic and need more personality. 

However, writing as a brand should be just as unique as writing as an individual. After all, your brand has fascinating stories and people behind them. 

Hence, defining your brand's voice and ensuring consistency across social media is vital. 

NOTE: When it comes to organic LinkedIn marketing, engaging with people is crucial. And adding personality is one of the best ways to do so. 

For example, if your brand is playful, then let it shine through in your content, whether it's:

  • Thought leadership
  • Videos
  • Comments

By understanding your target audience and having a well-defined brand voice, you can project an authentic and human brand rather than a faceless corporation.

15. Leverage Employee Opinions

Regardless of your business's size, employees are its most valuable asset. A multiplier effect occurs when your employees share your content across their networks. It results in a combined reach typically 10 times greater than your business alone. 

To activate this potential, start by selecting the option to notify your employees whenever you post a new update on your Page.

Your employees amplify your message. They also provide an authentic and trusted voice showcasing your business's expertise. Hence, encourage them to create and share content in the format that best suits them, whether it's

  • Organic video
  • Short updates
  • Long-form posts

One simple way to motivate your employees is to ensure your LinkedIn Page shares their posts. By amplifying your employees' content, you:

  • Raise their profile
  • Expand their networks
  • Encourage other employees to share and post as well

16. Cross-Promote Posts on Other Platforms

Regardless of the platform, good content remains good content. However, some adjustments are necessary to optimize it for different platforms.

To increase your organic reach on LinkedIn, create content tailored to your audience while cross-promoting it on other profiles. Limiting your scope to LinkedIn means you're missing out on opportunities to reach a larger audience.

Sharing your content across multiple platforms generates valuable data that can help refine future strategies. 

For example, 

  • You may receive feedback on Facebook that can inform future content creation
  • You discover that your Instagram post resonates more with a different audience

This information is valuable in optimizing your organic LinkedIn strategies and determining what works best.

You invest significant effort into your content. Hence, maximizing its exposure by reaching as many people as possible is essential.

17. Have a Mix of Content Types - The 4-1-1 Rule

Follow the 4-1-1 rule to shape your content-sharing approach. Here's how it works:

For each post about your brand, share:

  • One update from an external source
  • Four pieces of content created by others

This balanced approach ensures a healthy mix of content, keeping your audience engaged and providing valuable information from various sources.

For instance:

  • Start by sharing your brand's blog post on LinkedIn.
  • After some time, share an update from an external source, such as an industry news article, along with your thoughts or insights.
  • Over subsequent posts, share four pieces of content created by others, such as articles, blog posts, or videos. Each piece should have its own introduction or comment from you.

By doing so, you ensure your feed caters to the needs of your audience rather than solely promoting your organization.

18. Post Daily and Consistently – The 2WY3WD Rule

linkedin organic marketing

  • Businesses that post content on their LinkedIn Page daily receive twice as much engagement as those who post less frequently
  • These daily posters are more successful at growing their organic follower base, with top publishers experiencing an average growth of 120%

Posting regularly provides your community with content to engage with and discuss. As such, it keeps your brand present in their feeds. Plus, it increases awareness and perceptions of your brand.

We recommend you follow 2WD3SS Rule for maximum results. Start posting twice daily on weekdays (2WY) and thrice daily on weekends (3WD) Plus, the best times to post on LinkedIn are:

  • Weekdays: Between 7–8 am, at noon, and between 5–6 pm
  • Weekends: Between 12–3 pm, 3–6 pm, and 6–9 pm

While maintaining a daily publishing schedule may seem overwhelming, some strategies can help. 

For example, you can break down your business’s ideas into short-form posts that provide a single, supportive insight or tip. 

This approach will diversify your content and offer a range of engagement opportunities. 

  • Additionally, you can supplement your content by sharing and commenting on other posts. 
  • Utilizing the Content Suggestions feature can provide you with a good supply of curated content to share.

Posting more frequently also provides valuable insight into the types of content and formats that resonate with your audience. Using your Page's Analytics tab, you can track the performance of your updates. You can also see the types of audiences that are following you. 

This information can help you refine your content strategy and create more compelling content in the future.

Embrace LinkedIn Organic Marketing Without Spending a Dime on Ads

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